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London Pets.. (0)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 by , under

hmm.. for some reason blogger is refusing to post my pictures today.. so you'll have "chumpy" on display tomorrow instead. He's a resident of Duke St, and I'm horribly jelouse of his owner.
More tomorrow.

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Cover your eyes... (2)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 by , under ,

Or atleast weare sunglasses when looking straight at them... and dont come running to me when your snow-blind and wishing you'd have listened... :P
The best part is the light tan over the bridge of the foot, where the pants have ended .. looks like i'm slightly dirty (non-exiting sort of dirty, unless you need seriouse help).
anyway, we're going to take our first day off in 2-3 weeks on thursday, I'm not comming back unless I've atleast managed to get skin coloured!

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Its Monday. Hear yee hear yee Hair yaaa..
and its bloody well boiling outside. Humiditiy is in the hair curling procentage, and I'm melting.. its quite embarassing really.. I was than treated to a walky, as always we went to wormwood's and I have to say you do NOT feel sexy when you flash your legs and ppl drop to the ground screaming while protecting their eyes. yes.. I am, in fact, the whites woman in England. And that is no small feat let me tell you. This is after all the land of redheads (even though the Irish do not admit to england actually excisting.. )

Anyway, the payoff was a coffe and ciggie on the way back at the memorial park we have close to home. Hmmm... I love coffee..

Specially when enjoyed under the protection of great big honking parasolles that keeps the sun off me. All good!
Anyway, back to work. Got loads to do and not enough time to do it (a good thing!)

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Happy b-day Cookie, ya old hag :D (0)

Sunday, June 28, 2009 by , under ,

Happy B-day Sweetie. There's not a lot of ppl I'd ever force to listen to me singing, but you can count yourself to one of the unlucky few ;)
(and yes.. that is suppose to be a horribly bad impresonation of the marilyn monroe birthday song... just have a good laugh and I'll tally it off as a b-day present!)

Grattis Grattis Grattis!

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Dan-Dan is a Dumb-Dumb.. (0)

Saturday, June 27, 2009 by , under , , , ,

... and possibly a knob, as they say here in England. We took the morning walk thru Helens Garden, picked up a sandwitch at the cafe (where the lady behind the counter pilfhered my boyfriend to take behind the counter.. only to plugg in a boiler that she could not reach the socket off, granted, but still. Good start to the morning! I love cheeky old ladies) and then I found that our favourite bench at Little Wormwood Scrubs has been molested by Dan-Dan.. Or as he will from now on be know: Dumb-Dumb.. Hey, if the doodie-head had atleast made an effort of making it look good, I would not have complained, but this is just shit to be honest. My unborn nefew/niece can do better!

Oh and I spent last night (from 4 pm to around 12) with Casper and Nanna, trying to keep our table to ourselves and ppl's elbows out of our ears, enjoying pints and points by staying in one place for basically 7 hours. I've got the rivet marks on my bum to proove it too! Was lovely to see them again, and common, is this not the most gorgeouse couple you've ever seen. And I got
to work on my dutch! Seems I rememberd more than I thought I would. Hell, I even managed to scrap a couple of sentences together without them going "huh?". I was proud as punch (and just about as high on alcohol) . They then went on to Shoreditch for dancing. Me, I woosed out and went home to crawl into bed, because lets face it... I'm to old. Buggerit, I could barely keep awake on the bussride home. Dancing would be so far passed me it would be pathetic.

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Fulham... home sweet home (2)

Thursday, June 25, 2009 by , under , ,

We've been out doing footwork this morning, this time in Fulham. What used to be our "home-sweet-home".. and we miss it!

