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Shake that tailfeather.. (2)

Monday, August 31, 2009 by , under ,

Today was the grownup version of Notting Hill Carnival (yesturday was for the kids supposedly) and it went with a bang. Currently listening (somewhat strained though.. my eardrums are a bit slacked off) to the police chopper thats hovering over our street. In fact it woke us up this morning. I woke up with a start having horrible flashbacks of apocalyps now - the movie.. Not a plesant way to start the day. but it got better

Me and Love took the camera for a little walk about (about 50 meters.. then we just claimed a space and then just let the floats go by.

Posting some pixies from today, starting with pretty in pink:

y absolute favourites, the Batala drummers, they come walking down the streets doing their little side-step drance and rumming life into anyone they pass. Their gorgeouse..
(this movie is from YouTube, from last year)

And some more pixies from the Carnival, all types, all sizes, and all colours. The dancers do ther thing while the decibel level is at 135 (5 decibel less than last year.. I could not tell the difference.. my ears are bleeding, just like last year.. :))

Man on stilts... or daddy-long-legs in person..

Body paint and feathers...

Goooooood carnival! :D

Big big costumes.. I got smothered in green when this batch when through, but it was worth it damned it! *picking out greenery from between my teeth*

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The not so innocent children.. 1

Saturday, August 29, 2009 by , under , ,

Today has been a day of rest for most part, with a sprinkle of agression (more about that later), we're going to get back into the grove of work again tomorrow, as well as having a run around the Notting Hill Festival. Always a good day to catch the elusive shaking feathered baredback bird on film (or pixel memory anyway) :)

The house has actually been prepared for the mayhem by someone putting up a playwood gate, with wired on handle, for barakading out the unwashed masses from our steps and front court of the house, so I'm thinking thats setting the tone of what kind of pain in the lump this will be.

Anyway, today on our way to wormwood scrubs (minor.. , theres the bigger version a bit futher down) we walk into a side street where a small kid was running tward us with 3 bigger kids behind. Me, with my natural instinct of loathing - seriously, who ever coined "the innocents of children" did NOT have any idea of the nature of the little beasts - soon proved itself right when the smaller one was grabben by the biggest and twirled around to the other antagonizer.

Since they were stupid enough to do this right infront of our noses I stepped in to the back of the big bully while shoving him away and pulling the kid out while giving a nice little growl in to his ear. My reaction to bullying is usually quite severe, I tend to want to see teeth on the pavement and possibly someone begging. But since these were kids (the bullies around 13-15, the kid around 12 I think.. hard to tell though) it was all I could to to keep my inner bitch on a leash when nimbwitts nr 2 retaliated with "shut up man!"

One.. I'm clearly not a man.. Secondly, thats just plain rude.

Ended up with steping into him asking him "or what?". Seriously. I've never been so close to hitting a kid befor..
I've been brought up with parents that, except for one slap to the back of my brothers head after calling me a very ugly very word at dinner after som severe teasing, never hit us.
They just never needed too. We knew who the boss was (mum.. and like any alpha female, she never needed to bare her teeth to get us to do what we were told) .

But at this moment I'm doing everything I can not to thump this obnoxiouse kid in the face while going "thats ma'm to you". And I'm the first to admit, I do have the fuse of a rabid she-bear, but I never thought my temper would flare up like that against a kid.

Anyway.. the kid has enough self preservation to look down and step out of my way, keeping his mouth shut while the little one is getting his legs under him and hitting the road.
Like any true animal the little bullies dont mind ganging up on smaller and easier prey but as soon as they get stuck up against someone bigger (and yes.. very much meaner) they always coward out. It almost hurt me that he did actually... with me turning around to walk away with my fists clenching and unclenching and trying to get my temper down.
It took me the better part of 2 hours.

I really dont like kids...
truly I dont...

Anyway, tomorrow begins the festivities... and as sure as the sky is far above, the fighting, rioting (quite severe ones last year) and other fun will be the order of the day. I truly hate any kind of agression (unless I'm passing it out.. as any big sister - I belive myself to be the only one fit to give judgement on any whalloping ) and since drinking usually does not bring out the best in ppl I tend to have a hard time keeping out of trouble.

