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Monday, June 22, 2009 by , under ,

One of the worlds sweetest things in the world, and a good crunch and some interesting chips to her too. :)

Got her on Skype, since she's in Japan (points) far far aaaaway, I havent had a chat since last year when she was over in London visiting. anyway, she was doing this face talking about her upcomming JLPT ( i think.. I hate abbrs), she's basically soo damned brainy she's doing her second level of Japanese Language Profficiency test. See, not a single blond hair on that head!
Right now she's beeing abducted by my parents (conference call) so i'm doing my blogg.. lets face it, trying to get a word in edgewize when my parents are on a roll is like trying to get passed USA borders after stating "terrorist activity" on your "why are you visitin" form...
Missing her loads and with a bit of luck,spit and ducktejp I'll see her at x-mas time this year. Buggerit.. The wait is looooong.

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