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lacking a poker face (3)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 by , under , , , , ,

Working again (as always) sitting with my puppy cup, Loves moving-in-gift to me when we got the first apartment. Since we're not alowed any pets untill we buy our own place I'll be petting porceline for the forseeable future.

Currently Love is hunting one of the biggest buggs i've ever seen outside the discovery chanel.. Some kind of horse fly.. Love is bravely waving the mop around to try to reach the celing (5.5 meters up... high celing.. )

My hero!

Today he cruly pointed out that I have no poker face.

This after me having to run back up the stairs to get my hoodie (yeah.. i'm bad... ) with his keys in my hand (Love is also the keeper of stuff.. since he's usually equiped with pockets and me beeing horribly inept of ever getting my handbags out.. ) he shouts out for me to not forget the keys inside, since we then would not be able to get back into the house again.

As he says it he sees the start of the snicker thats passing over my face as I plot the master mind plan of pretending to have forgotten the keys, while keeping them out of side in my bra or some other amazing hiding place.


he spotted it.

I blame my mother, as any person would.

She could always spot me or my brothers lying, meaning there was never any reason to since we'd be hung out to dry faster then you can say "guilty". So I'm now horribly inept at it.

takes the fun out of any prank, suprise or present since I can never put a lid on it. When love is getting suprise gifts I tend to jump around on the spot, looking very much like an overexcited golden retriver puppy with a bladder problem, not beeing able to wait to hand it over. (yeah.. chrismas comes many times before the actual date in our house... I envy the people that can buy something and then keep it hidden for months.. amazing.. )

Found this picture at the back of a folder. Its from the weeks or so into the now four years we've been bugging eachother. Cookie took it while we were having a balcony (I think home made shushi, I'm pretty flipping good at the rice-rolling and fish flapping) dinner with her and Rille.

Damned.. Look at that blond hair...

Love got a good incling of what was ahead after me changin my hair colour to almost purple within the first 2 weeks, rearranging the furniture within another couple of days and.. And he still offered me a tootbrush as well as my own drawer... Even after meeting my family.

Anyway, more about that some other time. As all other love sick bumble-bees out there I can go on about Love for hours. I'm gonna go give him a razzberry ontop of that gorgeouse dome of his (a sing of affection, truly) and fill puppy mugg up again, more coffe and then some more hours of getting the product shots up and running.

oh.. its 3 am.. frick..

oh well, early morning night tonight again.

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3 Reply to "lacking a poker face"

A Peoples' Photographer on 30 July 2009 at 07:04

That is a lovely post Meg, Madzia, or whoever you are. You two seem like quite the pair... I wish you many more years of pestering each other.

As for the lack of a gift-giving poker face, I am the same. I cant go an hour with out squealing and handing it over, and I have trouble waiting for the exciting presents that people say their giving to me but are holding onto til Christmas day. Ugh.


Madzia Widén on 30 July 2009 at 13:43

Hey Matt.. A swedish saying is " a loved child has many names", and well.. I've got about 20, and thats not even counting the rude ones :)
Madzia/Maggan is the name most of my friends/family call me. Meg is the shortend-downed, easier pronounced version for the english (since I otherwise end up beeing called Mazda or Margarita).
And I completaly lucked out with Love.. He's my complete oppisite and grounds me. Best friend and parnter in crime (any form that is legal.. which then is not crime.. oh well)

ha ha, yeah, its hard to keep the budget on those things. They tend to just fly out there :) its fun to give pressies :D


Lady P on 2 August 2009 at 09:50

hello my mad dear Meg/Madzia love of LOVE! i have been horribly absent and must try to make amends - give me a little time! please! love the story and pics about you and your man and the mug
and those bird shots are just fuckin amazing
you have mad photo skills
but the evian babies...
there are freaking me out!


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