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weird Aerodynamics ... (2)

Friday, July 31, 2009 by , under , , ,

One of the luxuries of life;
going to Holland Park to enjoy their coffee (one of the best places to go in London actually.. ) and their toasted Paninis (today was a "cheese, spinage and wild mushroom" variety) that leaves you with that soft sated feeling while still drooling for more. Their simply that good.
Usually though it's quite sedate when we're there but today we did the mistake of oversleeping and ending up having to wade thur ankle biters, kneebiters and hipthumpers screaming and running around high on sugar and interaction.
Not to self: do not go there at noon..

also found this little chap on the fence walking back home again.
One question:
is he really able to fly?
Seriously, he looks like a little ball with a beak. Cute as a button though, but I cant imagine him actually flying... and he did not seem to show any inclination to do so even when i got close and personal with the camera.
How he got up on the fence is a mysery..

Striking a pose..
he was quite good at it actually.

And ofcourse, the must have folower pictures (we live in London after all... their everywhere)

Lucked out with the light striking the center of it making the star shape come out properly.

and ofcourse some more pink.

... always the pink...

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lacking a poker face (3)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 by , under , , , , ,

Working again (as always) sitting with my puppy cup, Loves moving-in-gift to me when we got the first apartment. Since we're not alowed any pets untill we buy our own place I'll be petting porceline for the forseeable future.

Currently Love is hunting one of the biggest buggs i've ever seen outside the discovery chanel.. Some kind of horse fly.. Love is bravely waving the mop around to try to reach the celing (5.5 meters up... high celing.. )

My hero!

Today he cruly pointed out that I have no poker face.

This after me having to run back up the stairs to get my hoodie (yeah.. i'm bad... ) with his keys in my hand (Love is also the keeper of stuff.. since he's usually equiped with pockets and me beeing horribly inept of ever getting my handbags out.. ) he shouts out for me to not forget the keys inside, since we then would not be able to get back into the house again.

As he says it he sees the start of the snicker thats passing over my face as I plot the master mind plan of pretending to have forgotten the keys, while keeping them out of side in my bra or some other amazing hiding place.


he spotted it.

I blame my mother, as any person would.

She could always spot me or my brothers lying, meaning there was never any reason to since we'd be hung out to dry faster then you can say "guilty". So I'm now horribly inept at it.

takes the fun out of any prank, suprise or present since I can never put a lid on it. When love is getting suprise gifts I tend to jump around on the spot, looking very much like an overexcited golden retriver puppy with a bladder problem, not beeing able to wait to hand it over. (yeah.. chrismas comes many times before the actual date in our house... I envy the people that can buy something and then keep it hidden for months.. amazing.. )

Found this picture at the back of a folder. Its from the weeks or so into the now four years we've been bugging eachother. Cookie took it while we were having a balcony (I think home made shushi, I'm pretty flipping good at the rice-rolling and fish flapping) dinner with her and Rille.

Damned.. Look at that blond hair...

Love got a good incling of what was ahead after me changin my hair colour to almost purple within the first 2 weeks, rearranging the furniture within another couple of days and.. And he still offered me a tootbrush as well as my own drawer... Even after meeting my family.

Anyway, more about that some other time. As all other love sick bumble-bees out there I can go on about Love for hours. I'm gonna go give him a razzberry ontop of that gorgeouse dome of his (a sing of affection, truly) and fill puppy mugg up again, more coffe and then some more hours of getting the product shots up and running.

oh.. its 3 am.. frick..

oh well, early morning night tonight again.

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morning walk pic's 2 (0)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 by , under ,

The view from the top of the stairs of our house (where we have two rooms, we're not rolling in enough cash to afford a whole one.. but one day.. one day... )
Its 6 am.. all is quiet and nice and golden light.
Makes it worth it to be a bit sleep deprived and wobbly kneed

Lovely empty streets. Only thing out and about were foxes and cats, running around trying to clean up the evidence of their world domination plans before the rest of us get up.

Someone was having a bit of fun with alternative ways of getting their curtains up.. or out.

Got to love notting hill when it comes to alternative ways of making your house pretty..
I mean, common, who does NOT want rainbow coloured silk swaying in the breeze?

A very very pink morning walk. Everywhere we looked.. Pink!

These cars (I belive their real brand name is Figaro) look like the swedish "Ahlgrens Bilar".. and they come in the same colour range actually. Cute as hell. I want one.. or 10.. each colour. to mach my socks. Go to your nearest IKEA to buy some (Ahlgreens, the Figaros are not available in flat-pack central) Their pretty darned good. We need to do a run too, I miss "salta sillar" and "Kalles Kaviar".. And ofcourse swedish meatballs with Lingon-jam. grrrr..

Where Barbie lives when she's on the run from the press..

More pink flowers. Seee.. no end to the pinkishness around here. I need to talk to the city council... The cotton-candy pink is great in smal doses, but toothdecay and diabetes cant be good.

