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Back to Black.. or Brown.. (0)

Sunday, June 07, 2009 by , under , , ,

Okej, the PassPortDebacle (also soon to be known as Notting-Gate) has taken its first vicitim. I've sacrifised my strawberry *chough* blond locks on the altar of self recrimination and I'm back to beeing the bitchy brunette you all know and love (or run away screaming from.. take your pick really...)
Also at the possibilitie of not beeing recognized, heres for hoping... *cough*... lets face it, my family does not pull punches, so layering up in protective gear (hair colouring) is basically doing the safe way out. Specially when they are all on the other side of the English border. Not that Loves family is any sweeter when theres a good heckle comming up :) Bless them. I'll be hearing about this until my (or their) dying day.
I've taken to not answering my phone.. I'm a grown up.. yes...

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