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Monday, July 06, 2009 by , under , ,

I'm not a very girly-girl.. more of a tom-boy to be honest.
When i still had a car i'd more than happily spend a weekend working on getting new speakers in or fighting of the never ending rust attacks (it was an old Golf from 88. 2,4 inch exhaust.. 1.8 liter engin.. 120 hoursepower little shit car lowered to butscratching depths and tires that cost more than the car itself. ... miss my Örjan).

I would do theraphy driving. meaning you take the car as far out as you can untill the dial is half down on the gas.. then you turn around...
Thankfully I then choose a man that was more than happy to do these kinds of weird unplanned excurtions in the middle of the night to find himself in a new place to see the sun.
I love camping and dont mind getting dirty..
I know what a lambda-zond is (just dont know what its called in english),
I play a decent game of poker, and and I have quite a good right arm swing.
And i horribly suck at loosing (apparently victory dances are not very girly either according to some)
I spent most of my time with male friends, meaning i can wrestle just about anyone, and bodyslaming is a sign of enderment (now imagine Loves everyday life.. and comiserate.. ) anyway. I do have a fondness for one thing
(and no.. its not shoes. The ones on the pic are one out of the three pairs I own. When they fall to pieces I buy new ones, not a minute before. and usually showing up at the store with half a sole flapping in the wind)
but nailspolish.. now theres a fixation worth having.
I now have emerald green toenails which noooone except Love and now possibly a few lost souls on the net will ever see.

Specially since walking around barefoot in London is not so much silly as downright stupid.

the reason for emerald green toes? so that Love can keep on asking the usual questions when refering to just about any of my actions: "whyyy-hyyyyy, oh god, whyyyyyy??"..
and mainly of course for myself. All hail colour, even the sparkly ones you cant ever see!

PS: I do realize that Cookie will probably demand my "womans-club-card" back due to the lack of shoes in my wardrobe.. and the lack of wardrobe. Black goes with anything else that is black. Cuts down dressy time yeah?..
I'll just have to flash tits at anyone in doubt regarding gender specification

PS2: and no. asking me if I'm a boy or girl will not get you bobby shots. Get over it

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Mormon Scientist on 6 July 2009 at 21:17

Emerald green. I dunno Meg... but if it makes you happy that's all that matters. I love the 70s glamor shot feel to your foot photo, you know with the feathered blurring around the edges. Before photoshop they did that by shooting through a lens treated with a little Vaseline, at least that's what my dad told me.


Meg on 7 July 2009 at 04:32

Trust me (ha ha) it works :) Grönt är skönt! (green is smooth)

you get the same effect if you use sheer fabric (like pantyhose) over the light source when your developing pictures.. but photoshop is so much easier.. and panty hose over my cellphone would just be the step to far over on the weird side :P


Lady P on 10 July 2009 at 16:03

oh you are funny - how has it been that I have been missing out on these funny little Meg vignettes?
I can give you tons of shoes, so don't worry, you will never go without
and I am with you on the eye raising colors of nail polish
keeps em all thinking
gives you a chance to give them the
"you'll never know" smile


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