Daily Dose of Doom

Venting and verbal nosepicking.. Wanna see?

Well, today was started at McDonalds .. or at least that's where I found myself opening my eyes. Because of over enthusiastic planning and a somewhat pessimistic time calculation on the London Journey Planner I ended up having coffee with Schnufflegangenloop.. my invisible friend, at the Golden Gull. Woke up, even though I really don't think you can call it that, at 4.55 and was out of the house by 5.30.. And amazingly the ride was clear all the way to Trafalgar Square... I think we got a new record braking time on that distance.. (20 min) thought that means that I was the customary half hour early, therefor the need of one sided conversation with Schnufflegangenloop over Donalds-Latte

And here the reason for me being so damned early.. .. See.. not a SINGLE PERSON OUT .. Not even traffic. I can't even express the freaky-outy feeling about going around in London and barely meeting a soul. Gives you a "Shaun of the dead" kind of feeling.. Had to fight a growing urge to poke the bus driver or at least ask if he's a card-carrying member of the human race. Quite nice though. Need to get out more in the morning. All though my solution to it is simply not to go to bed at night.. So much more pleasant. When we were still living in Fulham we'd do that every now and then. Just get out and bugger the street cleaners and possibly sit down and have a coffee while the first round of stressed out office workers stream by. Sometimes we'd even point and grin.. yes, i know.. evil..

Anyway, the whole whooopla about getting up was to be here. At Browns, Bar and Brasserie (snigger, snigger.. Brassier.. Brown Bar and Bra?).. Really gorgeous setting, for a networking breakfast done by BNI. According to Neil, one of the members there's this story about how it used to be a courthouse until someone forgot to go and renew the registration or something, basically your everyday admin f**ckup, forget to send the papers, everyone get their wiggs off and lets turn it into a upclass boozer.. And so that's how i came to spend friday morning in the courtroom nr 1, I think I'll not tell my mum though, she'll need at least one kid that has not been talking to a judge at some point...

Anyway, here's a picture of the sky over London at around 11.. The reason being that in the same way that the bus was going exceptionally fast one way, on my way home, which is a one buss line.. 23.. goes from door to door basically.. I had to change 3 different times at which point I got to enjoy the wonderfull weather and a good moan with the rest of the passanger. Appearently the busses all caught the "oh crap, i need a brake/coffee/I cant face the next couple of streets" and kept on dumping us prematurely on the sidewalk where we had to wait for another 23...
All though, granted, I could at any point after Marble Arch taken either 7, 70 or even 52 at the end, but hell... Pick a number and stick to it right?
I'm picking and sticking ...

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