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finding family in forgotten folders... (5)

Thursday, October 15, 2009 by , under , , ,

Here's a small note about my family. Above you have pictures of me and my two brothers. Taken on a family vacation (hell) into Denmark. It was that when going into Legoland we all needed photo id on our tickets (good old 80's). I guess it was that just incase we got lost they'd be able to return us to whom-ever.. but anyway. My parents then paraded us over to the local photobooth. Where it turned out that it cost a good deal over 140 Swedish crowns. Per person (3 photos) and my father beeing very cheap (or in his own mind.. brilliant) came up with a solution that would leave some spending cash instead of having 9 pictures of his allready thouroughly documented children (in my parent house there are thousands of pictures of us. Seriously. We're well documentated) any-ooooo.
So he lines us up out side. I'm first ( you can see his arm in the picture to the right) where he's got a good firm grip at the back of my jacket. As soon as the flash goes off out I popp, and in goes brother nr 2 (mattias). Please note the facial expression.
Flash goes off, Mattias is tossed into my mothers waiting arms and in goes junior, (thomas) the baby of the family. Again you can see my fathers arm in the background as well as the drape of the doorway. And ofcourse the face of a very confused child going "what-da-#")¤(=(/&%="..
As you can imagine we we're surounded by lauging danish(es?.. who do you put a plural to danish? the people, not the pastry.)

So thats one family moment worth recalling yes?
I found the compilations of the photos in my parents house a couple of years ago. Turns out my fathers idea did not really save him that much money, since once my mother had stopped laughing and actually got her mitts on the photos, she would not give them up again.

So they joined the multitude of other pictures in drawers, books and cardboard boxes and stowed away for posterity.

Oh and I miss my family.

Might as well introduce my brothers to you as well. I'm the oldest (you can tell by the bossy and over protective nature of me) that i'm used to bullying brothers and ofcourse getting them out of trouble.
My middle brother is Mattias. He's all of 11 months younger then me.
Yes, my parents were dilligent and productive and apparently in love.
Then again the youngest (Thomas) is only 2 years and 2 months younger then me.
So yes... 3 years.
3 births..
Now fastforward (not that birth is not a pretty painfull moment) but imagine having 3 teenagers in the same appartment at the same time. Now cringe!

Anyway, once I got over my (in my mind well founded) wish to kill my brothers and we no longer live in the same house (amazing how much more forgiving you are to others quirks when you dont have to share a bathroom or kitchen with them any more) we get along pretty darned good. We were pretty tight when we were younger too. Not to say we did not fight. Fighting was a passtime excersised at any oppertunity, but noone got to beat on my brothers but me. Not even between themselves.

Anyway. gonna get of the memory lane express, get back to work and back to eating my aspirins. Got that damned cold that just wont go away. Have a lovely evening all and yonder.
Love and snot out of London //

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sitting alone in the dark.. 1

