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Blissfull relaxation.. (2)

Friday, June 12, 2009 by , under , ,

Everyone has their own idea of winding down. Mine is to sharpen a couple HD 2 pencills, a rubber (the non-exciting version, also known as an eraser) and some magic markers. Get a glas of your favourite bevvie (mine is CC light.. always has been always will be) and set yourself up comfertably. And then just scribble. I'm going thru my "girls are fun" fase.. Before it was trees (yes, the leafy type, very hippy) now i'm into girls, and usually half undressed or nudies, so that i can hone my anatomical tracing.

I do prefer men in almost any other context, but when it comes to lines, curves and interesting poses there is just no way you can beat a woman. Shadows and light is so much more fun when your working with women.

So here's the drawing.. Next step (if I'm feeling horribly diligent) will be to get it into vector art and get some background and details going. heres to hoping, right? ...

Anyway, my brake is over.. so i'll move on to work. Bringing my bevvie. Sun is shining in London, if any one is wondering. Got the window open too so we're getting the summer breeze in here. And its Friiiiday... not that that matters much since we work all week, but hey..
It still gives a nice feeling :)

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Gissa on 12 June 2009 at 23:01

Oh my, well i got Photoshop version 7 and i like that, got CS4 at work but nevertheless. Nothing beats up paper and pencil. I always knew that you have some secret talents that are related to IT somehow. I thought you would be coder, but im happy i was so wrong. I could never get bored on staring someone's fine art. I keep on practising,, and dreaming :)


Meg on 13 June 2009 at 08:52

he he, I acutally do code as well.. Not that I enjoy it that much, but it pays bills and its atleast more fun than pulling teeth :)
Go have a look at our other stuff. www.londondare.com ;)
hope your having a lovely weekend up in Finland sweetie! //M


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