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falling in love (3)

Sunday, September 27, 2009 by , under

Found this on youtube.. its gorgeouse. Even though the singer sometimes gets into notes he should not really be on speaking terms with. But its still beutifull.

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buggerit.. (0)

Saturday, September 26, 2009 by , under ,

... It's now.. Uhm..
3 am. Tomorrow we've still got a good size work to do (I'm the perpetual time optimist) ergo: I'm sleep deprived again.
Or will be properly so tomorrow. Might be able to get a small sleep in though. Depending if my neighbour does not start the circle saw again like he did to day.. He did not win any browniepoints this morning. So between the dimwitts (yes, its happend again) that call on our door at 2 am yesturday, to go up to our neighbour, and the neighbour downstairs, we're in a good size dum-dum sandwitch.. :7
Anyway, gonna stop complaining. As soon as the guys we're working for have launched their websites i'll give you some nice eyecandy (if I may say so myself) to have a oogle on. Now I'm gonna try to hunt down those elusive ear plugs I bought.
Night Night all

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Sleepdeprived no more.. (2)

Thursday, September 24, 2009 by , under ,

I've been sleeping for 13 undisturbed (not even a loo-run) and it was flipping wonderfull! It was magical.. it was fluffy little pink sheep runing over a green medow while humming a lulleby and feeding me prozac. It was magical.. I want to do it again.

And now I've spent the day working so by tonight I can again go to sleep, at a normal hour and hopefull get atleast 8 hours more. I'm a sleep junky. I need my zzz's. I need my pillow. I will write an ode and some poetry about my pillow at a later stage, as soon as I can keep awake that long.
Anyway, almost back to my usual verbal self. By the end of this week we'll have gotten passed most of the work, while beeing really fun, has been very very busy and very very hard and on sunday the plan is to have a sleepy day in, with an outing - possibly to Barns - and then chilling with a sideorder of navel gazing and toe wiggling. As for now, back to work!

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one little branch of the family tree (0)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 by , under ,

My nef Flipp (philip really... he's allready god a nick-name though). I'm getting updates and all but I've still got to meet him. The poor mite got my brothers pointy ears (i've always claimed him - my brother, that is - to be a changeling, this just proves it!) and bubbly apple cheeks, a very small copy of the baby brother I tried to kill for the best part of my first 10 years. (didnt work, my mum has reflexes like a fox). He's also been blessed with my lovely sister in laws temperament so this one will be a little warrior for sure :D

We've been working our proverbial tails (wouldent it be cool to have a real one?) off, but we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and its not a train this time! Wohoo! that beeing said we must have the best job in the world since we get to do stuff we like.I only wish we got more sleep. Right now i'm at the end of another 24 hour rush, and i'm heading of to headbutt the pillow into submission in an hour or so. Sleep will never have been this good ever. At least tomorrow i'll join the world of the living (and function like a normal *cough* human beeing) during normal office hours again. This week has run away, wearing those magical seven mile boots (is there any english version to that fairytale? or is it swedish and not a single person except for the family will get that reference?) anyway, half way through the week and all is well.
Cherrios (tomorrow they'll be served with milk and a cuppa PG tips) and take care, over and out.

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the life of a keyboard thumper 1

Sunday, September 20, 2009 by , under , ,

the last week or two as been diabolical when it comes to lack of sleep and the endless fun of coding stuff into different servers. Im sporting a headache that puts me in grizzly-mode.
So mainly i've been working. And working.. and sleeping in 4 hour intervalls before working some more.
Love has been bombarded by water beads (as featured here) and is dealing with beutifully (I'm still alive! :D)

anyway, hope you are all doing well, that life is sweet, and as soon as i get me hoofs underneath me again i'll post some good stuff (just need to go out and get something else to talk about then MySQL servers and databases.. its not all that riveting.. really... )
lottsa love

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walkabout - a long awaited one (5)

Friday, September 11, 2009 by , under , ,

me and Love decided to actually venture outside our own areas, meaning we actually went all the way over to st Pauls cathedral, took the foot bridge over to the southside and walked along the river front, enjoying the mischief and warm up for the Thames Festival. Since we're hard at work we wont be able to go tomorrow, but it looks to be a good one.. the way it is every year :7