Anyway, walk over. Got back home, worked and still doing it.
More pixies some other time, now I've got to hammer away on my own world dommination plans.

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sleepdeprived morningwalk (2)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 by , under ,

I've been trying to upload the other pictures, but the only things that get on there is the house that Barbie forgot... and the flowers.
okej.. so now the house wont come up either. GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Could it be that my blog is doing a sit down.. or put down.. or what not against hte grey's?
is it requesting more pink? .. frick..
Anyway, lovely morning walk. Or rather late night walk. Havent gone to bed yet. Got a couple of hours of work to go, and dus beeing able to buy food (YEY!) so now we've been doing the run around the neighbourhood (we went to kensington garden and back. two hours of enjoying the relative calm of empty streets of London. )
okej.. lets try to get that squirrel in here..
and now i'll just give up..
I'll upload the rest later, when blogger is not trying to unbend my fingers from their tenouse grip of self controll.
have a lovely morning /or evening.. or midday..
this time difference malarky really does my head in.

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Night time thinking 1

Monday, July 27, 2009 by , under , , ,

while I should be working..

Doing the finishing touches to the product photography we did, sipping my bastardised cocoa (mixed with coffe and extra milk.. it probably has fancy name over at Starbucks, here its known as "jum-jum i've got love in my tum-tum") and trying to get my mojo back on.

Its been hiding away in, trying on a new life possibly, where it won't be so abused and overused.

Need a vacation.

But hey, as they say.

whats meant for ye wont go by ye .. Right now drawing a blank as to what book I read it in..


need to go to the library and return stuff.


Need to tie string of rememberance today.

Need to get back to work too.
enough of the dilly-daddeling!

upp upp and aaaawayyy..


oh, I've now officially turned into my mother.

My lovely Cookie is off in Japan studying and beeing all fab as only she can, and now her and her lovely partner in crime is braving a tour-de-japan on scooters.

First thing I worry about is her having a helmet, glow in the dark vest and possibly one of those long poles with a flagg on that kids have on their bikes so that they wont be invisible in traffic..


I'm my mother.

Oh well..

Could be so much worse.

My mum is cool.

One of her favourite sayings:

"No raven ever hatched an eagle"

Meaning no kid should ever complain about their parents since it will get back and bite them propperly on the bum.

Oh well, good thing my mums a dragon, feathers freak me out.

Did i digress?


I miss my producers, thats all.
that's them by the way, Father figure and all knowing mother. On a buss in London.
They still make out after 32 years. In theory its great, for us kids. Less so.
So if you have any complaints about this product, please direct your questions directly to them :D


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toil and drudgery 1

Monday, July 27, 2009 by , under ,

There's simly to much to do and not enough time to do it in.

will come back with an extencive brain melt pour-out as soon as things settle down a bit (hopefully tomorrow)
have a lovely day everyone. Hope your all bright eyed and bushytailed!

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Ladbroke Grove colours 1

Friday, July 24, 2009 by , under ,

The tiled walls underneath the Ladbroke Grove station..

Colour is good yes? .. :)

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Insomniac snoozing on trains (0)

Friday, July 24, 2009 by , under , ,

I've spent a lovely day in Alton. First day outside of London since we moved here. (how sad is that)

Got to ride the train, enjoying english weather. Five minutes of rain followed by five min of sunshine, five min of rain.. sunshine... Basically god seems to have a problem with his plumbing.

that and trying to get a good picture of the "undulating" (great word huh? wrap your gob around that one for a thrill) landscape of rural england.. Sadly enough I ended up with a lot of blurry orange (trains) and greens (trees and shrubbery - another lovely world) jumping out infront of the view stealing the lime light.. oh well. better luck next time.

With only two hours of sleep I braved the London subway system to get to Waterloo (feel free to hum abba song here)

my favourite station (so far.. there are hundreds, I've only visited the ones between Kings Cross, Puttney Bridge, Hammersmith station and now Waterloo) is Baker Street.

Its truly gorgeouse, made in 1863 and looks pretty much like it did then, with a couple of extra layers of grime

Found this advertisment a bit bafferling though...
"Do every one under the sun"..

Seems a bit willy nilly to be honest.

The rain clouds aside, thats a lot of shagging they are asking for. Who are they targeting with this anyway?.. hmm..

Speaking of no shagging at all, spent a day with J, doing the creative thing (which turns out to be more creative the less sleep you get apparently.. weird that) and comming up with some solutions for work, enjoying the fact that I got to air out my polish when finding the nice cleaning lady to be from the same area where I used to work when I was a teenager working with horses. Turns out she was living there when I was there and actually rememberd me... Now that is weird.. I don't know if I'm more amazed or just freaked out. Will reasses it tomorrow. Now I'm gonna headbutt the pillow into submission, dream of rubber ducks (thank you Lady P) and probably not wake up untill sunday.

LottsaLöv out of London everyone.

