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Saturday, June 06, 2009 by , under

I'm freezing my toes off. Summer came and went in what seemed a week. I've just managed to find a pair of surfer shorts (looks better than it sounds, their black and look quite corporate) and a pair of barely there tops, and now I've got to digg out my sweaters and swat myself in layers cos the "big feeze" is back for a second round. Never thought I'd say this but I want the warmth back!

Even the freekig pigeions (flying rats) are huddling up together to stay warm.
I'm also still in mourning for the trip-that-will-not be. Sucks.
Was looking forward to watching my family wigg out in person, as well as enjoying sinking my toes (the blue ones) into the grass outside Loves-mothers summer house. BBQ-ing with the family, all of them (Loves side is included, they are just like him. Amazingly well balanced and heartwarming, quite disconserningly actually.. after four years I still have nothing to bitch about, that alone makes them strange :)

Anyway. Life goes on. Atleast now we can welcome the Nilssons in style when they decend in July. We'll be working our proverbial bums off for the next 3 weeks so we'll be able to do the touristy stuff for a couple of days.

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