Love believes me to have a superman (or wonderwoman) complex. With cape and everything... since I do not let things go unpassed or rectified. And ofcourse this has landed me in uncounted fights in bars where men have decided to slap their girlfriend around or gang up on someone drunk and dumb enough to show weakness. (I'm not saying I don't get beaten up for it, only that I can't let it rest)

So tomorrow, except for a couple of hours out in the daylight we are gonna be at home, enjoying the braying of fights and drunkards comming thru the window and me sitting safely at home trying to ignore it.

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work and no play (2)

Friday, August 28, 2009 by , under , ,

Putting up a picture of what i Dont do right now.
Its been all work and no play, but hey, atleast there's work right? :)
I've gotten mauled over mail by my brother whos sending the super sized files of Philip, the newest recruit to the Widen family, allthough it might be that he's getting H's name, and then he's a Carlsson.. hmm.. another thing i need to find out :)
(and yes, my brother and H have been living in blissfull sin for the last 8 years, therefor not sure of the surname of my nefew)
Missing the family, and worrying about money and simply getting down to the gritty about getting in more work and getting a bit further from the line. But life is still good!
We've got what seems to be the first winds of fall slapping against the side of the house, its good to be inside with a cuppa PG-tips.
Having said that we now need to trudge our way up to Sainsbury and get some food for the next few days.. buggerit.. having to wade thru anklebiters and kneebutters while irrate mothers of monsters stand screaming blue murder in the iles...
Oh yes.. looking forward to this adventure :P :)
Have a lovely star to your weekend everyone, hope its a good one!

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Philip has arrived (3)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 by , under

I got myself a nephew, his name is Philip and he arrived yestruday evening by the escape hatch (H got a cesarian).
Now isnt that the cutest thing ever? (anyone objecting will get mauled)

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while waiting for baby... (3)

Monday, August 24, 2009 by , under , , ,

My lovely sister in law is currently waiting for the "start up pill" to work, and for the bauta baby to come to the world. Meaning me and the rest of the family are waiting too..

most of them though are probably waiting with a bit more style.
Me, I surf youtube..
and then found this:

points to the boy for the self distance enough to actualy embrace the puss filled reality and having a good laugh about it.
and letting us have a cringing, chuckling snicker as well.
It's goood to get old :)

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Cray-fish evening in Sweden 1

Sunday, August 23, 2009 by , under , ,

Some rather bad pictures of the family (half of it.. Loves half anyway :) )
There was a cray-fish evening "kräft fest", where swedes (i'm not included in this group, to much work with shelling them and I refuse to suck on the belly of what is a glorified water spider that eats waterlogged cropses.. no-sir-eee.. not me.. ) go compleatly nuts about red boiled cray fish (dont know if i'm spelling that right)

As traditions states it is always held at the Nilssons house. They've got the huge grassy slopes perfect for games (throwing balls at eachother, wrestling and football.. the european kind, where you dont use your hands) Oh and quizzes, usually put together by Irre, the queen of tricky questions :)

This time we attended over Skype..
Above is the typical way of showing enderment in the family. That's Jonas and Tommy, Loves cousins, doing a bout of grappling and trying to headbutt eachother.
All in the name of love (not my Loves, he gets to headbutt them in person soon)
Getting to watch everyone, included the newest addition to the family (below) Emily. She was borne while we decided to stake our claims on London. Cute as a button :)

And this is Tilde (tongue girl, she caught on quickly about the computer not beeing the usual tv show and that the person - me - would do anything she did.. I'm pretty sure we've just ruined her for life. No childrens channel will ever be as good again.. I'm pretty sure sessamy street does not do interaction just yet.)

Apparently there was sun.. there were cray fish (Malin even waved one at the camera) and there was family. And we were here.
Gotta go back soon.
Specially since I'm most probably gonna be an "aunty" by monday. My brother (or rather my favourite sister in law - i've only got the one so far -) is getting things started on monday... hmm..
And the very weird part, my baby brother's going to be a dad.. or rather a "Dad"..
ha, thats a couple more of those "free-grown-up-points" cashed in :D
Okej, gotta get back to work.
ugh... More info tomorrow, with possible news of my new aunty-hood.
Wonder if its a boy or girl..

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London calling (3)

Friday, August 21, 2009 by , under , ,

Today is another scorcher, we've got work to do and I'm in need of coffee.

