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Friday, May 29, 2009 by , under , , ,

We were very good today. up at 8, got out of the house and trotted over to Holland Park. The sun was shining (and still is) its friday and life is good. Coffe, Ciabatas and water while trying to filter out the baby-buggy-terrorist with their screaming anklebiters and kneethumpers. One of best places in the city. Since its just behind Hyde Park and Kensington Park not a lot of tourists find their way here (took us almost 7 months before we found it) and that means a lot of seating, good priced coffe and you do not have to get overly friendly with any one.

To bad the Latte did not last very long...

On a more disturbing note, since my grandmother is visiting with my parents (she is not the disturbing part!), she's now being introduced to the world of Internet and e-mail. meaning they pretty much are clamoring for photos and stuff to show her. Anywaysies, thinking I'd get them a good photo of me in full sunlight I took this photo---------------->>
Is it just me or am I a redhead?....
Its quite a bit of shock to realize after 30 years, durring which time I've covered what I thought to be BLOND hair with artificial inteligence (AKA covering hair colour), that I'm a red head. Its a bit of a freak-out moment actually. I think I need to have a talk to my mother about parenting and any secrets she might have been keeping from me for the last almost 31 years.. *mumbles*
It would though explain the green eyes and the skin that turns a fetching postbox red as soon as any sun settles on it, while my brothers are blue-eyed scandinavian bronzed carbon copies of my dad.. hmmmm...

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Spent Wednesday going on a quick tour with O, my lovely colleague when working for BK. One of the most pronounced difference between us (except that he's a beautiful shade of Ebony, and I'm a pasty Ivory - in good light and kind eyes. In the eyes of others, just pasty) is our perception of time. The thing was to meet up at Putney Bridge at 10, and then go together to Richmond. This of course meant I'm there half an hour early, smoking my ciggies, getting a coffee at the cafe in the church (very nice place, comfortable couches, only minus is the army of mums and their anklebiters) . O rolls in about half past, meaning I'm basically maxing up on my caffeine levels something horrid and even resorting to reading Elle and other fashionista propaganda where the airbrushing is amazing, for over an hour. Its the same when we meet B as well. I'm there half an hour early, B comes in spot on the dot, O arrives half after. we're a good balance to each other no doubt :)

We'll be getting our other work on the way first, where we now are booked up until Sunday night, Monday I'm gonna drag Love out to do a round of walking the areas we got. At least we get out from behind the computers :P
Anyway, another picture of my window. Can you tell I love them (they are probably featured in about half the posts. But hey, if you've got an apartment where you can barely turn around without bumping your hip, you do need to love something about it right) Currently I'm sitting with stuff up to my knees. Love does not understand how my desk can become such a mess so quickly, but he does (thankfully) undertand that I would not be able to work without 20 cm of papers, scribbles, phones and assorted biscuits and books as wrist guards while I'm typing. Actually found a book I borrowed from the library, read half way thrue and then used as support. Cant even remember the bugger. Will just return it without finishing. Since i cant remember it couldn't have been that good right? Anyway, good things Love is so understanding. Oh.. and Loves desk, if you were wondering, is pristine... Its amazing.. you can see several square meters of IKEA's finest desktops. Sometimes I sneak over and sit in his chair when he's not watching. Just to know what it feels like ... Its very strange..

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As you might have heard before, we've got a problem with foxes.
They scream basically all night, or sing. depends if you ask the foxes or us I guess. Anyway, we've got a new audio-pain going. Basically what we've got is one of those guys (I'm thinking he's late 30's, probably longish hair, but works in a bank all day).. that needs to compensate for an empty 8-10 hours a day in a souless job. so when the weekend comes up he grabs his guitar -nylon strings, since he's not a REAL rocker - and lets loose..
The sounds comming out of our garden today puzzled me a bit to start with, at first I thought they might have a problem with maiming and killing in broad daylight, but nooo. After rendering the vocals off from the thumping of the guitarr we figured out that it most possibly is human.. Unless, ofcourse, the aliens are comming and we should all go out and buy evian bottles.
Again, we cant see him, he's in one of the gardens at the back and theres plenty of brick walls to keep our prying eyes (or gun sights) from reaching him, but sadly we the sound isolation is CRAP! I'm currently entertaining the idea of going round the neighbourhood asking for those cardboard egg holders you get when you buy egg, and that you also use for sound proofing any studenty studio when you were young. And then presenting him with a small box to stand in when he wants to take his agressions/feelings/life out.
Anyway, apart from that. Life is grand. Got a pretty darned good deal with a new company. More of this later (i'll just link to the finished products when we're done) and me and Love are doing tentative happy dances around the house (two back, two forward, try not to tripp over the table, its not ours) So things are pretty darned good :D
what else? oh yeah:
And now over to the weather:
London is currently going thru its "i'm moist, i'm wet, i'll make you all curl up and scream for mercy" fase. Seriously, going out is like beeing slapped with a luke warm kitchen towel straight over the face and then having to live with the same of hair that acts like i've been in the tumble dryiner. I look like I could easily do a number with the Jackson Five right now. I'd be M Jackson but after all the sceary bleaching.
And ofcourse we're going back to sweden over the 10-15 of June. Yey.. family time. Friends time! stress out about who's seeing who and when and where and what should i bring and did you forget that person and what time are we comming over, how many ppl did you promise we'd visit and do we reeeeeally have to stay with my family????
Will give more detailed account of things a bit further down the road. Probably mugg shots as well :)
I'm gonna get Love to pick a movie and cuddle down now. We've been working good today, and we even treated ourselves to some Subway (gnnnn.. grenery in a bun.. löv Subway) So today has been good!
As you can tell, no stress at all. :)