And in two weeks its the "fair on the green" and we are sooo there. We missed it last year since we had just signed the papers for the apartment on New Kings Rd, but on our way from Camden (where we were living in the smallest hotell room known to man) we we're sucked into the Pride Parade...
managed to turn a corner and end up with gorgeouse men in full beards and netstockings and a full wonderwoman atire streched over a well honed beer belly, I fell in love on the spot! (I've got the pictures somewhere, need to find them.. ) . I love london.. Seriously... No where else do you end up cuddled by dragqueens when trying to get across town :)
Fulham is home though. Ladbroke Grove, where we live now is nice... but New Kings Rd is .. heaven *dribbles a bit and sheads a tear*
And ofcourse we miss our Curry..
Theres a small little whole-in-the-wall chinese restaurant, they dont even put out tables, its all take-away and home delivery. And they make the best Curry and pork dumplings in London. I kidd you not!
The name of it is Aurelia, and their on wandsworth Bridge Rd... and we go to sleep every night crying our eyes out because we're now living to far away to get home-delivery.
We've actually vowed to make sure that we live within their "driving range" next time we move house, their that good...

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blessed clover oil and a good nagg (0)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 by , under , , ,

He's up for sainthood pretty soon. We spent the morning going thru the reasons why I should go to the dentist (I hate them.. seriously, i fear very little, but they are definately on the top 2 list.. ) and he's sweet enough to put a pillow between me and the wall when I try to thump myself into oblivion because of the face pain (its way beyond toothache.. its great to have colds)

And ontop of that hes sutch a hunk-a-hunk-of-burning-love. Grrrr.. I mean, common, look at those dimples!!

I'm sorry, I digress. We also went to the lovely pharmacy down ladbroke grove. Got into a lovely talk with the family that runs it. The Alfpha Female (im thinking she's the mom of the family) has the most gloriouse and softly rolling rrrr's ever and speaks with a beutiful Indian accent. She also wears one of those beutifull saris with more colours than a test picture on the tv and I definately got a bit of a crush on her, or rather I'd love to be indian middle aged woman with flaying arms, rolling rrrrr's and a definate gravitas than a 30 something whitebread troll with a toothache. Anyway, we had a moan about prices ( I told them what it costs in Sweden, and as always, that takes home the baccon.. Sweden is a bit pricey..) and as always. A good moan bonds like nothing else in this country.

Anyway, besides the codine paracetamol (good stuff apparently, but I'm not on it yet.. I hate pills..) the nice lady gave me something called Clover Oil.. and it works! dont even need the pills basically. I'm still going to the dentist (there will be no blogg that day most probably.. I'll be shaking to much) but this will atleast keep me a little closer to sanity, or whats left of it.

Anyway again, back to work again. hope your all fine. Gimme some good news to quelsh the terror of looking down the week and seeing a dentist at the end.

oh oh oh oh, almost forgot to say: I found my best friend from when i studied in Holland, Casper (the very friendly ghost) after 7 years of silence. Google is amazing. Him and his GF are in Wales (dragons be there) and their comming to London for a weekend, so we're meeting up for a beer and trying to put 7 years of gossip into one friday evening. Soooo looking forward to it! gonna have to have the teeth fixed before that though, dont want to be dribbling and getting knocked out after one beer.. just not done (I've got an old and heavy rep to protect)

And the really weird thing: Casper has aquired a teaching possition at the school of business in Wales (that is not the weird part). So now, instead of the same twangy americano/canadian mix accent that I sport after too many hours infront of the TV as a kid, he speaks english.. or a mix of queens and welsh, giving me a bit of a shocker there actually. Amazing how a persons voice and dialect is sutch a big part how you remember a person. I barely recognized him over the phone. Almost got me toungetied, and that is a condition I do NOT find myself in very often... and not a condition I really enjoy either. But oh well, I'll get used to it on friday I guess!

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Wanted D.O.A.. : Tooth-fairy.. (2)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 by , under ,

I'm so set to kick the tooth-fairies but its unbelivable. Everytime I get a cold it feels like i've been smacked around by a heavyweight boxer carrying a grudge, my teeth seem to take on a life of their own. A quite buissy life with a lot of hardcore partying and thumping around.. Its horrible. So I've been downing painkillers and anti inflamatories like there's no tomorrow, and half the time wishing there wouldnt be one. Anyway, this will be a very short bloggy today, since I have to fight the urge to headbutt myself into oblivion against the computer screen (the light hurts the eyes.. urgh.. -hiss-) and I still have some work to finish. If you see that pesky woman with the coin purse and the kiddy teeth, give her a good kick from me. I'd much rather have had the money than the teeth..

