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Night time thinking 1

Monday, July 27, 2009 by , under , , ,

while I should be working..

Doing the finishing touches to the product photography we did, sipping my bastardised cocoa (mixed with coffe and extra milk.. it probably has fancy name over at Starbucks, here its known as "jum-jum i've got love in my tum-tum") and trying to get my mojo back on.

Its been hiding away in, trying on a new life possibly, where it won't be so abused and overused.

Need a vacation.

But hey, as they say.

whats meant for ye wont go by ye .. Right now drawing a blank as to what book I read it in..


need to go to the library and return stuff.


Need to tie string of rememberance today.

Need to get back to work too.
enough of the dilly-daddeling!

upp upp and aaaawayyy..


oh, I've now officially turned into my mother.

My lovely Cookie is off in Japan studying and beeing all fab as only she can, and now her and her lovely partner in crime is braving a tour-de-japan on scooters.

First thing I worry about is her having a helmet, glow in the dark vest and possibly one of those long poles with a flagg on that kids have on their bikes so that they wont be invisible in traffic..


I'm my mother.

Oh well..

Could be so much worse.

My mum is cool.

One of her favourite sayings:

"No raven ever hatched an eagle"

Meaning no kid should ever complain about their parents since it will get back and bite them propperly on the bum.

Oh well, good thing my mums a dragon, feathers freak me out.

Did i digress?


I miss my producers, thats all.
that's them by the way, Father figure and all knowing mother. On a buss in London.
They still make out after 32 years. In theory its great, for us kids. Less so.
So if you have any complaints about this product, please direct your questions directly to them :D


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1 Reply to "Night time thinking"

Lady P on 27 July 2009 at 21:59

the image is really rockin there Madzia - and I am laughing about the ole makeout couple that you call your parents
worry wort
they'll be fine
but isn't it a kick how the roles so easily become reversed as we age, hummm??


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