Found this man.. he's put up some kind of water instalation, where he's done basically a giganting water mill, really quite beutifull in a rusted and grotty way (the instalation, not the man, he was quite clean)

he was still tweaking some of the tilt mechanisms, so I amused myself into guessing just what those pretty water boulbs were.
Well if you havent guessed yet, you're as blond as me.
Their rubbers. It took me a little time to clock that one. First I though they were glass, but then one thumped against the rigg and did not break.
See, they do have multible functionalities!
Their actually even quite pretty like that, instead of way you usually get to see them in public (usually half hidden behind a bush and really not pretty at all.. quite discussting actually)

Anyway, some more water related stuff. I bought this little sashet of multicoloured beads, the size of sand grain. The thing is that when you put them in water they swell into these gorgeouse bubbles of gell. Their Great!
You can use them as amo around the house, they bounce wildely and you can also destress by simply putting your hand in the jar (where I keep them.. their actuall use is to hydrate cut flowers. bugger flowers, their my de-stress-finger toys !) and ofcourse.. amo..
Love does not like them as much as I do..

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the truth is out there... (2)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009 by , under , ,

Found this by the beergarden at the Ale House, in Brighton.. Now aint that just the truth? ...

I very much enjoyed mine..
We've just spent an hour rearanging the house, meaning we now are back to having our work stations out in the living room. The floors are vacumed, we've got wash haning over every concievable surface (and then some) and we're back to an ordered life style.. except for the bedroom, but thats for tomorrow, need to go through the paperwork and all the little cryptic post-its i've been leaving myself on my desk.. or behind my desk.. or under the bed (for some reason) .. Who ever said that housewifes have it easy should be either put through a spring cleaning or shot on the spot. I'm sweaty, im dusted, and I'm currently carrying a deep loathing for the vacum cleaner.. and all the flipping spiders we've got living in the rafters. I have no idea how they get in here but there's a endless supply of them.

Anyway, i'm gonna get back to work now and enjoy the view (my desk is right by the window.. meaning I can now sit and enjoy the view of the street. woha.. be still my beating heart.. :)

have a lovely day everyone.

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ass over teakettle.. 1

Sunday, September 06, 2009 by , under ,

So today I did another one of my goregouse displays of clumbsyness... it was beutifull. Managed to twist my left ankle while rearanging my right knee so that it now has the generall likeness of a cantaloupe... Meaning ofcourse that today I kissed tarmac again. God I hate it when that happens. And to me sadly it happends with startling regularity. Specially on the sidewalks of London that are plagued with tilting stone tiles and horrible cobbled stones.. (allthough i've been known to snuggle up to gravel in Sweden too).

Main problem is that since I have a problem with my joints they are not as firm as you'd like. So even a little bit of unblanace makes them just release their grip, enjoying their freedom for a while and ends up putting me to the ground. Not as much fun as it sounds really.

Anyway, so now my right knee is blossoming into a lovely shade of red and purple, while my left ankle decides to send messages of hate and distruction everytime I step on it (I've been mostly stuck to my bed for the last day or so, getting used to my pascha-like existence where I can ask and will recieve just about anything from Love.. okej, so the deal is not as bad as it sounds, but it aint funny either!)

Have no checked my e-mail and will now crawl back to bed, and hope it all goes away untill tomorrow. Any takers on that bid?

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The truth about Dogs (2)

Saturday, September 05, 2009 by , under , , ,

This post will be a reply to lovely PP, while enabeling me to show of the gorgeouse pixies of my dogs (both sadly enough gone now) and to explain the whole stinky, drooly, dirty part of beeing a dog owner. PP (Peoples Photographer, not wee or urin.. simply a shortent version of his bloggy name, since his name is his to share) has the really rather sweet missconception that any dog of mine would be farting rosescented potpuri while beeing demure enough to keep their faces out of their own bums.

Yeah.. no.. sorry.. Mine were just as bad, if not worse then every other dog on this planet. Allthough a lot better behaved (i'm not only a bit bithy.. I'm alpha bitchy too :)

Hades, the German Shepherd / Boarder mix. Weighed in at 55 kg's, ate like a horse and molted a small dogs bodyweight in furr every day for a couple of weeks every spring and fall. He also had the charming ability of all German Shepherds to accumulate moisture. Meaning he would smell quite .. uhm.. musky. This of course beeing a joy to us since we spent quite some time camping with this monster in the same tent. And as good as he was at keeping moose, beavers and assorted drunk youngsters away from the tent he also keept us out most of the time as well (Sweden is quite the rain forest anytime I had vacation)

At the end, (he died a couple of days short of his 13th b-day) he could knock you out with the foulest breath ever to come out of a living animal. Possibly comodo dragons got worse problems with halitosis, but I'm not betting for it.

