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Monday, June 08, 2009 by , under , ,

Found this lovely blogg:

Sadly enough it's in Swedish, so everyone else will just have to do the Google-Translate magic thing. It's basically about all things 50's, and the sweetness and innocence is amazing. take the advertisement on the left (points - your other left) Its basically advertisement for zippers. "Easy off" - "Easy on".. now, if you got this advertisement in today's media you'd have your obligatory tousled haired page 3 girl lying on the ground with the man standing above usually his face and head out of the shot so that he's comfortably invisable but there.. here instead they are so clearly not even thinking about the possibility of zippers beeing a part of forplay. Its just so much easier to zipp your skirt off when going for a swim than having to unbutton it. It's amazing isnt it?
And how fu**ing sad is it that I'm beeing nostalgic over a time that was almost 30 years before my first thump on the ground? That was fraught with other problems, no doubt there were so many other things to worry about than adds and the view of women in print, but still. To be able to view a product because of its usefulness instead of how it will get the buyer laid. Jolly good!

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