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Saturday, July 04, 2009 by , under , ,

Found this spiffy little electric car parked in westminster when we were working for B, its a yoga company car.. very cute.. to bad they had to pick the ugliest electric version on the market.
anyway, we've been sleeping like clubbed seals (swedish expression, does not translate to well) Had a beer for dinner yesturday and we settled down with the laptop in bed to watch the colour of magic (terry pratchetts work, good fun) only to fall asleep mid way (not Mr Pratchetts fault)... Spent most of the night drumming my fingers on Loves head, witch anoyes him to no end, while waiting to fall asleep again. And presto.. we wake up after another 9 hours sleep and its saturday afternoon.
I'm haiving a vauge susspition that we need a vacation pretty soon.
Its over two years since our last one and the last couple of months have been pretty hectic. To this point we've never had a full day without work. One of us always sucumbs to the draw of the computer and there is always someething that needs to be done NOW..
*rubbs eyeballs with fists*
anyway, its good to have work, i just need some down time too soon. Sorry about beeing cranky, will be my usuall suny-side-up-with-a-splash-of-sarcasam tomorrow, promise.
I'm gonna do some syncronized swimming with the rubber ducks now (yes, i have more than one... *cough* ) and then back to work again.
Cherrios (with milk) // M

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