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Sunday, June 07, 2009 by , under , , ,

Its Sunday morning. Me and Love braved the sunlight like vampires and turned left from our house and went to the small park that's hidden behind Ladbroke Grove. We've decided to be quite finicky about where we go around here. We live very close to Portobello Rd, meaning if you turn right after leaving our house you end up body slaming your way thru tourists, beggers, pickpockets, other dazed civilians and in generall getting in touch with a huge amount of the unwashed masses. Soooo not cool. So now we take the long-ways-around. meaning we get to walk down leafy and lovely village-like surroundings, and it just adds 3 minutes to the walk generally.
Anyway, spent the morning rolling up my trouser legs to put my legs up to get some sunshine while sitting on a bench drinking coffe and smoking (yeah, I've been weak) The rest of the day will now be spent in the UV rays of the computer screen. Need to finish one logo and an email template untill tomorrow morning. When we're due out to do B's bidding walking up and down drumming up work. Lets hope the rain will keep away.

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