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my Cookie on the line (0)

Monday, June 22, 2009 by , under ,

One of the worlds sweetest things in the world, and a good crunch and some interesting chips to her too. :)

Got her on Skype, since she's in Japan (points) far far aaaaway, I havent had a chat since last year when she was over in London visiting. anyway, she was doing this face talking about her upcomming JLPT ( i think.. I hate abbrs), she's basically soo damned brainy she's doing her second level of Japanese Language Profficiency test. See, not a single blond hair on that head!
Right now she's beeing abducted by my parents (conference call) so i'm doing my blogg.. lets face it, trying to get a word in edgewize when my parents are on a roll is like trying to get passed USA borders after stating "terrorist activity" on your "why are you visitin" form...
Missing her loads and with a bit of luck,spit and ducktejp I'll see her at x-mas time this year. Buggerit.. The wait is looooong.

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invasion with an 80's colour theme (0)

Monday, June 22, 2009 by , under , ,

Me and Love took a walk to Little Wormwood Scrubs this morning (I Löööööve english names ... common, wormwood? gnnnn, to quaint and weird for words... ) when we stumbled uppon this: Kavallery with guns.. and i'm talking the big hunkering thing that the team of 6 are pulling, not the measly puny handheld variety. Sorry about the bluish 80's tint to the pictures by the way, my stubby fingers had managed to set the mobile phone camera ISO settings to 400 in the excitment... Bit of a retro feel though.

Only problem is that I'm now having new withdrawl symphtoms.. I miss riding. I miss working with horses.. and I miss my old work place (Plekity, a studfarm back in Poland.. more horses than you can shake a stick at.. ) and now living in a small shoebox that does not even accomondate fish (seriously, we have a clause in our contract that states we cant even have an aquarium.. hmm.) I cant even get a hamster to cuddle. Woe is me *wobbly lower lip*

anyway, on the same bluish tint:
Butterfly on the walkway around Wormwood Scrubs (suck on that name again, common you know you want to.. )

And now.. back to work!

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Sunday, sunshine and perspective. (2)

Sunday, June 21, 2009 by , under , , ,

We were at Holland Park Av to do some food shopping, and on the way there (and back.. since the shop did not move) there is the best fruit and veg vendor in London. And I got cherries. 4 pounds worth (as in the legal tender, not the weight, you'd be getting bloggy updates from the hospital if it was) and they are quite possibly the best damned cherries I've had since forever.
My dad used to teach me and my brothers to "mashine-gun" the pits on taxi cars when we used to go to Poland on family hollidays (another giftwrapped childhood trauma.. dont even get me started on the whole "Queens greatest hits" horror. I still get trembling at the knees when "I want to ride my biscycle" comes on the radio.. )
Anyway, its quite a lovely walk over to Holland park Av, takes about 20 min if your not rushing... And the horrible part is we only go there once a week or so. When I was living in Stockholm (i'm using the term very loosely, I was a total bush-baby. Woods right outside the house, and moose too... only reason I got to use the subway was because Love had a 2 bedroom flat within the city limits, and I only sported a studio about the size of our current appartment out in the no-where-land of Haninge... He veto-ed it down :P) Anyway, I'm digressing.
Back in Sweden I'd walk everywhere. I had my lovely hell hound (Hades) and I'd walk past my parents house to leave him for the day, then walk to work (all and all, not counting breakfast, an hours good thumping pavement). And over here.. We'll , when we're working with B, we're winging over the fact that everything is half an hour off. Hmm.. need to get back to walking again. And I'm putting my sights on the fruit vendor and the cherries *drool*

Also found this in my scetch book.. hmm.. must have had a perticularly rough day with telesalesmen or trying to get some service fixed that day..

Anyway, i'm missing my family. Midsummer was this friday (in Sweden its a BIG thing) and we missed out on it. They raise fallos symbos (a cross with two rings of flower at the ends.. could it get any more sexuall?) and we dance around in a big circle while singing and jumping about doing the "small frogs have no ears and no tail have they"dance and song.. .. Don't know why. We just do. But this year we've been here.. have to find a birtch (Björk in swedish.. white tree with black spots. A dalmation tree) and do some dancing..