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shark infestation... 1

Thursday, July 23, 2009 by , under , ,

The condensation from a Diet Coke bottle left the living room table wide open to problems like this.
Really should try to be more careful...

Love asks if I should get help, I tried telling him that Quint might not be that easy to reach, might even be dead (it was some years ago since they did Jaws) or simply out of practise..

Love sighs and gets another chance to think through his decision of hitching his genetic wagon to mine...
At least he plays along and shepherds the rubber ducks to safety.

Now excuse me while I go get the harpoon

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travel buggs beeing fed.. (0)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 by , under ,

try to ignore the horrible purples mixed up with minty freshness and notice the apple some either senile or very kind person donated to the travelers of the London buss lines.

Everyday kindness is so hard to find at times that I'll keep telling myself that this was one of those. A true vitamin superhero trying to cure the masses of scurvey and I'm keeping to that story.

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back to everyday drudgery.. 1

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 by , under ,

They came, they saw, they left.. (the people in the picture are of no relation to me or Love, they were just in the way when i was trying to take a picture of the arrivals halls at heathrow.. )

The Nilssons have left the building, and London, and left us crying with deep emotional scarring, but atleast they came!

Now we're back to working and trawling the streets of London at night with a small billboard looking for someone to fill the void/family (ha, like they could.. the nilssons are amazing.. )

Anyway, I'm back.. i still need to take the promised photos of the shopping (only two items.. sorry Lady P, but as soon as i get money , i'll get more :) ) and the everyday work things. tomorrow we're going out in the morning to go do some creative battery charging. Will bring back a bounty of meaningless photos

Like this one.. taken on the subway from heathrow.

Knuckle cracking and caffeein overdose ready to go back to work again.

may your day be a lot more mellow *eyerubb*

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The horrid thruth.. (5)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 by , under , , ,

We all know how some people just make you rubb your eyes like a tired 4 year old and the, just possibly, take a bit of a restock of our lives. Hell, does not have to be a big thing.

Me.. im going thru my wardrobe (or closet.. or dresser if you so wish) because I've found Lady P (madlycreative.blogspot.com) and the eyecandy bursting of colour (and ofcourse the cupcake hats.. o god I love the cupcake hats.. ) just makes one take a tiny bit of stock.

And i've realized something..

I do NOT have enough colour.

The scarf above, that I got from "marvelouse malin" (and yes, that is her full name, she deserves it), that looks a bit like a mix of purple/green/glittery mould or moss is just about the most exciting thing I have..

Example. This is what you will find on opening my closet/wardrobe/dresser:

Darknes.. litterally... Its all black (and possibly a very dark plum/red/green colour)

And this dress.. (I only own 3.. but then again, i've moved house/countries so many times, I'm usually cleaning out more than acumulating, and I'm very busy telling myself that that is a GOOD thing) I've had since I was 18.
so that is 13 years since I took life by the cohoones (i can pronounce it.. not spell it) and actually bought something that was not black.
So here's the new rule. No more black clothing.
Lady P my darling, thank you for the beutiful pictures and the insentive. And if i try to scrunch my face up and close my eyes I'm counting on you to colourfully bitchslapp me back onto the colour program!
More colour to the ppl damned it!!!
(I will however NOT go along with the 80's style that has been on the rampage the last couple of months.. what the feck are they thinking? Colours are not suppose to scratch the back of your eyeball, their suppose to caress them.. )

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Picturesque.. (5)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 by , under , , ,

Love was stuck with a overexcited frog yesturday, bouncing from wall to wall high on starbucks coffee caramel frappo and armed with a phone camera.. and not afraid to use it.

Love is starting to believe in in psycopharma and possibly a leash solution while frog (yeah, I'm refering to myself in third person, it's that kind of day) believed in the gravely beuty of an old brick wall and blue painted fences.. and bubbly highly manicured bushes in perfect lines (top right corner)..

Today is the day of working hard, so I sneaked a couple of min off to slapp a couple of the pictures together and now its back to the grind stone. Need to find my coffee, my ciggies and possibly give Love a wet willy (finger in the ear, not anything to do with his pants, get your heads out of the gutter!). Back to work!

and here's one of the pretties pubs in London..
And yes, most pubs do look like they have been visited by the jolly horticulturist santa, its great :D

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With my friends my patience and understanding is close to endless.. since if I love someone they basically get a free card (then again my truly close friends can be counted on two hands and leave some fingers to spare, I'm very picky... ) and strangers can count on me actually checking if their dead, climb into overturned trucks to lift out the drivers that are stuck upside down (yeah, I'm strong too) and help just about anyone that seems to be in an underdog position.
But strangers that are so egotistical and, to be honest, so stupid that the calorie count in a glass of skimmed milk is higher then their IQ and truly believe that their right to call on my door at 12 at night and then later at 2 am in the morning to get into the house to visit the neighbour upstairs.. will get their just deserves..

