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Weird dreams.. 1

Wednesday, September 02, 2009 by , under , , ,

I've had weird dreams now for a couple of nights. Yesturday I dreamt that Heathrow was beeing closed down (no lights at least) while I was trying to get to the other side (of what I dont know) and while I running thru it ppl where digging out money out of the stairs that I jumped, very much like the gummy-bears, in big gigantic leaps, chasing someone.. dont know why.. And last night I dreamt that I needed to get across Europe (one common denominator is that I seem to be going somewhere) and for some reason I had the trouble (see, how could you ever percieve that as trouble???) of having to drag Brad Pitt with me across Germany...
The most horrifying problem was that we would not be able to go as unnoticed as I'd prefer... Why would I need to travel in stelth mode over Germany?
And why were my thoughs on hiding Brad Pitt instead of snogging him? now theres a testament to my feelings for Love. I dont even get to dream steamily or even enjoy a little bit of snogging with other hunky men in my dreams, now I'm stuck with trafficing them over long distances while worrying about notice. And possibly the wrath of Angelina Jolie.. She's a quite sceary woman..
And when I woke up, the first thought was " I should have shipped him off to Lady P, he's nice, he's obviously house trained and seems like a nice chap"..
Anyway, over here the rain is poor down, i've found my "fofflor" (fuzzy knitted pink glittery sock/slippers) and I've even pulled my jacket out of the house of moths we call a wardrobe. Their no lions there though.. I've checked.

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Lady P on 3 September 2009 at 12:58

oh no you did NOT say you were sending the Brad over this way, did you? i have some necessary "body" maintenance to perform before he even show up in a dream, not that he has lately, but i will keep the porch light on for him just in case
i am off for my last foray of camping with my bro and his wife tomorrow so shall be gone for 3to 4 days - yep, my time for a little vacation
not that i deserve it on the one hand - jobless and fighting the battle of the bills
but totally in need on the other, of going and having a good meditation about "life" and hanging out with my family
thanks again for the offer of the brother - i would be the much older woman, and not that i don't get some offers still from the younger set, but i would not want to disappoint when he learned the babymaker might not operate anymore
i will take a photo of the ole closet another time - i must say, i have it all to myself and you can rather walk in
and i have stuff to the rafters (grin) yep, i donate and then i just buy some more (thrift shops and the what not mind you, but i have a knack for getting stuff)


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