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Green Beans and Gluttony (0)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 by , under , , ,

Me and Love went for a lunch at "Tea's Me" today, a small but oooh so wonderfull cafe thats placed behind the corner of Ladbroke Grove. Green Beans and Roasted Zuchinni.. And yes, the captials are valid. Its that good... I'm also a total pushover when it comes to good veggies. If the need for meat was not so great (I grow fangs if I need to go more than 3 days without meat) I'd be a vegetarian in a heart beat.

Now add the fact that the coffee is lovely, freshly made and the waitress is a sweet shy smiler. in other words, full points. Only fly in the ointment is the fact that the trafic of Ladbroke Grove is quite close, but atleast its not right under your nose. And you do not have to bodyslam your way thru Portobello Rd to get to it.

Oh and here are some random pix from last week:

Found this in Islington. Why limit yourself to flowerpots or windowledges, when you can just slap the greenery all over? Looks like green maringue and I'm smitten. I'm just wondering how they water it (the London weather isnt as wet as hearsay let's you belive.. )

And here's the nomination for "best business name". What they might loose in "lovely-dovey-
friendly-feeling" their definately gaining in the honestly stakes. Atleast you go in knowing you wont get a shoulder to cry on...

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