Daily Dose of Doom

Venting and verbal nosepicking.. Wanna see?

With my friends my patience and understanding is close to endless.. since if I love someone they basically get a free card (then again my truly close friends can be counted on two hands and leave some fingers to spare, I'm very picky... ) and strangers can count on me actually checking if their dead, climb into overturned trucks to lift out the drivers that are stuck upside down (yeah, I'm strong too) and help just about anyone that seems to be in an underdog position.
But strangers that are so egotistical and, to be honest, so stupid that the calorie count in a glass of skimmed milk is higher then their IQ and truly believe that their right to call on my door at 12 at night and then later at 2 am in the morning to get into the house to visit the neighbour upstairs.. will get their just deserves..

I'll start from the beginning..
Me and Love were spending a nice quiet night in on Friday when our doorbell went off (it sounds like a cow in distress.. not a very soothing sound) I scramble out of bed and walking out into the hallway in my nighty with my hair medusa-like standing on end thinking there's either some emergency or someone needing help.
I meet 3 waifs with their arms full of shopping (booze and drinks by the sound of clinking) and I naturally question them what's up. They do not look a day over 12 (might be 18) and they unanimously reach no higher than my rack, so i get to do some down-the-nose-evil-eye while they gibber that they are just visiting Dom (eh? who?) and they did not know what button to push.. so they pushed all of them. (Clever!!!) Giving them a small smack on the head I let them pass.

A couple of hours later, at 2 am, our buzzer does the distressed sea-creature sound thing again.. Me, again, crawling out of bed to go out, this time with Love right behind me find 2 of the little mongrels coming thru the door again. This time however I go into ranting mode, scaring one of them into running up the stairs while blocking the other ones escape.
Questioning her education (I live in apartment D.. if she wants to get into apartment A, should she then not be able to find the correct button, and stop pressing mine? - no pun intended)
her gibbering the same flipping excuse (after all ready having been in the house once, at least) gets the final warning:
"One more blond bimbo puppy ringing my buzzer in the middle in the night will be tossed out on her ass while being thumped over the head with a rolled up newspaper... got that? need me to write it down? Now go back to school and learn your ABC"

Anyway.. this bitch has reached the end of her tether, and seriously thinking about getting a chewy toy to get some frustrations out... Some times I do feel that the right to reproduce should be given to the selected few.. There's to many idiots out there..

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2 Reply to "Letting my inner bitch roam free for a while"

A Peoples' Photographer on 12 July 2009 at 13:51

Ha! I love it. I totally would have let loose on the little wankers.


Meg on 12 July 2009 at 14:40

he he, you should have seen their faces ;) I'm just wondering if their parents know where they are (seriously, they looked so underage that it was almost a question of asking the neighbour if he's getting dates from the local kindergarden, pathetic.. ) anyway, next time will be fun (they obviously have the attention spans of golfish.. ) they'll be back *eyeroll*


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