Now this gorgeouse boy, who was Nozem, was as you can see, a very stately bloodhound, pure breed and with several of his kin appearing more then once in his family trees (not a good thing) sadly never got passed his 2nd birthday. He suffered Bloat, which is a problem with their bowels turning and locking themselves up.

One thing though that we were told by the breeder when deciding on a puppy (instead of how I did it with Hades, which was pick him out of the arms of my neighbour after roughhousig in the playground with him and his brothers and sisters) was that bloodhounds did not fart.


and there's a santa claus!

This dog could empty a room in 0.4 seconds. And he'd actually look suprised at the noise his but would make. He also managed to get drool stalakites (stalagmites? which one are the up's and which ones are the downwards ones? ) hanging from the 4.5 meter ceeling in the apartment. And never quite got over his happy-peeing before he died. (the usual way we would deal with this would be for me to call when I got home from Uni or work, so that my ex could simply open the door so that he would run down the stairwell and meet me on the side walk.. it atleast saved some of the carpets and we'd go for a walk.. but my shoes would sometimes be hit by friendly fire)

Also bloodhounds tend to have some of that very old dog smell right of the bat. they dont need to age very long (passed puppyhood and on it goes. their like human teenage boys - they dont smell of roses either when hormones are starting to kick in for the first time and make a hash of it)

anyway.. no.. its not a clean game when having dogs. once you've got a dog, your stuck with a wardrobe covered in a matting hair that makes you look a bit fuzzy around the edges. With some of the breeds (bloodhound beeing one of them) you have the saliva strands covering you like an oldfashioned handmade chockolate bon-bon.. specially if they shake themself off while your in the room.. and with just about all of them you get the musty dog smell haunting the house, and that only gets worse when they get older.

A lot worse.

But then again, despite the unholy hour you have to get up to walk them if your doing an office job (I used to leave Hades over for pampering with my parents when I worked full time, meaning he was walked and spoiled rotten while I was slaving away.. man i wanna be a dog next life) And despite the amount of cleaning you have to do to keep yourself from drowning in drool/lost pelt/ or the discusting things you have to do with medicin and ointments when they get sick, they make it all worth while.

Nozem had the interesting notion of having to kiss my feet (if he did not find them he'd try to rip the bed appart untill he got to nibble on my toes) and then come up for a ear rub before going to bed on his pillow. Hades would have a sing along while gnawing on my jawbone everytime I came thru the door.. even if i'd just been down with the garbage and gone for all of a minute.

None of them would waver from your side if you got into trouble and they would both love you no matter how big of a pain you are (and I'm quite a big one at times)

So yeah, their a pain, dependent on you for everything, their dirty as hell. They smell.. they're hard work and you end up with your heart broken when they do die.

But i'll have another 10 atleast before i kick the bucket myself (i hope)

oh and heres a picture of nozem as a puppy.. you tell me you'd be able to say no to this one :P

(ha ha, check out those paws... he was a bit over 60 kg's when he died, so those lion paws were not just for show :)

PS: oh yeah.. by the way PP, my dogs did not eat pooo.. I draw the line with my puppy raising and indulgence when it comes to eating poo and groin sniffing. Gotta set a standard right? :)


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caffeein and other life supports (2)

Saturday, September 05, 2009 by , under , ,

Went to Holland Park.
We needed a bit of a boost so we decided brakefast not involving wholegrain slices of toast would be a nice change to things . Instead it was the roasted vegetables and goat cheese that started my day, and I'm a very happy woman with a small pooh-bear tummy filled with latte and roasted foccacia (spelling is optional)

Me and Love then took a walk around the park and then decided to sit down our ikea pleather officechair formed bumms on a hard bench and enjoy the indian summer sun and the lack of artificial light from a computer screen. Its nice to just sit, watch ppl, and hold hands while talking about where we want to be in a year, where we want to live (right now Brighton is on top of the wish-list).. and ofcourse having a discussion just how many dogs we are going to alowe into the house we eventually will be able to buy (or rather, where Loves braking point is.. he claims 1, but I'm pretty sure I can talk him into atleast 3 more.. )
And yes, puppy talk is way more interesting than the baby version, we've allready been told what we're to expect. One boy one girl (yes, we are sure about that, we've got it from a very good source :)

here's for wishing for another 50 years, atleast, of sitting and bumming on park benches while clasping paws and talking.

