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Saturday, June 27, 2009 by , under , , , ,

... and possibly a knob, as they say here in England. We took the morning walk thru Helens Garden, picked up a sandwitch at the cafe (where the lady behind the counter pilfhered my boyfriend to take behind the counter.. only to plugg in a boiler that she could not reach the socket off, granted, but still. Good start to the morning! I love cheeky old ladies) and then I found that our favourite bench at Little Wormwood Scrubs has been molested by Dan-Dan.. Or as he will from now on be know: Dumb-Dumb.. Hey, if the doodie-head had atleast made an effort of making it look good, I would not have complained, but this is just shit to be honest. My unborn nefew/niece can do better!

Oh and I spent last night (from 4 pm to around 12) with Casper and Nanna, trying to keep our table to ourselves and ppl's elbows out of our ears, enjoying pints and points by staying in one place for basically 7 hours. I've got the rivet marks on my bum to proove it too! Was lovely to see them again, and common, is this not the most gorgeouse couple you've ever seen. And I got
to work on my dutch! Seems I rememberd more than I thought I would. Hell, I even managed to scrap a couple of sentences together without them going "huh?". I was proud as punch (and just about as high on alcohol) . They then went on to Shoreditch for dancing. Me, I woosed out and went home to crawl into bed, because lets face it... I'm to old. Buggerit, I could barely keep awake on the bussride home. Dancing would be so far passed me it would be pathetic.

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