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pampering and street art (0)

Thursday, May 21, 2009 by , under

Since I'm quiting smoking I'm all in for trying all that stuff "you can buy now that your not wasting money on the stinky-sticks". so I went bravely all the way to the corner shop and saw these bags of face-packs. Now.. lets face it (no pun intended). Anyone that's ever been in my company for more then 5 minutes know i'm not the best bet for patience and waiting. I put the stuff on, and ended up stuck with it for uppabout one hour. Don't get me wrong, I now can sport a face as smoot as a newly powdered babys bum cheek, but the fucking wait was horrible. and itchy... and ofcourse I could freak Love out by looking like an extra for" the return of the mumy". To add insult to insury I couldent get a kiss to save my life (from boredome) while I was pacing the appartment (2 steps left, 2 steps back, small appartment) while flaking and letting off a fine white dust.

Anyway, the pain is now forgotten, and concidering the reward (still silky smoooth) I'll probably do it again next week. I've also been to hte Library... I lööööv the library. I'm going to get a couple of more hours of work done and then get back to my stack. I've got an impressive one really *points*

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High expectations, and the fall of the same. Woke up this morning, after some quite insistent nudging and growling by Love. He conciders a lye-in to be well ended by 10 am. Me.. I was hugging my pillow claiming no knowledge of the time, or a pulse for that matter and only crawling out of bed by 12.. I do not hand over my sleep-ins easily.

At that point the sun, that had been pestering me all morning, in cooperation with Love decided to do a runner. Again proving Love right (not a nice thing to do, since he is not easy to live with when he's been right) in claiming that we would not be able to take our walk about. Trudged out after a breakfast (toast and tee.. hmm) and yes. It did decide to rain. And just as we were crying uncle, trotting back home after spending an hour in what is usually said to be typical London weather, but is not, the sun came back out again.

Now I ask you... is this fair????

Anyway, the above picture is of our bay window.. Me might live in a glorified and overpriced shoebox, but its got damned nice windows. See, if you just keep looking for that silver lining it will we there. It usually placed around ass-a-kickus-rombus-grandus clouds, but hey..

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the good old days... (0)

Friday, May 15, 2009 by , under , ,

Sugar is not bad for you... really.. :)
The innocents of the olden days..

You have to know whats important!
and beeing colour coordinated is one of them!

... oh you dirty man in weird seaman costume..
The lucky strikes.. beutifull brand, used to work for BAT (british american tobacco) and they had loads of these old adds hanging around the offices.

When advertisment for ciggies was still ok. And ofcourse it was ok to smoke in pubs... lets face it, i've been born in the wrong time.. *grumble*

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Pixeled and scanned (0)

Friday, May 15, 2009 by , under , , , ,

Joy to the world.. we've gotten our scanner and it works.. It woooorks... :D Been playing around with all the fun extra stuff they send with, and there's-applenty... hmm. itchy fingers. Also noticed something really nice with google image search. Now you can specifie what size you want the pictures you are searching to have and what colour combination.. I'm telling you those guys at google.. amazing girls and boys with incredible forsight! Makes my life a lot easier anyway when fiddeling around with our vector art stuffies. :)

anyway will put get back to playing with my new toy, pathetic to be this happy about a scanner on a friday night without even having booze as a good excuse (anyone thats ever had a good drink with me knows i turn very loving when i'm drunk, its a family trait. So, to not mess my street-cred or bitchy rep up I tend not to drink.... its logic really ) anyway. gonna get a nother cup of tee brewing. Very english. Very stiff upper lip.

