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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 by , under , , ,

He's up for sainthood pretty soon. We spent the morning going thru the reasons why I should go to the dentist (I hate them.. seriously, i fear very little, but they are definately on the top 2 list.. ) and he's sweet enough to put a pillow between me and the wall when I try to thump myself into oblivion because of the face pain (its way beyond toothache.. its great to have colds)

And ontop of that hes sutch a hunk-a-hunk-of-burning-love. Grrrr.. I mean, common, look at those dimples!!

I'm sorry, I digress. We also went to the lovely pharmacy down ladbroke grove. Got into a lovely talk with the family that runs it. The Alfpha Female (im thinking she's the mom of the family) has the most gloriouse and softly rolling rrrr's ever and speaks with a beutiful Indian accent. She also wears one of those beutifull saris with more colours than a test picture on the tv and I definately got a bit of a crush on her, or rather I'd love to be indian middle aged woman with flaying arms, rolling rrrrr's and a definate gravitas than a 30 something whitebread troll with a toothache. Anyway, we had a moan about prices ( I told them what it costs in Sweden, and as always, that takes home the baccon.. Sweden is a bit pricey..) and as always. A good moan bonds like nothing else in this country.

Anyway, besides the codine paracetamol (good stuff apparently, but I'm not on it yet.. I hate pills..) the nice lady gave me something called Clover Oil.. and it works! dont even need the pills basically. I'm still going to the dentist (there will be no blogg that day most probably.. I'll be shaking to much) but this will atleast keep me a little closer to sanity, or whats left of it.

Anyway again, back to work again. hope your all fine. Gimme some good news to quelsh the terror of looking down the week and seeing a dentist at the end.

oh oh oh oh, almost forgot to say: I found my best friend from when i studied in Holland, Casper (the very friendly ghost) after 7 years of silence. Google is amazing. Him and his GF are in Wales (dragons be there) and their comming to London for a weekend, so we're meeting up for a beer and trying to put 7 years of gossip into one friday evening. Soooo looking forward to it! gonna have to have the teeth fixed before that though, dont want to be dribbling and getting knocked out after one beer.. just not done (I've got an old and heavy rep to protect)

And the really weird thing: Casper has aquired a teaching possition at the school of business in Wales (that is not the weird part). So now, instead of the same twangy americano/canadian mix accent that I sport after too many hours infront of the TV as a kid, he speaks english.. or a mix of queens and welsh, giving me a bit of a shocker there actually. Amazing how a persons voice and dialect is sutch a big part how you remember a person. I barely recognized him over the phone. Almost got me toungetied, and that is a condition I do NOT find myself in very often... and not a condition I really enjoy either. But oh well, I'll get used to it on friday I guess!

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