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Spindly legs making problems (0)

Saturday, June 20, 2009 by , under , , ,

So many legs.. so little time. Trying to whip a spider into obedience aint all its been cracked up to be. On top of that he needs to move around, using his legs preferably, I doubt the client will appriciate a wheelchair sprider rolling around the web, and then end up bouncing while blinking, smiling and giving a little way.. Man, my head hurts..

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Cookie stalking... (0)

Friday, June 19, 2009 by , under , ,

Stalking the cookie.. Either need a decent sugar hit (not gonna happen, i'd end up falling asleep on the sidewalk next to joe, our ressitent beggar before i reach the shop) or some decent sleep. I'm just not happy about the idea of having that horrible "ping-im-awake-yeah" feeling at 1 am if I give in to it right now. So.. gonna bugg Love untill he caves in and watches happy feet with me agian.. poor man.. its that or Mamma Mia.. I'm all for soppy when i'm this tired. Ah who am I kidding? I'd go for an animated film any time of day.
Anyway, take care ya'll's. Have a lovely weekend..
psss.. its friday.. ;)

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Well, today was started at McDonalds .. or at least that's where I found myself opening my eyes. Because of over enthusiastic planning and a somewhat pessimistic time calculation on the London Journey Planner I ended up having coffee with Schnufflegangenloop.. my invisible friend, at the Golden Gull. Woke up, even though I really don't think you can call it that, at 4.55 and was out of the house by 5.30.. And amazingly the ride was clear all the way to Trafalgar Square... I think we got a new record braking time on that distance.. (20 min) thought that means that I was the customary half hour early, therefor the need of one sided conversation with Schnufflegangenloop over Donalds-Latte

And here the reason for me being so damned early.. .. See.. not a SINGLE PERSON OUT .. Not even traffic. I can't even express the freaky-outy feeling about going around in London and barely meeting a soul. Gives you a "Shaun of the dead" kind of feeling.. Had to fight a growing urge to poke the bus driver or at least ask if he's a card-carrying member of the human race. Quite nice though. Need to get out more in the morning. All though my solution to it is simply not to go to bed at night.. So much more pleasant. When we were still living in Fulham we'd do that every now and then. Just get out and bugger the street cleaners and possibly sit down and have a coffee while the first round of stressed out office workers stream by. Sometimes we'd even point and grin.. yes, i know.. evil..

Anyway, the whole whooopla about getting up was to be here. At Browns, Bar and Brasserie (snigger, snigger.. Brassier.. Brown Bar and Bra?).. Really gorgeous setting, for a networking breakfast done by BNI. According to Neil, one of the members there's this story about how it used to be a courthouse until someone forgot to go and renew the registration or something, basically your everyday admin f**ckup, forget to send the papers, everyone get their wiggs off and lets turn it into a upclass boozer.. And so that's how i came to spend friday morning in the courtroom nr 1, I think I'll not tell my mum though, she'll need at least one kid that has not been talking to a judge at some point...

Anyway, here's a picture of the sky over London at around 11.. The reason being that in the same way that the bus was going exceptionally fast one way, on my way home, which is a one buss line.. 23.. goes from door to door basically.. I had to change 3 different times at which point I got to enjoy the wonderfull weather and a good moan with the rest of the passanger. Appearently the busses all caught the "oh crap, i need a brake/coffee/I cant face the next couple of streets" and kept on dumping us prematurely on the sidewalk where we had to wait for another 23...
All though, granted, I could at any point after Marble Arch taken either 7, 70 or even 52 at the end, but hell... Pick a number and stick to it right?
I'm picking and sticking ...

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Spoiled for choice.. (0)

Thursday, June 18, 2009 by , under , , ,

I'm trying to choose between getting a coffee.. or tea.. hmm.. as for anything else, only thing thats on my dance card is work. And it feels great. Honestly, now that we've been working with our own stuff its a joy to not have to go out and club new customers over the head to get some business. My wonderfull accountant said something about a networking meeting tomorrow, but here's the catch: its at 7 am... see, i've got a problem with remembering my own name at 7 am.. much less anyone elses.. but atleast I'll be able to hand these out:

their goooorgeouse. Too bad the camera on my cell phone is not the best, but still.. my prrreciouse..

anyway, back to work!

