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London calling (3)

Friday, August 21, 2009 by , under , ,

Today is another scorcher, we've got work to do and I'm in need of coffee.

Just popping a little aquarell pen drawing I made for marvelouse Malin (the Nilsson alpha female) after their visit to London. Had the joy of talking to her and Marcus (the prodgidal son, theirs, not ours) over skype yesturday night, over webcam on skype.
Lets put it this way: I remember a time when I was spending my parents hard earned cash on phone bills to Poland (since thats where I spent most of my time, bf's tended to still be there when I went home to school.. for the few months I had to that.. hmm.. beeing a kid was good when you come to think of it.. )
anyway, back then, they only had one phone in the village (and no gays.. and if you havent seen "little brittan" that joke just sounds baaad) anyway so we'd have to book time, where he would be on the phone in the office of the stables (I used to work with braking horses in - and arms.. and legs.. and head.. the later 3 were my own, not the horses)
anyway... hundreds and thousands of pounds (or dollars) were spent on the phone.
When later the modem came even more money would be spent on chatting with ppl from just about anywhere.. just cos we could!!

Sitting in my room with an old modem doing the
beep-beep-beeep-cchzzzzzzzzzzz-zzzzz-din-ding-brszzzzch-kzzzzrzzrzzz ding-ding- kschzzzzzzzz
and then sitting up at all hours with a chat that would only upload if you refreshed the window..
Then having to get up at 6 am, to catch the buss to the other side of the city (stockholm) to go to collage and skipp classes to sitt on their broadband connection .. hmm..

And now adays, with my lovely virgin connection that costs me all of 7 pounds a month, i can cruize anywhere on the web, call friends in other countries for free, and even video chat.

Technology is amazing..
specially when you get to see the smiles of your friends and family

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Lady P on 21 August 2009 at 16:19

we all have some "i remember when" stories don't we? i was with a friend and her mom for coffee the other day and her mom remembers not having a phone in the home til she was 13 and not having indoor plumbling either. my mom had a party line - you could hear everyone's conversations!!! ahhh!!! i remember when we had one phone near the living room, and a special chair and little desk, and your whole family really heard you talking, and you had to take messages, and you had to call a zillion times if someone wasn't home, cuz there was no machine to record your words=
now kids have cell phones and google quiz answers in class!!
ramble grumble! ohhh- nice artwork!


Mormon Scientist on 23 August 2009 at 15:15

I remember the distinct modem dail tones you so acuratly describe. Twelve years old.... I would sneek up to the computer at night and listen to our 14 kb/s modem screetch to the ISP, and then I would spent the night chatting with people over AOL instant messenger. It took all of one night to download the 1.4 MB program. Good times.


Madzia Widén on 23 August 2009 at 18:40

see.. thats the way to spend an evening.. just waiting for the dial tone and a reply :)
The good old days.
when waiting meant something.


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