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Saturday, June 13, 2009 by , under , , ,

Cinabon Peacanbun... hmmm.. As substitutes for moms home cooking, there are worse things to get. This beeing my b-day brakefast. Me and Love endulged in the best way we could. Any one swedish will recognize this as a very dressy form of "Kanelbulle", and they would be right. It's also a bit of a sugarhigh, after this we went thru Whitleys on Queensway, doing some b-day shopping and trying not to die from ruptured stomachs...

And now.. well. we're gonna work some more. We've got work for Paradox to finish (great client, and the work is good fun) and then some more work. Two more clients that need their stuff done and dusted by monday. So in a way: pretty good that we did not bunk of to sweden for 5 days, on the other hand: missing my family so much this morning that I had a wee bawl, feeling sorry for myself and generally acting like a petulant 4 year old. Good thing Love know all my buttons (Cinnabon beeing one of them.. buying books the other. yes.. we bought books.. I'm spoiled)
So now we're sitting at our computers. Love looking all hot and sexy as always and we're back to working. Hmm.. gonna see if I cant get a b-day smootch too :P
have a lovely day everyone. This old bitch misses you all.

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