And if anyone is looking for other employment, go visit Marks and Sparks in Westfield (Shepherds Bush) .. seems that beeing a maniquin there is a job worth taking. Never seen sutch happy plastic ppl.

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not so much singing in the rain... (2)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 by , under ,

Bad weather does not only frizz your hair.. it'll fry your brain too.
We've got rain comming in, and hell, my head feels like its doubling as a retreat for temperamental gorillas. Not even coffee helped.

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oh happy days! (2)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 by , under , , ,

Its been a good day. not only was I able to get the final touches on work that's been driving me crazy for the last couple of weeks (code that will NOT work on the CRM software that the client uses.. I was going nuts.. anyway) but ontop of that: We've gotten our cards. At least the "business" ones. My private ones are probably with the post office still ( for some reasons they come with different ppl.. these came with the normal post man, the others are stuck with some delivery company.. weird).. anyway anyway. Oh and we get two deliveries of post every day.. Also very weird. But again. Next lovely surprise:

Gift from the worlds most wonderful mum-in-law: Earings and necklace in silver, small tiny leaves, butterflies, pearls and stones. Its got everything a girl could want. It's shiny, glittery, got movable parts and it makes little chiming noises when you shake your head (or chest, in the case of the necklace). and yes. the picture is a bit weird, but YOU try to get a good shot at your ear and neck at the same time!

Irre does not only have implecable taste, she also knows me (and still likes me.. or so she says.. hmm... ) She's been known to dangle car-keys (usually my own) to keep me entertained... And to keep me away from the jars of glitter durring Christmas Crafts Day (another very nice tradition that Love's family got me in to)... One little incident of me turning her son into a discoball (the glitter jar did not close properly.. there was a cloud of light and Love was covered in it.. amazing how things like that can hapen... ) so I've been labled unstable around shiney things.. . I like shiney things. And these earlings take the price!
Thank you Irre!

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Green Beans and Gluttony (0)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 by , under , , ,

Me and Love went for a lunch at "Tea's Me" today, a small but oooh so wonderfull cafe thats placed behind the corner of Ladbroke Grove. Green Beans and Roasted Zuchinni.. And yes, the captials are valid. Its that good... I'm also a total pushover when it comes to good veggies. If the need for meat was not so great (I grow fangs if I need to go more than 3 days without meat) I'd be a vegetarian in a heart beat.

Now add the fact that the coffee is lovely, freshly made and the waitress is a sweet shy smiler. in other words, full points. Only fly in the ointment is the fact that the trafic of Ladbroke Grove is quite close, but atleast its not right under your nose. And you do not have to bodyslam your way thru Portobello Rd to get to it.

Oh and here are some random pix from last week:

Found this in Islington. Why limit yourself to flowerpots or windowledges, when you can just slap the greenery all over? Looks like green maringue and I'm smitten. I'm just wondering how they water it (the London weather isnt as wet as hearsay let's you belive.. )

And here's the nomination for "best business name". What they might loose in "lovely-dovey-
friendly-feeling" their definately gaining in the honestly stakes. Atleast you go in knowing you wont get a shoulder to cry on...

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Teaching spiders new tricks (0)