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the brest laid plans of mice and men.. (3)

Friday, September 04, 2009 by , under ,

... just never work out huh?
we ended up with sleeping in this morning, and since I did the mistake of turning on my computer (I'm on automatic in the morning, no matter when I wake up) I ended on taking on work and we decided that the day off will have to wait. Not a bad thing as such, since we do live for work and we need it, but still..
I'm having a slight starbucks withdrawl syndrom, my empty hand clawing in the air after a sugerloaded and frothy latte.. grrr..
Our walkabout instead went the short round to the library, where I realized, standing amongst to many books and too many choices, just how much Love does to make me happy.
He remembers my favourite autors, does his best to remember if i've allready read or bought a copy of any of the afformentioned athors (its quite a long list) and he then does his very best to find stuff that I'll like.
It could possibly also be said that he just wants a big of peace and quiet from the eartugging, snuggle mauling and general full body tackling that I concider to be signs of affection, since when I'm in a book I'm practically incommunicato.. but still. Its sweet..
So, 10 min walk to the library, getting the surivival kit for today (CC light and some peanuts for snacks) and back to work it is.
Walkabout will be done some other day.
And long before that happens Love will be rewarded for making every other man on the planet look bad (my brother actually agrees on this, since he's had to listen to my sister in law going "why can't you ever do that for me?".. Allthough he only promises to hurt Love, not award him anything... wonder why.. *grins*)

Now then, back to work. atleast now i've got some really cool projects to keep me busy over the weekend :)

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walkabout tomorrow 1

Thursday, September 03, 2009 by , under

a picture of the pidgeon parking on Portobello Rd, I hate the little blighters.. Pest on wings.. Rats on wings.. Atleast rats don't bombard you with crap missiles while your out. To add to the horror the pidgeons in this area seem to be on a horrible diet of curries and assorted jet fuels.
Anyway, tomorrow we are going out for a walkabout. Need to get out of the house, away from the computer and simply enjoy som sunshine (god... I hope there'll be sunshine) and enjoy a coffee in one of the parks. Bringing the camera with us. And if it rains we're going to decend on one of the museums.
oh and we're also going to pick up my passport from the embassy, oh joy! So now, technically, I can travel again! Woho!
A bit more cash and free time and the world domination scheeme is back on tracks again!

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Weird dreams.. 1

Wednesday, September 02, 2009 by , under , , ,

I've had weird dreams now for a couple of nights. Yesturday I dreamt that Heathrow was beeing closed down (no lights at least) while I was trying to get to the other side (of what I dont know) and while I running thru it ppl where digging out money out of the stairs that I jumped, very much like the gummy-bears, in big gigantic leaps, chasing someone.. dont know why.. And last night I dreamt that I needed to get across Europe (one common denominator is that I seem to be going somewhere) and for some reason I had the trouble (see, how could you ever percieve that as trouble???) of having to drag Brad Pitt with me across Germany...
The most horrifying problem was that we would not be able to go as unnoticed as I'd prefer... Why would I need to travel in stelth mode over Germany?
And why were my thoughs on hiding Brad Pitt instead of snogging him? now theres a testament to my feelings for Love. I dont even get to dream steamily or even enjoy a little bit of snogging with other hunky men in my dreams, now I'm stuck with trafficing them over long distances while worrying about notice. And possibly the wrath of Angelina Jolie.. She's a quite sceary woman..
And when I woke up, the first thought was " I should have shipped him off to Lady P, he's nice, he's obviously house trained and seems like a nice chap"..
Anyway, over here the rain is poor down, i've found my "fofflor" (fuzzy knitted pink glittery sock/slippers) and I've even pulled my jacket out of the house of moths we call a wardrobe. Their no lions there though.. I've checked.

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