I'll start from the beginning..
Me and Love were spending a nice quiet night in on Friday when our doorbell went off (it sounds like a cow in distress.. not a very soothing sound) I scramble out of bed and walking out into the hallway in my nighty with my hair medusa-like standing on end thinking there's either some emergency or someone needing help.
I meet 3 waifs with their arms full of shopping (booze and drinks by the sound of clinking) and I naturally question them what's up. They do not look a day over 12 (might be 18) and they unanimously reach no higher than my rack, so i get to do some down-the-nose-evil-eye while they gibber that they are just visiting Dom (eh? who?) and they did not know what button to push.. so they pushed all of them. (Clever!!!) Giving them a small smack on the head I let them pass.

A couple of hours later, at 2 am, our buzzer does the distressed sea-creature sound thing again.. Me, again, crawling out of bed to go out, this time with Love right behind me find 2 of the little mongrels coming thru the door again. This time however I go into ranting mode, scaring one of them into running up the stairs while blocking the other ones escape.
Questioning her education (I live in apartment D.. if she wants to get into apartment A, should she then not be able to find the correct button, and stop pressing mine? - no pun intended)
her gibbering the same flipping excuse (after all ready having been in the house once, at least) gets the final warning:
"One more blond bimbo puppy ringing my buzzer in the middle in the night will be tossed out on her ass while being thumped over the head with a rolled up newspaper... got that? need me to write it down? Now go back to school and learn your ABC"

Anyway.. this bitch has reached the end of her tether, and seriously thinking about getting a chewy toy to get some frustrations out... Some times I do feel that the right to reproduce should be given to the selected few.. There's to many idiots out there..

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tounge technique (3)

Friday, July 10, 2009 by , under , ,

Swedish Saying: "hålla tungan rätt i mun".

the straight translation being: "holding your tongue correctly in your mouth". means to concentrate and of course to shut up basically.

well, I'm doing it damned it. it looks like a project I've been working on for the last 2 months is finally coming to a close, and its all i can do to keep my wits about me for the last stretch. I'm almost giddy with relief!

and looking at this picture I realize how badly set my nose was, looks like a ziggzagg line .. cute wonky right? *grins*
Just need to keep in mind to not get it out of joint again!

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Taking the high road (0)

Thursday, July 09, 2009 by , under , ,

A small sign on how long its been since we've been in Sweden last (and how childish we really are) we unpacked the gift for Tin (Loves nefew) about half a year ago. Its now parked on our window ledge.
Atleast I can start my morning with revving a small electric engine and do crash stunts against Loves feet. Its not a bad way to start a day! Need to get new batteries though, red is getting a bit slow when going uphill.
oh and here's a weird fact. When we moved in here in december last year we found writing on the window (yeah, they were that dirty) "I'm cold in London"... the last tenant must have been really desperate to try to get help by writing on the ( I asume) frost on the window.. un-famouse last words possibly?

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lost and found (3)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009 by , under , , ,

Found my travel-duck. Tiny as he is he managed to escape the bathroom and find his way into the office/bedroom. Hiding under the bed actually. Dont know why. Maybe he needed a brake from white tiles and echoing pipes. Then again, I've been known to leave the remote controll in the fridge and my keys stored safely behind books. I'm the first to addmit Im not the most well organized person.

Right now debating what kind of dinner we should have (it will end up beeing pasta with cold sause and cold cuts anyway, so in truth i should stop arguing with myself)
and my tummy is rumbling. Right now in a bit of a bind on what to write to be honest. As the polish saying goes: a hungry Pole is a cranky one.. and a well feed one is sated and lazy. Just have to find those couple of ounces of energy to crawl into the kitchen and get to chopping and cooking.

anyway, I'm doing the lazy answer to todays post. One of those horrible Q&A's that I got sent over Facebook. Horrible things but atleast easier than having to come up with anything witty and fun right now (yeah yeah, i know, easy out)

