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Sunday, sunshine and perspective. (2)

Sunday, June 21, 2009 by , under , , ,

We were at Holland Park Av to do some food shopping, and on the way there (and back.. since the shop did not move) there is the best fruit and veg vendor in London. And I got cherries. 4 pounds worth (as in the legal tender, not the weight, you'd be getting bloggy updates from the hospital if it was) and they are quite possibly the best damned cherries I've had since forever.
My dad used to teach me and my brothers to "mashine-gun" the pits on taxi cars when we used to go to Poland on family hollidays (another giftwrapped childhood trauma.. dont even get me started on the whole "Queens greatest hits" horror. I still get trembling at the knees when "I want to ride my biscycle" comes on the radio.. )
Anyway, its quite a lovely walk over to Holland park Av, takes about 20 min if your not rushing... And the horrible part is we only go there once a week or so. When I was living in Stockholm (i'm using the term very loosely, I was a total bush-baby. Woods right outside the house, and moose too... only reason I got to use the subway was because Love had a 2 bedroom flat within the city limits, and I only sported a studio about the size of our current appartment out in the no-where-land of Haninge... He veto-ed it down :P) Anyway, I'm digressing.
Back in Sweden I'd walk everywhere. I had my lovely hell hound (Hades) and I'd walk past my parents house to leave him for the day, then walk to work (all and all, not counting breakfast, an hours good thumping pavement). And over here.. We'll , when we're working with B, we're winging over the fact that everything is half an hour off. Hmm.. need to get back to walking again. And I'm putting my sights on the fruit vendor and the cherries *drool*

Also found this in my scetch book.. hmm.. must have had a perticularly rough day with telesalesmen or trying to get some service fixed that day..

Anyway, i'm missing my family. Midsummer was this friday (in Sweden its a BIG thing) and we missed out on it. They raise fallos symbos (a cross with two rings of flower at the ends.. could it get any more sexuall?) and we dance around in a big circle while singing and jumping about doing the "small frogs have no ears and no tail have they"dance and song.. .. Don't know why. We just do. But this year we've been here.. have to find a birtch (Björk in swedish.. white tree with black spots. A dalmation tree) and do some dancing..

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A Peoples' Photographer on 21 June 2009 at 16:14

The second CD I ever bought was the two disk set "Queen's Greatest Hits". Apocalyptica was the first.

As for cherries, they don't get much better than from road side stands... I usually make a swine of myself on them and pay for it later.


Meg on 22 June 2009 at 01:51

he he, these were bootlegged copies of copies bought in poland (we used to buy bags of them.. weird music.. took me years to realize the whining noice was not actually included in the music) and ofcourse we spent ages in the car (i've got two brothers) so it was... interesting.. lets leave it at that :D

as for the cherries, theres a technique, first you hamster and then you have to have the duck lip thing, and a really good set of lungs. Dribblings costs points :)


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