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Strawberries and cream while waiting for rain.. (0)

Friday, July 03, 2009 by , under ,

We've spent the morning going to get food at the supermarket and ofcourse treating ourselves to StarveBucks lovely panini.. New york style pastrami and chicken.. with the lovely mango chuttney. Seriouse drooling problem actually. I added to the indulgance with a strawberry and cream frappocino.. and i'll be paying for it for the next two days (slightly lactose intolerant) BUT IT WAS WORTH IT DAMNED IT!

Anyway, now home again, will get back to work and do some good. Spent our day off yesturday at home, doing absolutely nothing but playing games on the computer. I've become addicted to Puzzle Quest Galactrics. Thank you Boel... :)
Now I simply need to find out if i can do some kind of time lock on it so that I dont forget the rest of my life.

Oh and "Perveboy + Togari = LOVE" according to the local picknick bench.. I wonder if it will last.. somehow I don't think Perveboy is the kind of guy that stays around, no matter how many exclamation marks he uses..

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