  • What is your salad dressing of choice?
    thousand islands.. or some islands.. or what not.. trick question!!
  • What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
    The Sarastro, close to Covent gardens. Its done up with small balconies and little cubby holes. Oh and the ladies room is porn on wheels (artistic nudie stuff). Besides the toilets. They do great food, wonderfull lighting and its like sitting in Alladins Cave. Bling everwhere.
  • What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of?
    Curry and fried rice from Aurelia (little chinease take-out rest in Fulham).. god i miss them...and Sushi... Hate fish, love sushi. Who'da thunk it?
  • What are your pizza toppings of choice?
    buggerit.. dont even eat pizza any more.. I do miss the "sallads rulle" from Oden in Västerhaninge though.
  • What do you like to put on your toast?
    Marmelade... marmalade.. friggit.. I might have to go check the spelling on the jar.
  • How many televisions are in your house?
    1 tiny one in the living room... its useless
  • What color cell phone do you have?
  • Do you have an Ipod?
    nah, everything's on my phone. Get back to me when i can afford a Iphone.
  • Are you right-handed or left-handed?
  • Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
    teeth, gravel, stitches, my eye for 10 min (they had to fix a muscle behind it) ... and a LOT of hair. (years x difference in hairstyles + leg and underarms shaving... mindboggling..
  • What is the last heavy item you lifted?
  • Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
    yeah, quite a few times actually.
  • How many pairs of flip flops do you own?
    none actually. if "foppa-tofflor" counts, my mother-in-law has a pair of bright orange ones waiting for me at her summer house.. for when me and Love do slave work and ruin her plants.
  • Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
    run-in? what constitutes as a run-in?
  • Last person you talked to?
    Älsklingen (robert).. amazing huh? he still talks to me..
  • Season?
    winter, very early spring.
  • Day of the week?
    The one I get to sleep late on. It varies..
  • Month:
    does it matter?.. really?
  • Missing someone?
  • Family and friends in sweden. Extended family and friends in Poland, Holland and some ohter places.
  • Mood?
    Not bad.. just a wee bit jawny.
  • What are you listening to?
    Midsummer murders rerun on the miniscule telly..
  • First place you went this morning?
    back to sleep.. it was sleep-in-day today.
  • What's the last movie you saw?
    Oh god.. I think it was Bolt .. in 3D actually. With Love and Tommy. I need to get out more!
  • Do you smile often?
    yeah... like a shark...
  • Sleeping Alone Tonight?
    nah, my lifes work of stealing Loves pillows and hogging the blanket has just begun.
  • Do you always answer your phone?
    nah. Theres this new thing called a "ansaphone"... its great!
  • It's four in the morning and you get a text message?
    Worried that someone is dead, in the hospital, in jail or needs help. When finding out none of that has happend there will be someone dead or in the hospital, i'll be in jail and we'll all need help.
  • If you could change your eye color what would it be?
    I'm good actually. They change by them selves. Blue to green to grey. Besides. have you heard of coloured contacts?
  • If you could change your hair color, what color would you change it ?
    Did last week. Wait a couple of weeks and there will be a new one.
  • What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
    whatdaF?¤)(WW is a Sonic? the little blue thing in the playstation? or was that the fox..
  • Do you own a digital camera?
    yeah, two actually. or three.. loosing count.
  • Have you ever had a pet fish?
    yeah. he died.
  • Favorite Christmas song(s)s
    I've got to learn the partridge song before x-mas this year... OOOooooneee Gooooold RIIiiiing!
  • What's on your wish list for your birthday?
    Seeing the family, getting a vacation, making out with Love
  • Can you do a chin up?
    ofcourse.. *tilts head* see?
  • Can you do pushups?
    Sure, got two. Only use them when wearing the little black dress though. On a day to day basis having your tits blocking the view of the floor is not a good thing.
  • Does the future make you more nervous or excited?
    Very exited. Puppy-floor-piddling excited actually. Life is good!
  • Do you have any saved texts?
    Silly silly question
  • Ever been in a car wreck?
    yeah, but I've never been the reason for them though. (I'm an idiot-magnet it seems)
  • Do you have an accent?
    Yeah, but it depends on who I spend time with. My "own" is canadian mixed with south african I've been told (a couple of years in holland did it i guess)
  • What is the last song to make you cry?
    Halleluja with Jeff Buckley. and i was hormonal ok???
  • Plans tonight?
    some work probably, oh the excitement!
  • Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
  • Name 3 things you bought yesterday?
    ciggies (yes, always nr one)
  • Have you ever been given roses?
    Plenty of times. Weird huh?
  • Current worry?
    money as always. but it usually works out in the end. Not much for worrying. no point really.
  • Current hate right now?
    uhm.. dont have one really. Waste of energy.
  • Met someone who changed your life?
    ofcourse. what would be the use of ppl if they didnt?
  • How did you bring in the New Year?
    standing on a piece of grass at the St James park with Love and Mum-in-Law. Trying to figure out how Londoners do the new year. Its quite different from sweden i have to say. Oh and we had glögg.. it was good. then the police told us to move on and we went home. (does that count as a run-in with the police?)
  • What song represents you?
    one song? just one song? you have to be kidding me, I've got a soundtrack.. a soundtrack box with extended library damned it.
  • Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?
    Dated? for over a year? that would be horrible. Been in relationships longer than that though. Dating stops after you've swaped bodily fluids, keys and possibly familymembers and friends right?
  • Do you have any tattoos/piercings?
  • Will you be in a relationship 4 months from now?
    but ofcourse. Its not like Robert is every gonna get away now is he? *waves the keyes and secret security code to the schakles*
  • Does anyone love you?
    Quite a few, I'm very lovable and ofcourse my family have no choice.
  • Would you be a pirate?
    Not really.. I'd look horrible with a mustash and goatee..
  • What songs do you sing in the shower?
    horrible pop songs that get stuck from tv advertisment and possibly old childrens songs. I've got Shit FM playing at the back of my head quite constantly I'm afraid.
  • Ever had someone sing to you?
    yeah, its fun. Specially the finger pointing and laughing :)
  • When did you last cry?
    uhmmm.. a month ago, when realizing i was not going back to sweden to see the family. Had a wee bawls in roberts lap, and then got over it.
  • Do you like to cuddle?
    got a black belt even.
  • Have you held hands with anyone today?
    and other stuff.
  • Who was the last person you took a picture of?
    Robert actually.. against his will, as always.
  • What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school?
    oh god... a-ha.. erasure.. queen (not my choice) Kiss, twisted sister.. madonna.. uhmm.. simply red.. feck.. i need to find those old compilation tapes..
  • Do you believe in staying close with your ex's/prospects?
    Hell no. Unless you've got kids then a firm no. I dont have too many rules in life but not sleeping with friends is one of them. ergo: if you have sleept together you cannot go back to beeing friends.
  • Are most of the friends in your life new or old?Old actually, but working on a few new ones. Quality before quantaty though.
  • Do you like pulpy orange juice?
    weird question, but sure. 43)
  • What is something your friends make fun of you for?
    My natural bitchyness. and my inabillty to be girly.. and ofcourse my baby brother makes fun of my small hands (he's equiped with shovels and the end of his arms.. bully) so many things really.
  • If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
    Hell no!
  • If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
    I change it all the time. Or rather others do it for me. Last one was "margarita"... happy hour huh?
  • One thing about you that you dislike?
    My tempter at times.