Sunday, June 14, 2009 by , under , , ,

Another Sunday. Sun is shining. Me and Love went for a nice walk around the neighbourhood, trying to walk the Cinnabon and Thai dinner off from yesterday (in reality that would take a 3 month hike to mongolia.. but hey, at least we're trying right? ) anyway. So now I'm back behind the computer. Trying to make a spider to tricks (creating a logo for a company that wants a spider weaving a web). But at least my work is never boring. Also got the delivery from J, with all the stuff we're going to do product shots off. So now the living room looks like Armageddon with stomach ache. I'm just happy the things are in one piece. The delivery guy was rolling the box (1.2 m x 1.2 m) down the sidewalk when I came to the door (in my nighty and bed hair, must have sceared him half to death) to sign for it. It's amazing how they can call this a service. If I'd wanted it trashed I'd have rung the garbage collectors surely?
Also trying to fight the pull of the DVD box of Boston Legal (4th season) that is waiting in the living room. My b-day present .. hmm.. I should be getting enormous credit point on my karma for sitting here and not clued to the Laptop (that doubles as a DVD player) in the living room...
Its taking all of Loves' patience and strength to keep me from it so he should rightfully be getting some too. My mum has allready voted to have him kanonized (sainted.. not shot out of kanon) and I'm thinking she's not far off her mark. Kind of sux that my mum is still right most of the time. Even when I'm 31 and a day..

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Happy B-day to meeee... (0)

Saturday, June 13, 2009 by , under , , ,

Cinabon Peacanbun... hmmm.. As substitutes for moms home cooking, there are worse things to get. This beeing my b-day brakefast. Me and Love endulged in the best way we could. Any one swedish will recognize this as a very dressy form of "Kanelbulle", and they would be right. It's also a bit of a sugarhigh, after this we went thru Whitleys on Queensway, doing some b-day shopping and trying not to die from ruptured stomachs...

And now.. well. we're gonna work some more. We've got work for Paradox to finish (great client, and the work is good fun) and then some more work. Two more clients that need their stuff done and dusted by monday. So in a way: pretty good that we did not bunk of to sweden for 5 days, on the other hand: missing my family so much this morning that I had a wee bawl, feeling sorry for myself and generally acting like a petulant 4 year old. Good thing Love know all my buttons (Cinnabon beeing one of them.. buying books the other. yes.. we bought books.. I'm spoiled)
So now we're sitting at our computers. Love looking all hot and sexy as always and we're back to working. Hmm.. gonna see if I cant get a b-day smootch too :P
have a lovely day everyone. This old bitch misses you all.

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I usually do not go on about products. Lets face it, I'm to shopping what Bush was to the peace movement. But this.. Oh common. I go goooey eyed and get a raised temperature by looking at the box... Addmitedly I'm a sucker for packaging. Probably a side effect from working with it. But still. The box was actually the reason I bought it. The 50's retro prettyness.. And then I haven't even started on the name.. The added bonus is that it actually does what it says on the box. I've been blessed with lips perfect for lower lip wobbles but this puts me in the Daffy Duck categorie. On top of that Love is squarely in the "buggeroffwiththatstuffnokissinguntilitcomesoff" - corner. So mainly it rides around in by make-up bag or handbag, and I simply pull it out to enjoy a snicker for myself while reading the lable and enjoying the packaging that is so gorgeouse, even now when the pink text has been almost compleatly rubbed off from the choclate brown tube.. God.. I'm sutch a nerd..

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Happiness in print! (0)

Friday, June 12, 2009 by , under , ,

We've just sent away for our new business cards... oohhhhh.. Now there's only a week of endless waiting culminating in having to wait a whole day for the delivery man.. again!

Oh, hurry please... *grumble*

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Blissfull relaxation.. (2)

Friday, June 12, 2009 by , under , ,

Everyone has their own idea of winding down. Mine is to sharpen a couple HD 2 pencills, a rubber (the non-exciting version, also known as an eraser) and some magic markers. Get a glas of your favourite bevvie (mine is CC light.. always has been always will be) and set yourself up comfertably. And then just scribble. I'm going thru my "girls are fun" fase.. Before it was trees (yes, the leafy type, very hippy) now i'm into girls, and usually half undressed or nudies, so that i can hone my anatomical tracing.

I do prefer men in almost any other context, but when it comes to lines, curves and interesting poses there is just no way you can beat a woman. Shadows and light is so much more fun when your working with women.

So here's the drawing.. Next step (if I'm feeling horribly diligent) will be to get it into vector art and get some background and details going. heres to hoping, right? ...

