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Thursday, July 09, 2009 by , under , ,

A small sign on how long its been since we've been in Sweden last (and how childish we really are) we unpacked the gift for Tin (Loves nefew) about half a year ago. Its now parked on our window ledge.
Atleast I can start my morning with revving a small electric engine and do crash stunts against Loves feet. Its not a bad way to start a day! Need to get new batteries though, red is getting a bit slow when going uphill.
oh and here's a weird fact. When we moved in here in december last year we found writing on the window (yeah, they were that dirty) "I'm cold in London"... the last tenant must have been really desperate to try to get help by writing on the ( I asume) frost on the window.. un-famouse last words possibly?

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