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flower power (2)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 by , under , ,

Im living in a country where they feed the flowers steriods... or it just migh be that they have more sun days than any other country Ive ever been in. Im starting to think, after a year of waiting for that english weather to get me down, its just a flipping hoax... They are simply trying to keep everyone else out, including tourists...

More roses from Regents Park. A place that is stock full of them.. You just want to jump in and roll around, and if you have any inkling of self preservation you'll leave it at that. They do not fiddle around with the thorn-free varieties here, that would be for woossy gardeners right? And these at least have some humor to them. This one is called Sexy Rexy... Or was it IceCream.. there were so many...

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a year and five days 1

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 by , under ,

Its been over a year ago since we stumbled of the plane from Sweden and tugged our oversized bags onto the subway to go into the city.
We spent the first week running around like crazy trying to find somewhere to unpack. Our comand center was at a small hotell right outside Kings Cross and was the size of a postage stamp. To put it bluntly, if you wanted to get to the bathroom you had to evacuate the rest of the residents (thankfully there was only me and Love) onto the bed and then play tetris with the luggage. Meaning you could never leave things to the last minute or youd end up having to pay for a new carpet.
We actually ran into the lovely bearded wonderwoman when trying to get to Parsons Green after just having signed our contract (we got a appartment within 5 days) We wernt even aware of it beeing the Pride carnival before we were smack in the middle of fake boobs, glitter and glam. I had an instant crush on wonderwoman, how can you not?? Besides, he works those heels better than I would ever be able to, so there was a level of envy as well :P
Anyway.. were still in London.. Its pretty damned cool..
and if your in the neighbourhood.. Must sees in London:
Regents park (with zoo and ofcourse the rose garden) you can spend easily 3 days there and still be missing out.
TGI Friday in Fulham. Best burgers, best milkshake and good music.. and also possilbly the best place to cool down on summer day (they have ass kicking airco.. These things are important to us polarbears.. )
Holland Park. Off the beat. Almost no tourists (they all get stuck in Kensington or Hyde Park.). You might have to fight your way thru when the buggy-brigade decent on the area, but usually its very nice and very serene.
The Swan. A pub located on Bayswater Rd, when we were here for the first time together (vacation 2 years ago.. also the same time we decided to actually move here. Yes.. impulses are to be obeyed!) it was our place of dinner and resting weary feet. Lovely pub, lovely staff and a very nice outside seating area. If your there on a sunday you also get the Bayswater Rd art exibition to look at while your wolfing fish and chipps (lets face it. its what you´ve got to choose when eating in London on vacation)
Edgeware Rd.. one of the stranger market places in London. Cheap as hell and very weird products at times. But fun!
If your into bodyslaming and getting very personal with about half the huma population do Portobello Rd on saturday. I do recomend just about anyplace besides that actually. And I live here. (we tend to work on saturdays and sundays, easier to take days off -hahahaha- on working days and get around on without having to get agro)
anyway... I've been here a year... YEY! And in about 9 days the Nilssons (Loves cousin, cousins amazing and wonderfull wife and two pods... the only pods in history that have made me belive that children are not the end of life) are decending on us. We are braced, we are ready. Let it rip!

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exercise in futility.. (3)

Monday, July 06, 2009 by , under , ,

I'm not a very girly-girl.. more of a tom-boy to be honest.
When i still had a car i'd more than happily spend a weekend working on getting new speakers in or fighting of the never ending rust attacks (it was an old Golf from 88. 2,4 inch exhaust.. 1.8 liter engin.. 120 hoursepower little shit car lowered to butscratching depths and tires that cost more than the car itself. ... miss my Örjan).