Anyway, my brake is over.. so i'll move on to work. Bringing my bevvie. Sun is shining in London, if any one is wondering. Got the window open too so we're getting the summer breeze in here. And its Friiiiday... not that that matters much since we work all week, but hey..
It still gives a nice feeling :)

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Homage to the fruit-bowl (2)

Thursday, June 11, 2009 by , under , , ,

This right here *points* is the reason neither me nor Love has died in scurvy... Our fruit/veggie bowl. The simple tomato.. the humble union (tear-jerker though, always goes for the sympathy vote) and the apples.. you can even glimpse the statuesque cucumber in the background. We've actually been peeling ourselves away from the computers to trot down to the veggie shop to get some more. Need more bowls though. My only problem is that we've got no room. Our kitchen is the size of a well used stamp. And the ledge just outside (that covers the radiators) are more or less swamped . Our minibar is placed on the same ledge basically...- containing all of 1 bottle Shivas, one bottle of Bells and one bottle of Glögg (for all you non-swedes, its spiced and lovely wine that you warm up, we drink it at x-mas.. we have obviously not necked this one bottle though. Lets hope its still good next year :P)
.. A couple of lights (I'm a card-carrying tea-light abuser)
and our Fruit/veggie bowl..
Now, lets have a homage to the fruit and veggie bowl, please send your prose/verse directly.
I'm gonna go and kill off another apple in the meantime.

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Ryan air dumped, retaliation rain. (0)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 by , under , ,

The weather is being obnoxious. Once second its pouring down to the point of sparking the reflex to build an Ark or two, and then slap. On goes the sunshine. Was all kitted out in my lovely old Hoodie from Lucky Strike(for automatic street cred around here) , all curled in under layers of protective clothing. The elements were to be beaten! I walk out, all set, going on strong, mapping out the course to the corner shop and Ta-bloody-daaa.. on comes the sunshine. I'm starting to think its some kind of joke from "the one on top".. He/she is basically flipping the light switch while having a problem with the plumbing.

Anyway, its not like you get colds from getting stuck in the rain. Not even the torrential kind we get over here. Its from shaking hands with the unwashed masses, lets face it. They are all out to kill you. Let the paranoia begin!.
And again: anyway: So I found this (Long search.. seriously. it was hiding in plain sight on the counter at Boots)

And its fu***ing amazing.. while also smelling nice! Go get it. And we can then hold hands again.

anyway.. I was suppose to have gotten momma-food today. The plane skipped down the runway without us this morning at 10, and lets face it. I'm feeling a bit bummed about that. Was truly looking forward to it. But oh well. Will have to go later in the summer or the fall. On the up side we're getting a lot of work right now. We're actually swimming around in it looking for life wests so things are very good. See.. I'm beeing optimistic.. even though I'm missing out on Tomato soup and ofcourse mums honey marinated ribbs .. and cakes... and brothers.. *raises hand* Woe is me...

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Artsy stuff (0)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009 by , under

Found this on our walk around Kilburn High Street (this is at the trainstation)

Not bad! (specially like the pedestrian doing the wave while walking...)

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Borrowed Nostalgia.. (0)

Monday, June 08, 2009 by , under , ,

Found this lovely blogg:

Sadly enough it's in Swedish, so everyone else will just have to do the Google-Translate magic thing. It's basically about all things 50's, and the sweetness and innocence is amazing. take the advertisement on the left (points - your other left) Its basically advertisement for zippers. "Easy off" - "Easy on".. now, if you got this advertisement in today's media you'd have your obligatory tousled haired page 3 girl lying on the ground with the man standing above usually his face and head out of the shot so that he's comfortably invisable but there.. here instead they are so clearly not even thinking about the possibility of zippers beeing a part of forplay. Its just so much easier to zipp your skirt off when going for a swim than having to unbutton it. It's amazing isnt it?
And how fu**ing sad is it that I'm beeing nostalgic over a time that was almost 30 years before my first thump on the ground? That was fraught with other problems, no doubt there were so many other things to worry about than adds and the view of women in print, but still. To be able to view a product because of its usefulness instead of how it will get the buyer laid. Jolly good!