Monday, October 12, 2009 by , under ,

Love is asleep (or faking it, he usually cant snooze without the "tugg of the blanket" or "knee in the kidney " type of companionship I offer. I need to snooze too soon. Love also claims that I snoore.. I put it down to liable and if we did not have a shared bank account he'd be sued allready. I do however admit to extencive monologues and grumping while sleeping. I'll give him that.
Anyway, have been infused with a smidgen of more kultural note, watching Jean Eyerie on the computer (ITV, on demand) and allthough I have read the book I've never seen the film. Old thing. But truly lovely. And who how can you not adore a proper english costume drama? Got me thinking though. All great love stories are always so. well.. heavy. Theirs always a price to pay. (in this instance there was the face and sight of .. eh.. whats-his-name.. main character.. oh bugger) and there's always this big hurdles and missunderstandings. And thinking of me and Love's time together I'm happy to say we've had none of that drama.. Nothing. Seriously, the last time we had a fight was in the first year we were together, and as it goes with those things I can't even remember what it was about. And after that it's been to easy almost. I've come to expect some kind of balansing out of the bill so to speak. It might be that our lack of money is the pedulum balance. Since we never seem to have any. But not even when things are at its worse do we take our gloves off (or put them on) and have it out with each other. Maybe its just not in our build up. Allthough with just about anyone else i'd have reduced them to minced meat and made meatballs. The fun part is that just about everyone else is (family, friends.. ppl i've known for a long time.. my mum is very much included in this group) know me as the .. well lets say "not the most easy going person". I tend to be very short and cold with ppl I dont like. I dont suffer fools (or clown's, theyre creepy) and I tend to be come down on rudness and idiocy quite hard. And Love sees me as the cuddle bunny delux. So who am I really? the bitchy-bitch-bitch or the cuddle? If majority rules (and we do live in a democracy so by all means, it should) then Love is wrong isnt he? Should I let him know about it? He hates beeing wrong *grins*
anyway, thats enough navel gazing for a bit. I shoudl go claim my 80% of the bed (yes, I do a perfect sea-star impression when I want to) Hope your both well out there. As it is now, these bloggies have become something of an open e-mail to Lady P and Matt. I kind of like it. It's live having a not so secret - secret club huh? *grins*
I'm not quite sure who else comes on here since they do not leave any messages *cough* but just so you know, join in the blabber. Oh and go check out the lovliest bloggers online too (their in the list). Okej.. thats it.. Sleep. Monday night is ontop of us all (atleast on this side of the globe... )
Nighty night!

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Getting better at this writing stuff again! (0)

Monday, October 12, 2009 by , under

Saturday was sleept away, more then swept away.. 16 hours, on full tilt. Blissfull. that ofcourse did not mean we did not work at night again.. or that we actually got any time off (sleept away time off does not count, hontestly) so we're back at square one. Need some seriouse time off. Today will be half a day off. Wohoooo! But more work tonight.
So except for work, have not been doing much. Small reflections over small things, like how much fun it is to drive Love just a little little bit mad. One of my favourites: putting my fingers in his ears when he least expects it.. And yes, its ok to think "poor man".. most ppl do :)
anyway, gonna get a nother cuppa.. one of millions down now that I sound like a bad Janis Jopplin doubble (got a cold again) and i'll get back to work. Wohoo! and possibly some ear poking *grins* gotta keep the spritis up (or just Loves hackles.. hmm.. either is good! )

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Soooo tired.. gonna chew pillow in a min (2)

Friday, October 09, 2009 by , under

Been in Alton, meet a lovely man called Simon on the way back that keept me smiling and laughing on the train instead of weeping due to lack of sleep, and now me and love are going to curl up and sleep for (i hope) atleast 12 hours. The last two nights we've gotten no more then 3-4 hours sleep (tight schedual) and now we're knackered... I'm freezing and I'm so tired that my eyes gritt up. Goodnight everyone, hope your friday is a good one!


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a picture of a sunny street (not the case today.. today its raining cats, dogs and assorted farm animals) and in the background you can see the partition that the gas ppl put up.

The gas ppl that ended up shutting our gas off for 6 days.

No gas means no heated water. no gas means no heating in the house. So in short we've been OD-ing on tea candles (the swedish word is "värme ljus" meaning warming light. .. very fitting I'd say since that's all we've had for warmth now that fall has kicked down the door and entered the premises) also doing dishes in cold water does not compute. Specially since my arthritis gets a kick out of it.
Add that to the fact that I did not get a singe warm bath (mainly my way of actually waking up and beeing able to move at all) I've been a very very grumpy and very very tired person.
And yes.. the work has been plentifull!
go here to see the latest: www.majesty2.com. got 2 more to go that we're doing the last couple of details on but I'll post them up later ;)

So between the work, the boiling of a 1000 tons of water and lighting of tea-candles and grumbling I have horribly neglected my poor blogg.
I have however picked up a new hobby. Harrassing the man (boy really.. ) that's been calling on our door to get the gas shut off, and despite beeing reminded by me, several times, to turn it back on, has been a total numb-nut and "forgotten".. So i've got a nice chilled halibut in my handbag every time I go out now, just in case i feel like smacking him around a bit before beeing on my way.

With that beeing said, i'm now gonna go and enjoy a long warm soak, a long chat with the resident rubber ducks, and after that I need to go get me more tea candles.. Better to be safe than sorry..

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