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Monday, June 22, 2009 by , under , ,

Me and Love took a walk to Little Wormwood Scrubs this morning (I Löööööve english names ... common, wormwood? gnnnn, to quaint and weird for words... ) when we stumbled uppon this: Kavallery with guns.. and i'm talking the big hunkering thing that the team of 6 are pulling, not the measly puny handheld variety. Sorry about the bluish 80's tint to the pictures by the way, my stubby fingers had managed to set the mobile phone camera ISO settings to 400 in the excitment... Bit of a retro feel though.

Only problem is that I'm now having new withdrawl symphtoms.. I miss riding. I miss working with horses.. and I miss my old work place (Plekity, a studfarm back in Poland.. more horses than you can shake a stick at.. ) and now living in a small shoebox that does not even accomondate fish (seriously, we have a clause in our contract that states we cant even have an aquarium.. hmm.) I cant even get a hamster to cuddle. Woe is me *wobbly lower lip*

anyway, on the same bluish tint:
Butterfly on the walkway around Wormwood Scrubs (suck on that name again, common you know you want to.. )

And now.. back to work!

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