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Friday allas... (0)

Friday, May 15, 2009 by , under , , , , ,

Friday and all is well in London. Well quite well anyway. Considering we had a burst pipe on the south bank earlier this week, that made the morning rush turn into something from a bad cameo of Water world. We were fully expecting to see suits going to work on wake boards. The Victorian waterworks seem to be hellbent on being pushed of into retirement. We had a good start to the day, spending time with our bank manager, and then deciding to be grown ups me and Love went to Marks and Sparks. Very grown up! (I hate shopping.. only love and cold hard cash can make me shop) Picked up supplies on the way home, with a subby each for dinner and well.. now its Friday. Not that it matters now a days, we've got work going all through the weekend. Hmm.. At least its fun work :)

So now we're sitting with some PHP, CC light and the radio is pushing Lady Gaga. Now there's a very weird woman. And considering my family, I'm usually the last to throw anything with high density in easily crackable housing.. but still. Saw her interview with Johnathan Ross and I was cringing so hard I threw my back out. Love actually left the room to avoid the pain. She's suppose to be writing her own lyrics, which are fun (common, who has not been sniggering at "bluffing with my muffin"??? own up) and she seems unable to form a simple sentence. Or to comprehend simple questions. But I'm pegging my money (not that there's a lot.. ) on her doing a Jessica s doodle... Faking brain damage to lull the establishment into paying her more. Oh god I hope I'm right. The opposite would be to horrid to imagine.

Anyway, so hope all is well and that life is sweet. I'm gonna entice Love into a cup of tee and lets face it.. that's rocknroll.

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Starbucked and buggered (0)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 by , under , , , , ,

The lovely Cookie is coming to town.. In .. oh.. *checks her clock* in about 3402 hours. Since she decided to bugger off to the other side of the globe to learn Japanese, and of course having her bellybutton looked at at length (the difference in height being quite big, she's is perfect model hight with a love for high heels, the nice Japanese have probably already put up shrines to its honor) I cant bloody wait. Its going to be almost a year to the day since last time she was here. Since I now live on top of Portobello Rd she'll probably loose the last tentative control she managed to hold over her shopping reflexes last time. Will double up on packing tejp and calming chamomile tee before her visit :)

Me and Love went for a Starbucks breakfast. I'm having a very real addiction to their chicken and pastrami paninis... ooooooooooh god their good.. and then back to do some more work. As you might have guessed we did not get a DHL delivery today. No-siree... Will supposedly come tomorrow, but unless they are here before 1 pm they'll be buggered. We need to go over to the bank and get some papers sorted. I'm quite amazed that this country works at all at times. Over here it is Standard that for any delivery (post, DHL deliveries or any other type of house-bound services like plumbers, electricians etc ) you have to book a whole F**** ing day off since you never know when they'll show. And they make sure you can never nail them to an hour since they do want their morning cuppa and their lunch cuppa and any cuppa in between to be undisturbed by stress of having to see clients/customers. Its amazing. So when you order anything you will be told (if your lucky!) what day it will arrive. And then only between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm.. and if they can't make it: Oh now, they don't call.. they don't even send a fecking smoke signal over the roof tops. They figure that you'll find out by the end of the day when you still do not have your longed for scanner in your hands that you might just have to wait another day. Morons.

So DHL: I'm rescinding my apologies from yesterday. Its null, void, and your back on my hate list. Enjoy your stay. I'll get some cuddly toy trucks and stick needles into the tires.

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longing for brakefast.. (0)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 by , under , , , , ,

I've still got to get to bed. It's 2 am. And the way it looks right now I'm going to be able to do a realistic impression of the living dead tomorrow when, without a doubt, DHL will arrive with our new scanner at.. oh.. 8 am?

8 AM... in my book (a very thin and thumbed book.. with its back torn and quite a few pages missing) that is to f***ing early. Ofcourse i'll have to state a written appologie tomorrow when it turns out that they arrive at a nice and normal hour (around what others deem lunchtime) and we've been waiting like children on christmas eve. Might as well cut out the middleman, and the extra post tomorrw (today?) and say, Sorry DHL, I don't hate you, your lovely ppl and do a great service. But for right now, knowing I'll be a cranky bitch tomorrow I'll just hate you a liiiitle bit more.

Oh and for anyone that might actually give a flying damned. The two little fox cubbs living in our garden ( say our.. but its a bit like beeing a five year old again, its all "look but don't touch" since it belongs to our neighbours downstairs. We've got absolutely nothing to do with it except watch it from the bedroom window. Oh and to share the pain of having a very vocal fox family living underneath our window) are very well and very boisterouse. The whole family seems to be doing well actually (can't speak for Mr Fox though. After a wirlwind romance he seems to have decided to look for other entertainment than two kids.. or maybe he just got work outside our burough.. hmm.. ) and they actually come out in full daylight to play and scamper around.