Just popping a little aquarell pen drawing I made for marvelouse Malin (the Nilsson alpha female) after their visit to London. Had the joy of talking to her and Marcus (the prodgidal son, theirs, not ours) over skype yesturday night, over webcam on skype.
Lets put it this way: I remember a time when I was spending my parents hard earned cash on phone bills to Poland (since thats where I spent most of my time, bf's tended to still be there when I went home to school.. for the few months I had to that.. hmm.. beeing a kid was good when you come to think of it.. )
anyway, back then, they only had one phone in the village (and no gays.. and if you havent seen "little brittan" that joke just sounds baaad) anyway so we'd have to book time, where he would be on the phone in the office of the stables (I used to work with braking horses in - and arms.. and legs.. and head.. the later 3 were my own, not the horses)
anyway... hundreds and thousands of pounds (or dollars) were spent on the phone.
When later the modem came even more money would be spent on chatting with ppl from just about anywhere.. just cos we could!!

Sitting in my room with an old modem doing the
beep-beep-beeep-cchzzzzzzzzzzz-zzzzz-din-ding-brszzzzch-kzzzzrzzrzzz ding-ding- kschzzzzzzzz
and then sitting up at all hours with a chat that would only upload if you refreshed the window..
Then having to get up at 6 am, to catch the buss to the other side of the city (stockholm) to go to collage and skipp classes to sitt on their broadband connection .. hmm..

And now adays, with my lovely virgin connection that costs me all of 7 pounds a month, i can cruize anywhere on the web, call friends in other countries for free, and even video chat.

Technology is amazing..
specially when you get to see the smiles of your friends and family

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Reality SUX! (3)

Thursday, August 20, 2009 by , under , ,

Lets face it. I'm having a very real and very painful bout of vacation-blues.
Trying to keep my head together, trying to get the work done but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww..
I wanna go baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!
Anyway. The sun is beating down on our heads (Through the window.. pushing all the heat back into the apartment) .
Oh and I found out, after living here for over 6 months, that the garden is communal....
Meaning: we can go down and enjoy it when we want to!
Hell... The crafty little munchkins at the real estate agent forgot to tell us that.
So now I just have to find the corridor that leads back there.
Hmm... and of course share it with mad-man-clapper (every time he gets angry or agitated he claps his hands.. usually outside our front door.. ) that lives next door. Last time we saw him he was in his birthday suit sitting on a folding chair down on the very same grass that i covet..
It does make for a bit of a deterrent when you've got a buck naked, not all that stable, middle aged man running around in the supposedly shared garden.
Life might be a pain, but it's seldom boring.. that's a consolation right?

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Kew Garden Delights.. (3)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 by , under , ,

While Loves Mother was here we went for a treck (as always with the duracell woman of might) of 12 hours at Kew Gardens. I've been living here for over a year now but we've never been there.
We were on our way there once in winter but ended up kissing the door handle and turning around since we arrived just about an hour before they closed.

Now let me start by saying it is bliss.
I was scrambling around with my nose in the air and my eyes closed just sniffing the trees, bushes and bamboo, with a healthy mix of airplane fuel (its right underneath the flightpath to Heathrow.. so ever 60 sec you have birds of the most imence wingspan thundering down over your head.. lets just be happy they do not dump...)

Kew Gardens is celebrating its 250'th year now. Meaning there are plenty of things to see, ontop of the vast amount of standard exibits.
It started out as a summer house *cough* for Henry the 7th. And since royalty rarely do things half-arsed (except when it comes to chins) it soon ended up beeing one of the hubs of power amongst the rose bushes (there's plenty of those too)

You can find almost any kind of vegetation or even remotely resembling a plant here. And the best part is that someone really frantic about naming and taging has taken the time to pin signs to each and every one of them.

This place is 300 acers... now imagine going around pinning lables on everything.. just take a minute with that thought..

Anyway.. Its gorgeouse.. its green (with splaches of colour and spikes and even some rather weird animals) and it will keep you busy for a day..
We're planing on getting a year-card.. there are so many places where you just want to spread out a blanket and enjoy a good book, some cold drink (for the first hour.. before the sun gets to it) and greenery. As long as you manage to ignore the airplanes (next time I'm taking my earphones with me.. radio is much more restive to listen to) all is good.

This is the Palm House..
All made of glass and very very hot and very very humid. and when the light hits it, just so, you can see the palms growing on the inside.
If your feeling really brave you can take the walk way around the top to get a feel of life as a monkey or bird.

