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Homage to the fruit-bowl (2)

Thursday, June 11, 2009 by , under , , ,

This right here *points* is the reason neither me nor Love has died in scurvy... Our fruit/veggie bowl. The simple tomato.. the humble union (tear-jerker though, always goes for the sympathy vote) and the apples.. you can even glimpse the statuesque cucumber in the background. We've actually been peeling ourselves away from the computers to trot down to the veggie shop to get some more. Need more bowls though. My only problem is that we've got no room. Our kitchen is the size of a well used stamp. And the ledge just outside (that covers the radiators) are more or less swamped . Our minibar is placed on the same ledge basically...- containing all of 1 bottle Shivas, one bottle of Bells and one bottle of Glögg (for all you non-swedes, its spiced and lovely wine that you warm up, we drink it at x-mas.. we have obviously not necked this one bottle though. Lets hope its still good next year :P)
.. A couple of lights (I'm a card-carrying tea-light abuser)
and our Fruit/veggie bowl..
Now, lets have a homage to the fruit and veggie bowl, please send your prose/verse directly.
I'm gonna go and kill off another apple in the meantime.

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2 Reply to "Homage to the fruit-bowl"

Gissa on 11 June 2009 at 22:40

Heh, god damn it woman. First you got me addicted to your blog, i really need to get my daily dose, every day. And like that wasn't enough, i activated my old blog account back to life, and the next step is to get my Wacom from the dust and start playing with pictures and photos.. Just for fun and practising..


Meg on 12 June 2009 at 05:27

Hello Sweets :)
Just been on your blog, will add up you to the links as well ;) just keep playing with the art board. We've gotten our hands on CS4... I'm in LÖV! I still keep my pencills sharpened though,for theraphutic sollace, but hey.. :D


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