I would do theraphy driving. meaning you take the car as far out as you can untill the dial is half down on the gas.. then you turn around...
Thankfully I then choose a man that was more than happy to do these kinds of weird unplanned excurtions in the middle of the night to find himself in a new place to see the sun.
I love camping and dont mind getting dirty..
I know what a lambda-zond is (just dont know what its called in english),
I play a decent game of poker, and and I have quite a good right arm swing.
And i horribly suck at loosing (apparently victory dances are not very girly either according to some)
I spent most of my time with male friends, meaning i can wrestle just about anyone, and bodyslaming is a sign of enderment (now imagine Loves everyday life.. and comiserate.. ) anyway. I do have a fondness for one thing
(and no.. its not shoes. The ones on the pic are one out of the three pairs I own. When they fall to pieces I buy new ones, not a minute before. and usually showing up at the store with half a sole flapping in the wind)
but nailspolish.. now theres a fixation worth having.
I now have emerald green toenails which noooone except Love and now possibly a few lost souls on the net will ever see.

Specially since walking around barefoot in London is not so much silly as downright stupid.

the reason for emerald green toes? so that Love can keep on asking the usual questions when refering to just about any of my actions: "whyyy-hyyyyy, oh god, whyyyyyy??"..
and mainly of course for myself. All hail colour, even the sparkly ones you cant ever see!

PS: I do realize that Cookie will probably demand my "womans-club-card" back due to the lack of shoes in my wardrobe.. and the lack of wardrobe. Black goes with anything else that is black. Cuts down dressy time yeah?..
I'll just have to flash tits at anyone in doubt regarding gender specification

PS2: and no. asking me if I'm a boy or girl will not get you bobby shots. Get over it

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Sweden calling (6)

Monday, July 06, 2009 by , under ,

My darling mum-in-law and Tommy (Loves cousin, a very handy man if you could not tell by the picture) is trying to lure us back to Sweden by sending us "you could be here" pictures. Apparently the little shead that Tommy built on the edge is suppose to be our home away from home, so to speak. Now if a shed is not love, what is? ... Really.. ?
and besides, bribes are not bad either. I miss the summer house in Hemfosa...

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Puppy Love (0)

Sunday, July 05, 2009 by , under , ,

Found pictures on our external hard-drive. So I've spent the last 20 minutes blubbering gently into my keyboard with a wobbly lip.

This was Hades (yeah i know, what's in a name right? I blame my brother. I got to choose the family dog, he got to choose the name)
He was the destroyer of snowmen, hunter of anything that moved and tracker of anything he liked. Tail up high and head down, looking very much like a furry radio-car...

He was to be 13 years old this year. But his body decided that enough was enough (he was after all a BIG dog.. 55 kg's in his prime) and my parents had to take him to the vet when his stomach gave out and the pain got to much. That was about 2 months ago.

"Ful-hund" was the pet name. Means dog-ugly.. But since it was always said with love and a good ear-tugg he knew I didn't mean it. . Me and my parents had shared custody of him (since I was working fulltime out of different offices most of the time) and it was a good setup.

When Love joined the family he somehow managed to take the nr 1 place in "ful-hundens esteem". Dont know how. Hades always tried to bully other bf's out of the picture - and most often succeded.. big dog, big teeth, wins hands down every time.

With Love it was puppy-dog eyes and sneaking up into the coutch everytime I left a space. Once even sneaking up on the bed. I actually woke up from beeing pushed onto the ledge of the bed, turning around and looking over Loves shoulder (I'm usually the sea-star of the family, taking up 80% of the bed) I saw this nose sticking up and then the sound of big dog sliding down on the floor and scuddling out into the hallway knowing he was not suppose to be there.

Never when I was around though.

To smart for that. I can't say he was a nice dog. He was not friendly.

Tailwagging was strictly for family and friends (few of them). The rest got the cold shoulder or the sneaky eye (he was quarter boarder-collie. their not known for their love of strangers, and his mother was, to be very frank - a bitch. she'd put her teeth into anyone she could. )

anyway. Not a very nice dog, but a very smart one. We had our own language. "go around" was a command to go around who ever we were meeting in a cirkle (specially if they were leading another dog) meaning we never had to have the alpha-male bullshit fights. "Ta dom djävlarna" was "take the bastards".. meaning he was allowed to chase what ever he was marking out (we lived in the woods ... truly.. I'm a bush baby at heart) Only time that went awry was when he found one of the moose and figured it would be a nice suprise, sheperding the damned thing back to me. .. Not his brightest moment..
He was barely ever on a liece. He was also housetrained within 3 days after he got in to the house when he was a puppy. Now that is a good dog.. (I truly hate whiping pee and poo of the floor)

His guard dog duties were taken very seriously. Very nice to have when we would go out camping with Love. Just the 3 of us and a small Golf and a HUGE tent (always needed when you've got a dog.. german shepards tend to have a .. bouque when getting damp. Lets leave it at that).

