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Tuesday, July 07, 2009 by , under ,

Its been over a year ago since we stumbled of the plane from Sweden and tugged our oversized bags onto the subway to go into the city.
We spent the first week running around like crazy trying to find somewhere to unpack. Our comand center was at a small hotell right outside Kings Cross and was the size of a postage stamp. To put it bluntly, if you wanted to get to the bathroom you had to evacuate the rest of the residents (thankfully there was only me and Love) onto the bed and then play tetris with the luggage. Meaning you could never leave things to the last minute or youd end up having to pay for a new carpet.
We actually ran into the lovely bearded wonderwoman when trying to get to Parsons Green after just having signed our contract (we got a appartment within 5 days) We wernt even aware of it beeing the Pride carnival before we were smack in the middle of fake boobs, glitter and glam. I had an instant crush on wonderwoman, how can you not?? Besides, he works those heels better than I would ever be able to, so there was a level of envy as well :P
Anyway.. were still in London.. Its pretty damned cool..
and if your in the neighbourhood.. Must sees in London:
Regents park (with zoo and ofcourse the rose garden) you can spend easily 3 days there and still be missing out.
TGI Friday in Fulham. Best burgers, best milkshake and good music.. and also possilbly the best place to cool down on summer day (they have ass kicking airco.. These things are important to us polarbears.. )
Holland Park. Off the beat. Almost no tourists (they all get stuck in Kensington or Hyde Park.). You might have to fight your way thru when the buggy-brigade decent on the area, but usually its very nice and very serene.
The Swan. A pub located on Bayswater Rd, when we were here for the first time together (vacation 2 years ago.. also the same time we decided to actually move here. Yes.. impulses are to be obeyed!) it was our place of dinner and resting weary feet. Lovely pub, lovely staff and a very nice outside seating area. If your there on a sunday you also get the Bayswater Rd art exibition to look at while your wolfing fish and chipps (lets face it. its what you´ve got to choose when eating in London on vacation)
Edgeware Rd.. one of the stranger market places in London. Cheap as hell and very weird products at times. But fun!
If your into bodyslaming and getting very personal with about half the huma population do Portobello Rd on saturday. I do recomend just about anyplace besides that actually. And I live here. (we tend to work on saturdays and sundays, easier to take days off -hahahaha- on working days and get around on without having to get agro)
anyway... I've been here a year... YEY! And in about 9 days the Nilssons (Loves cousin, cousins amazing and wonderfull wife and two pods... the only pods in history that have made me belive that children are not the end of life) are decending on us. We are braced, we are ready. Let it rip!

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Lady P on 7 July 2009 at 09:40

Ahh - congratulations on your own anniversary of sorts. I remember when I passed my first year living in Hong kong - things started to change rather nicely - I felt like I knew waht I was about, got better digs and had friends to see and things to do. You have to reinvent yourself a little when you move to a whole new city, let alone a whole new country!!

Thanks for the tat art offer - I am really looking for someone to work with my chinese "chop" and incorperate in some local native american indian art. Ah yes - that is why this tatto is all so interesting and tedious a process!!


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