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Friday, July 24, 2009 by , under , ,

I've spent a lovely day in Alton. First day outside of London since we moved here. (how sad is that)

Got to ride the train, enjoying english weather. Five minutes of rain followed by five min of sunshine, five min of rain.. sunshine... Basically god seems to have a problem with his plumbing.

that and trying to get a good picture of the "undulating" (great word huh? wrap your gob around that one for a thrill) landscape of rural england.. Sadly enough I ended up with a lot of blurry orange (trains) and greens (trees and shrubbery - another lovely world) jumping out infront of the view stealing the lime light.. oh well. better luck next time.

With only two hours of sleep I braved the London subway system to get to Waterloo (feel free to hum abba song here)

my favourite station (so far.. there are hundreds, I've only visited the ones between Kings Cross, Puttney Bridge, Hammersmith station and now Waterloo) is Baker Street.

Its truly gorgeouse, made in 1863 and looks pretty much like it did then, with a couple of extra layers of grime

Found this advertisment a bit bafferling though...
"Do every one under the sun"..

Seems a bit willy nilly to be honest.

The rain clouds aside, thats a lot of shagging they are asking for. Who are they targeting with this anyway?.. hmm..

Speaking of no shagging at all, spent a day with J, doing the creative thing (which turns out to be more creative the less sleep you get apparently.. weird that) and comming up with some solutions for work, enjoying the fact that I got to air out my polish when finding the nice cleaning lady to be from the same area where I used to work when I was a teenager working with horses. Turns out she was living there when I was there and actually rememberd me... Now that is weird.. I don't know if I'm more amazed or just freaked out. Will reasses it tomorrow. Now I'm gonna headbutt the pillow into submission, dream of rubber ducks (thank you Lady P) and probably not wake up untill sunday.

LottsaLöv out of London everyone.

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