Since we have our lovely telescopic lense we abused the memorycard, and now we are the proud owners of 101 high res pixies that depicts the living and loving of the Rural London Fox Family. Also known as "Shutuppyoufu**ingbastards" at 3 am.

Small family photoalbum below:

Mother Fox...

Also known as Foxy Mamma

-"now.. Terror of my heart. Go right.. Keep your tail down

.. Pain, lay still so that your brother gets this right"

-"buuuuut mooooom"

-"put your paws to it pupp, tail down and stalk like I told you to!"

Pain- "okej.. i'll count to.. eh... 5.. ready? onnnnneeee.. and ooone.."

Terror - "lay still mom, he wont find me... "

Foxy Mamma thinking "just another couple of months of this.. just another couple of months.. "

Stalking his brother from the rondendordondondon (when are you suppose to stop the "don-don" part when spelling that word???) bush thats called home for these guys.

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Religion caught on a walk (0)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 by , under , , , ,

Been out walking today, from Russell Square (small park right by Camden) up to Regents park - coffee brake while watching a 90 year old man doing a topless number while enjoying his own beverage.. wrinkly skin does nothing for my enjoyment though. - me and Love took a hasty retriet over the hedges surrounding "the honest sausage" (seriously.. that is the name of the cafe. Our personal favourite. Minimum of kids, and a bit hidden away) to treck back over the wilderness. Meaning atleast a km of grass! The joy!

On the way home we also caught religion.. I did not find God, but I did find Buddah. Hiding in a flowerpot sitting on a windowlege outside Paddington Station. A bit unexpected but hey, who am I to argue about wanting to live in London?

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Sooooooooooooo tired... (0)

Friday, May 08, 2009 by , under , ,

I need sleep. I'm doing my best not to drool on the keyboard and trying to talk hubby into pushing a pillow underneath my forhead (which is currently resting against the desk.. good thing I took those typing courses.. means I dont have to look at the screen while hacking away at the keys.. )
We've had somewhat of a windfall when it comes to work. Which is fun. And a lot of work! Its lovely though that things are starting to come in by itself. Makes the hunt a bit more fun when you actually get to bring home the baccon every now and then. It is also a little more than a month (one month two days) before we go back to Sweden. My b-day and having a go at the family for five days.
Will be good though. I'm missing everyone. Little brothers and everything.
The fun part wil be to plan the "visitation schedual".. oh boy.
4 days of trying to see everyone and also get my b-day sorted. This will make D-day look like a sloppy date at the hot-dog stand.

anyway. I'm going to get started on some tea and toast (I'm living in london... you have to have tea and toast.. I draw the line at marmite though)

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Filter free (0)

Monday, May 04, 2009 by , under , , , ,

So I'm doing it again. I'm braking up with my most favourite passtime. Smoking. Meaning I'm barely able to form comprehencive sentances, i've got the fues of a menopausal elefanth and will probably stand trial for manslaughter of the next idiot that walk pass me with a lit ciggie.
Thats what I hate most about stopping smoking, I tend to sniff ppl as they walk by, specially if their smoking (and even if they arnt, hey, you never know, they might have walked pass a smoker on their way there.. LOGIC!)
anyway, so here we are again.
I really wish I could be the kind that is able to just smoke part time. Hmm..
but alas, no. I start again, and before you know it I'm back to a pack a day. All or noghting - cracking nuckles - and thats just the way it is. Oh well. The pain has to stop at some point right?
or atleast untill i start smoking again. Now thats a happy thought!

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its amazing... (0)

Sunday, May 03, 2009 by , under

Its half past one at night. And I know i’m going to be paying for this in the morning.

But night time is the right time, so to speak.. or rime. . Come’on. I’m living in London. They have made it an art form to tart this city up for night time.

Forget about tastefull “barely there” make up in the way of Stockholm. London does the eighties blue eyeshadow with garish glow in the dark sticks waving over its head and I love it.

Anyway, have a lovely night all of you out there.


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Death to the tomato (0)

Sunday, May 03, 2009 by , under , ,

death to the tomato..

Beeing a freelancer sometimes have a bit of a suck to it.
Like when you have not been paid for the last couple of weeks, so your living off pasta springled with chopped tomato and onions.

There. Right at that moment.
Your life sucks to the point of moving a football thru a hosepipe.. .

You would have thought the risk of scurvy in the 21 century would be pretty low, but oh nooo..

I've moved from wordpress to thoughts, and sheadding my native language (swedish if anyone is wondering) to the queens, possibly the one standing on the corners, english. anyway, the first nagg will be posted in a couple of seconds, and we'll see how it works from there.

oh, and I've been without a ciggarette for over 24 hours now. Do not expect anythign nice on this blogg for the next couple of weeks ;)

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