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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 by , under ,

The view from the top of the stairs of our house (where we have two rooms, we're not rolling in enough cash to afford a whole one.. but one day.. one day... )
Its 6 am.. all is quiet and nice and golden light.
Makes it worth it to be a bit sleep deprived and wobbly kneed

Lovely empty streets. Only thing out and about were foxes and cats, running around trying to clean up the evidence of their world domination plans before the rest of us get up.

Someone was having a bit of fun with alternative ways of getting their curtains up.. or out.

Got to love notting hill when it comes to alternative ways of making your house pretty..
I mean, common, who does NOT want rainbow coloured silk swaying in the breeze?

A very very pink morning walk. Everywhere we looked.. Pink!

These cars (I belive their real brand name is Figaro) look like the swedish "Ahlgrens Bilar".. and they come in the same colour range actually. Cute as hell. I want one.. or 10.. each colour. to mach my socks. Go to your nearest IKEA to buy some (Ahlgreens, the Figaros are not available in flat-pack central) Their pretty darned good. We need to do a run too, I miss "salta sillar" and "Kalles Kaviar".. And ofcourse swedish meatballs with Lingon-jam. grrrr..

Where Barbie lives when she's on the run from the press..

More pink flowers. Seee.. no end to the pinkishness around here. I need to talk to the city council... The cotton-candy pink is great in smal doses, but toothdecay and diabetes cant be good.

Anyway, walk over. Got back home, worked and still doing it.
More pixies some other time, now I've got to hammer away on my own world dommination plans.

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