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Brighton blues... 1

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 by , under , ,

Simply stranded.. much like me trying to get back to sitting behind the computer after enjoying the pebbles and sunshine..

with the colours and bright lights. Lets put it this way, you'll walk away with what is essentially a c-vitamin kick to the head. Its lovely.

Everything from the wooden hand carved horses (like Anna here... Gorgeous creature) to the shop windows and walkways. Its all in vibrant colour. while the sea tends to go to the bluish tint and the greys... I'm starting to think they are trying to balance it out. by going in the opposite direction.
Anyway, missing it like crazy...
Then again, who does not miss vacation time? :7
Okej.. now back to work.... gnnnnnngnngnngngngnn

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Brighton Pixies (3)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 by , under , , ,

Rusty hand rail along the pier. I'm not quite sure what the purpose of the rope was but I'm thinking it was essential..
The Shark Tank at the Aquarium.. since flash fotography was forbidden and the lighting was set to looooow everything tended to be in the "fuzzy" category.. but oh well :)

Shop door at the pier. They do have a preference for colour over there..

The burnt down West Pier, it's been keept in its skelleton form as a reminder I guess. Its still beutifull though.

King And Mike. Two of the hundreds of fancy rides ... all named and tagged, and all with their own colouration and details. Gorgeouse!

The war of the cameras... Love in the background trying to distance himself from the agression :)
(mine was bigger by the way... )

Pizza on the boardwalk!

The Brighton Aquarium... I want one of these in my livingroom!

Sea blue tiles by the sea..

Pebbled beach, water and a beachball running away from the kids.

The Band Stand outside of our Hotell, at night it would be filled with salsa music and ppl joining in from the walk way.

Sea Turtle in the Shark tank at the Aquarium. A lot of capital letters, and its deserves it. Was gorgeouse. Weird build up since it all was underground, meaning it was cramped, stuffy and very very humid. But butifull, in that charming old woman with too much make up and a very colourfull dress on. '

The feet of the enemy...
They bomb innocent and steal food. what more can I say?

Love enjoying his Birthday Beer at a pub along the Lanes.

My Darling mother in law with the sunhat she bought at the stalls.

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Brighton and other lovely things 1

Monday, August 17, 2009 by , under ,

Brighton was lovely...
Am doing all I can to convince Love that we need to moooove! It was simply that good.
Then again if we move every time we go on vacation it might be a good idea to stay put for a little while in one place.

After a week with Loves mum on visit we've now been to Kew Gardens (amazing place) and Greenwich (pronounced gran-ich... weird english ppl) and we've accumulated over 1300 pixies...
Some will be shown as soon as I've gotten slattered with more after sun (I'm now skin coloured! WOHOOO!!!! instead of my usual snow white complextion. I've even managed to collect weird tanlines that show my state of undress. Also managed to buy a dress (Lady P.. you'll be mucho proud. Its moss green with lime green and purple details.. :D) and I've over used my memory card to the point of destruction (meaning that PP will be proud too :D)

Missed you all, will have a good rummage around to see whats happend since I left (yey! more posts to go thru than my normal meger one-a-day, its good to be home!)

Now I'm gonna get some sleep. Tomorrow, when blogger is not giving me a hard time for upploading to much, i'll be at it again.

Hugs and kisses all around (dont mind the sticky feeling, its just aftersun lotion)

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Vacation Time! (4)

Monday, August 10, 2009 by , under

Going to brighton,
Gonna dip my toes in the sea (and hope the sea-monster does not get me)
Will eat cotton candy and pet wooden horses on the marry-goes-round-and-around..
will enjoy my first vacation in 2 years and will not even touch a computer!
Will not post anything here durring that time so see you on the other side. With a bit of luck I'll be a more well balanced and friendly person after this.

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moon baying and garden sniffing (2)

Friday, August 07, 2009 by , under , ,

Been sitting at the window, a piece of the security net (moscito net) has been peeled back and I've been trying to catch the moon (fiddeling with the camera and exposure time and ISO counts.. its fun.. what can I say.. I'm a nerd) and sniffing the garden air thats been wafting up from below.

I've got a bit of the sniffles so the honking goose sounds have been echoing over the closed of space between the two rows of houses that close the gardens off to the outside world. Me and the foxes taking turns when it comes to bugging the neighbours.

