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Ryan air dumped, retaliation rain. (0)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 by , under , ,

The weather is being obnoxious. Once second its pouring down to the point of sparking the reflex to build an Ark or two, and then slap. On goes the sunshine. Was all kitted out in my lovely old Hoodie from Lucky Strike(for automatic street cred around here) , all curled in under layers of protective clothing. The elements were to be beaten! I walk out, all set, going on strong, mapping out the course to the corner shop and Ta-bloody-daaa.. on comes the sunshine. I'm starting to think its some kind of joke from "the one on top".. He/she is basically flipping the light switch while having a problem with the plumbing.

Anyway, its not like you get colds from getting stuck in the rain. Not even the torrential kind we get over here. Its from shaking hands with the unwashed masses, lets face it. They are all out to kill you. Let the paranoia begin!.
And again: anyway: So I found this (Long search.. seriously. it was hiding in plain sight on the counter at Boots)

And its fu***ing amazing.. while also smelling nice! Go get it. And we can then hold hands again.

anyway.. I was suppose to have gotten momma-food today. The plane skipped down the runway without us this morning at 10, and lets face it. I'm feeling a bit bummed about that. Was truly looking forward to it. But oh well. Will have to go later in the summer or the fall. On the up side we're getting a lot of work right now. We're actually swimming around in it looking for life wests so things are very good. See.. I'm beeing optimistic.. even though I'm missing out on Tomato soup and ofcourse mums honey marinated ribbs .. and cakes... and brothers.. *raises hand* Woe is me...

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