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Monday, August 31, 2009 by , under ,

Today was the grownup version of Notting Hill Carnival (yesturday was for the kids supposedly) and it went with a bang. Currently listening (somewhat strained though.. my eardrums are a bit slacked off) to the police chopper thats hovering over our street. In fact it woke us up this morning. I woke up with a start having horrible flashbacks of apocalyps now - the movie.. Not a plesant way to start the day. but it got better

Me and Love took the camera for a little walk about (about 50 meters.. then we just claimed a space and then just let the floats go by.

Posting some pixies from today, starting with pretty in pink:

y absolute favourites, the Batala drummers, they come walking down the streets doing their little side-step drance and rumming life into anyone they pass. Their gorgeouse..
(this movie is from YouTube, from last year)

And some more pixies from the Carnival, all types, all sizes, and all colours. The dancers do ther thing while the decibel level is at 135 (5 decibel less than last year.. I could not tell the difference.. my ears are bleeding, just like last year.. :))

Man on stilts... or daddy-long-legs in person..

Body paint and feathers...

Goooooood carnival! :D

Big big costumes.. I got smothered in green when this batch when through, but it was worth it damned it! *picking out greenery from between my teeth*

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Lady P on 31 August 2009 at 16:27

oh your shots are nice!!!! love the colors and thankful that you braved the sea of green feathers to secure those lovely views - while in San Francisco i participated and many a year viewed our mardi gras parade which seems to be very similar - lots of dancing drum and scantily clad dressers ala brazil style - loved it. i was in african tradtional dress and danced for 3 years (mind you nothing fancy in the footwor but superb original outfits!)
thank you soooo much for the poke of energy - i need it - feel like i am looking to turn my world over and upsidedown
i have come to realize i am not going to ever be a mommy by my uterus, but that i will hopefully meet a man who already has got the littleuns and then i get to have some grandkids to spoil one day -just wish MY mr.love was somehow available. i am not whining, too much, mind you, but it has been 3 years and that was just a short bleep and a 2 year period before that. i have been a good and patient gal and my time of waiting should be the f*ck up
okay. signing out. glad for the Madzia being on my perking up the energy/ poke me prod me/get going girl side - what would i do without you?


Lady P on 1 September 2009 at 16:31

wow - i just wrote a little novel and it got lost in the world of the internet - too lazy to repeat it right now - but the upshot was = how lucky i am that you somehow came upon my blog and starting befriending me right from the gitgo - where would i be without the joyous irreverence and occassional typos of Madzia? and she even offers family members up on the altar of love!!!
i am not pining mind you, just thinking - damn, i know i don't have closet space but common universe, how about a little something something before i turn geriatric!!

thank you soooooo much for brightening my day, week, well you get the idea


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