On monday my most wonderfull mom in law is comming to England, we're taking a mini brake and going to Brighton (sea-side resort).
Its the first vacation in 2 years and I've been counting the hours and days like a child preparing for santa clause to squeeze down the chimney. Can't wait.

The best part is that Irre is perfectly in sync with our ideas of a good time so we're looking forward to schlopping along at a good pace with frequent stops for coffee while doing just about nothing.

Oh and ofcourse hotel breakfasts. God I love a good hotell breakfast. That and the fact that all the laundry is done by someone else.
In my book, thats luxury..

Even though Love does most of the laundry in our house, I still dont mind it beeing done by hotell fairys that you cant see..
that and having your bed made up everytime you come back to the room.


Gonna dipp my toes in sea water, put my bumm down on sand and basically just sniff something else then stolen garden scents...

Now I'm gonna get back to my window, with the security net fastend tight against the monsters (irrational fear of moths... don't know why. thats why it's called irrational) and enjoy another couple of pages of the book I'm on.

Can warmly recommend Christofer Moore by the way. Very funny man.

Gotta fill up puppy-mugg with PG-tips, a dash of milk and a sugar (very very english.. ) and off we go..

sniff sniff.

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time flies when your without a parachute.. (3)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009 by , under ,

Lets just say the last day has not been.. hmm.. easy..
will be back with happier posts when my stubbed toe has recovered to its normal colour, I've recovered from my hate of the potato peeler (lost a nail and some blood) the bruises on my hip has faded and I don't feel the urge to scream uncontrollably at strangers on the street.
Its been one of those days... truly..

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Long day, even longer night (3)

Sunday, August 02, 2009 by , under

Slow day today, sleeping on and off between working and just not getting any energy to be honest. Need more coffee.. might need another walk (my tush will be shaped by this IKEA swivel computer chair soon) and another ciggie.
Lots of work to have finished by tomorrow so this'll be another all nighter by the look of things.
*knuckle cracking*
onwards and uppwards right?

ps. the feather was found on the serpentine.. freakily calm water and grey skies, therefor the monocrome feeling.
No photoshopping done to this one (except for the frame and cutting)
Weid that nature looks unatural at times.

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now this is quite possibly the most disurbing (but still quite cool) advertisment i've ever seen. Does not hurt that their doing my favourite nostalgia song (rappers delight.. was on my over abused compliation tape when I was a kid.. for anyone under 20 this post just went pre-historic.. )

I havent quite decided if the animated babies are more sceary or the fact that Evian believes that babies should drink bottled water. I'm not a mom (god help the kid if I do become one) but last time I checked they did go more for the boob-juice then the sparkling water.

I might be wrong..

Anyway.. Me and Love are having a crappy time of getting our days into normal day pace again.

The latest problem was our neighbours either conducting a satanic ritual or simply inviting their 20 most tonedef friends over for a marathon kareoke session. Probably the later. But it was still painfull.
After spending 2 hours with the pillow stuck over my head trying to kill the noise we decided to simply run away from the problem. So we went for a morning walk at 5 am. taking the buss to trafalgar square and walking home cross town thru Hyde and Kensington Park.

Just follow the pink line.. :P

Oh and we found this on the way:
a blue beaked (billed?) duck..
Anyone seen these before?

Was a first for me..

Also had to slalom our way around geese, and their amazing piles of.. well.. uhm... Shit to be honest. You'd think that a bird would not be able to put to much out but hell..

Anyway, very sweet birds, except for the size and ofcourse the out put.. There's quite a lot of very friendly childrens stories about these guys in Sweden. Nils Holgersson beeing one of the more famouse ones (the kid rides around on a goose and sees the world)

And with that in mind I was quite happy to go " awwww cuuuuute"

untill I saw this..
Look at the fangs on that sucker!!!!

Did i sleep through some extremely important biology class (or Discovery channel episode)
are they now carnivores?
Should we be worried???

Anyway, putting an end to the talk of birds...
See.. theres one..
end of a bird.. :

My sense of humor just goes out the window (or rather down into the basement, curling up into the feotal possition and hides) when I havent sleept enough.

Anyway, thats a ducks bottom.

And I'm off to Tescos with Love to get us some brekkie.

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