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Sunday, June 14, 2009 by , under , , ,

Another Sunday. Sun is shining. Me and Love went for a nice walk around the neighbourhood, trying to walk the Cinnabon and Thai dinner off from yesterday (in reality that would take a 3 month hike to mongolia.. but hey, at least we're trying right? ) anyway. So now I'm back behind the computer. Trying to make a spider to tricks (creating a logo for a company that wants a spider weaving a web). But at least my work is never boring. Also got the delivery from J, with all the stuff we're going to do product shots off. So now the living room looks like Armageddon with stomach ache. I'm just happy the things are in one piece. The delivery guy was rolling the box (1.2 m x 1.2 m) down the sidewalk when I came to the door (in my nighty and bed hair, must have sceared him half to death) to sign for it. It's amazing how they can call this a service. If I'd wanted it trashed I'd have rung the garbage collectors surely?
Also trying to fight the pull of the DVD box of Boston Legal (4th season) that is waiting in the living room. My b-day present .. hmm.. I should be getting enormous credit point on my karma for sitting here and not clued to the Laptop (that doubles as a DVD player) in the living room...
Its taking all of Loves' patience and strength to keep me from it so he should rightfully be getting some too. My mum has allready voted to have him kanonized (sainted.. not shot out of kanon) and I'm thinking she's not far off her mark. Kind of sux that my mum is still right most of the time. Even when I'm 31 and a day..

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