He was a total teather monkey (again a straight translation from swedish.. ) he gave a good show.. One of the more rememberable moments was going to Tensta (a suburb to Stockholm, know to be a bit rough). Comming up from the subway to visit my friend a couple of guys saw me and started calling names and propositions, while the dog was still hidden behind bushes doing his business of marking the place as his own. As any boy does yes?

anyway. I had come around on the walk path and I was asking what exactly they thought they were doing when H came around, standing to perfect attention on my left side. Head down and a very soft very low growl comming out of him while the shackles came up on high end. I've never seen boys run so fast in their life..

And that was my dog. more of a clint eastwood cool bad-ass then the screaming raging sort.

And he always waited for his que.

Anyway. Next time I go home to see the parents there will be no howling and grumbling and moaning about what we've missed (usually done on the floor with a wet nose under your chin and a wagging butt) No more belly rubbs or jaw clamping (his way of showing love) and no dog talking (groans and whines, it always sounded like he was trying to keep a very bad tune)..

So. that was Hades.
Any dog after that will probably be a disapointment (I dread the day I get landed with a dumb one.. I'll go crazy probably, but no doubt love them just the same)
He set the bar pretty damned high.

Okej. its now 3 am. Gonna catch some zzz's and get back to life without a dog.
It sucks.

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tomato - tomaato, potayto - potaatoo.. (0)

Sunday, July 05, 2009 by , under , ,

waiting for spuds to boil and chicken kievs to roast to perfection (or at least past the risk of salmonella) tomato salad to go with that and bob's your uncle.. or geoff.. or any name really.. if you even have an uncle.

The English have some very weird word play and we're trying to acclimatize as well as possible.

The straight translations such as the dutch "onder de knie" (meaning you have everything under control) goes turns into "under the knee".
And of course the Swedish "tomma tunnor skramlar mest" . Meaning "empty barrels make the loudest racket".

I got a lifted eyebrow from B when stating I wanted to "get all my ducks in a row" before we went on with a project and I'm thinking that that one flew right over his head on rubber wings (wobbly reference to earlier post)

And of course the polish ones. Sitting in my living room here in London pealing tatters I horribly miss my mums kitchen table. It has burn marks from one x-mas when the "advent ljusstake" (four candles that you light one after the other Sundays before Christmas) My brother went into the living room telling my dad that the kitchen was on fire. My father - firmly attached to the tv due to sport events - put it down to children's imagination until my uncle went running in to save the day. Anyway. its a good table. and i miss blabbering in polish.
Sayings like "wygladasz jak pies cie morde lisal" (you look like a dog licked your face, allthough "morde" is a bit uglier word than face) and the singsong quality of the polish language.
Okej, I admit it.. I miss my mom.. and my dad.. They drive me completely off the wall in 10 minutes flat but still. Their mine (all though I've got to share with two brothers)

Ok.. i think the potatoes are done now.. gonna go poke them and then mash em up. Dinner is served. *tummy rumble*

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Ducky Love (3)

Saturday, July 04, 2009 by , under , ,

This is Gunter. The Glow-in-the-Dark Duck that lives on top of the bathroom light fixture (for loading of light so that he gets that extra juice to shine)
I've got a rubber duck obsession, anyone having had a terrified visit to our bathroom when we still lived in Stockholm will tell you about the uncomfortable feeling of being watched by hundreds of small beady rubber eyes while doing your business is possibly not the most relaxing experience.

When we moved to London we sold off just about everything, including the quite huge family of ducks, rubber fish, a submarine, shark and assorted fun stuff (yes, i can spend hours in the bath, a book, a cold drink and possibly a ciggies - yes I admit, i do smoke in there too - with the ducks you can even argue the finer points of existentialism *cough*)
Anyway. we sold it all. All I took with me was a miniature duck with sunglasses and a snorkel. Size: 1.5 cm in height. So a perfect travel companion.

Anyway, Love - being the most perfect male specimen in the history of humanity and possibly spanning all other species as well - has copped on to my fetish and loves me enough to supply me with fresh ducky flesh at times. Gunter above was for example a x-mas gift last year, when we were suppose to not give gifts (I spent x-mas with my family in Sweden, while he had über-mom-in-law here in London visiting). When we got our first keys to our apartment in London he picked this keyring out:

It does sound, light and of course goes of every time you sit down with you keys in your pockets, giving you the possibility of meeting the RSPCA in person if anyone thinks you just sat down with a duck in your pocket... all in all the perfect key fob really.

Anyway, pocket-kwack (yes, I ran out of names after the first 250) is now going into pension since the key ring bit actually has ripped off (handbag injury)... the hunt is on...

I just realized i've possibly written over 300 words about rubber ducks, and yes, the bloom of shame will possibly be on my cheeks as soon as the overdose of sleep (16 hours in the last 24 hours.. its amazing) has worn off.. but untill then. Enjoy the kwack

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