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English Architecture at its best... (0)

Monday, June 08, 2009 by , under , , ,

We've been out trawling the streets of South Kensington and Chelsea, meaning we walk around gorgeouse houses all day going "ooooh.. " and ofcourse "aaaaah".. and then we got to the " eeeeh?" part... This is a gorgeouse victorian house. Huge.. white.. Statly.. Everything you can wish from it really. Except that the front door and steps lead up to a wall of iron.. How they figured this was a good idea I have no clue. But oh well. if it works for them why not. Maybe its the house of the English Vaulting Champion and he feels he needs some daily excercise mixed with challange? your guess is as good as mine.
We've got a very nice version of it just one street up from us as well, gorgeouse marble steps that lead to a ... window.. The luxury burgler entrance possibly?
Will post a picture of it later.

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Back to Black.. or Brown.. (0)

Sunday, June 07, 2009 by , under , , ,

Okej, the PassPortDebacle (also soon to be known as Notting-Gate) has taken its first vicitim. I've sacrifised my strawberry *chough* blond locks on the altar of self recrimination and I'm back to beeing the bitchy brunette you all know and love (or run away screaming from.. take your pick really...)
Also at the possibilitie of not beeing recognized, heres for hoping... *cough*... lets face it, my family does not pull punches, so layering up in protective gear (hair colouring) is basically doing the safe way out. Specially when they are all on the other side of the English border. Not that Loves family is any sweeter when theres a good heckle comming up :) Bless them. I'll be hearing about this until my (or their) dying day.
I've taken to not answering my phone.. I'm a grown up.. yes...

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UV rays mixed with caffeein (0)

Sunday, June 07, 2009 by , under , , ,

Its Sunday morning. Me and Love braved the sunlight like vampires and turned left from our house and went to the small park that's hidden behind Ladbroke Grove. We've decided to be quite finicky about where we go around here. We live very close to Portobello Rd, meaning if you turn right after leaving our house you end up body slaming your way thru tourists, beggers, pickpockets, other dazed civilians and in generall getting in touch with a huge amount of the unwashed masses. Soooo not cool. So now we take the long-ways-around. meaning we get to walk down leafy and lovely village-like surroundings, and it just adds 3 minutes to the walk generally.
Anyway, spent the morning rolling up my trouser legs to put my legs up to get some sunshine while sitting on a bench drinking coffe and smoking (yeah, I've been weak) The rest of the day will now be spent in the UV rays of the computer screen. Need to finish one logo and an email template untill tomorrow morning. When we're due out to do B's bidding walking up and down drumming up work. Lets hope the rain will keep away.

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Cold and creepy. (0)

Saturday, June 06, 2009 by , under

I'm freezing my toes off. Summer came and went in what seemed a week. I've just managed to find a pair of surfer shorts (looks better than it sounds, their black and look quite corporate) and a pair of barely there tops, and now I've got to digg out my sweaters and swat myself in layers cos the "big feeze" is back for a second round. Never thought I'd say this but I want the warmth back!

Even the freekig pigeions (flying rats) are huddling up together to stay warm.
I'm also still in mourning for the trip-that-will-not be. Sucks.
Was looking forward to watching my family wigg out in person, as well as enjoying sinking my toes (the blue ones) into the grass outside Loves-mothers summer house. BBQ-ing with the family, all of them (Loves side is included, they are just like him. Amazingly well balanced and heartwarming, quite disconserningly actually.. after four years I still have nothing to bitch about, that alone makes them strange :)

Anyway. Life goes on. Atleast now we can welcome the Nilssons in style when they decend in July. We'll be working our proverbial bums off for the next 3 weeks so we'll be able to do the touristy stuff for a couple of days.

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crap... (0)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009 by , under , , ,

I've just found out that my passport is out of style.. and date.

So no going home to the producers to eat momma-food, get into discussions with dad or see the rest of my lovely family. I'm going to be stuck here in London. no mini brake.

We thought about Love going by himself, but he pointed out that he could not live with the metal image of me sitting alone with a cupcake pierced by a singl b-day candle crying into my tee-cup.. Hmm.. he's got a good point... I'd probably bawl like a 5 year old just realizing that santa does not exist and the easterbunny is roadkill.
I'm currently feeling so damned blond i'll have to go out and bulkbuy haircolouring...

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