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Fulham... home sweet home (2)

Thursday, June 25, 2009 by , under , ,

We've been out doing footwork this morning, this time in Fulham. What used to be our "home-sweet-home".. and we miss it!

And in two weeks its the "fair on the green" and we are sooo there. We missed it last year since we had just signed the papers for the apartment on New Kings Rd, but on our way from Camden (where we were living in the smallest hotell room known to man) we we're sucked into the Pride Parade...
managed to turn a corner and end up with gorgeouse men in full beards and netstockings and a full wonderwoman atire streched over a well honed beer belly, I fell in love on the spot! (I've got the pictures somewhere, need to find them.. ) . I love london.. Seriously... No where else do you end up cuddled by dragqueens when trying to get across town :)
Fulham is home though. Ladbroke Grove, where we live now is nice... but New Kings Rd is .. heaven *dribbles a bit and sheads a tear*
And ofcourse we miss our Curry..
Theres a small little whole-in-the-wall chinese restaurant, they dont even put out tables, its all take-away and home delivery. And they make the best Curry and pork dumplings in London. I kidd you not!
The name of it is Aurelia, and their on wandsworth Bridge Rd... and we go to sleep every night crying our eyes out because we're now living to far away to get home-delivery.
We've actually vowed to make sure that we live within their "driving range" next time we move house, their that good...

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Lady P on 25 June 2009 at 14:42

Oh my - to have a good curry take-out! I would die and go to heaven! I loved that about England on the mere 3 times I have been. I love your story - I lived up until recently in San Francisco and I love my gay boyfriends! they really can be a girls best pal! Yeah Gay Pride! I haven't been to a parade since I came here to celebrate that event, but did every year in SF. I gotta get back in touch with my butch side!
Thank you soooo much for your lovely comments - they mean a lot to me, especially now as I learn more about my voice, my writing and photo taking. Ahhhhh - something is in the making here, I just don't know what yet!!!


Meg on 25 June 2009 at 14:50

Next time your here let me know and i'll take you for the best dinner you've ever had, we'll have to eat it out of foil boxes on the grass at Eel brook common, and probably buy plastic cuttlery, but hey, it is SO worth it :)

The Pride was great, we've got a new one comming on the 1st of July this year, cant wait, theres noting like a man that knows the pain of 4 inch stilletos. Relating is so much easier at that point (specially since I refuse to wear them :D)

Oh and no matter what is in the making with your writing and pictures, trust me, its good :)


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