Daily Dose of Doom

Venting and verbal nosepicking.. Wanna see?

now this is quite possibly the most disurbing (but still quite cool) advertisment i've ever seen. Does not hurt that their doing my favourite nostalgia song (rappers delight.. was on my over abused compliation tape when I was a kid.. for anyone under 20 this post just went pre-historic.. )

I havent quite decided if the animated babies are more sceary or the fact that Evian believes that babies should drink bottled water. I'm not a mom (god help the kid if I do become one) but last time I checked they did go more for the boob-juice then the sparkling water.

I might be wrong..

Anyway.. Me and Love are having a crappy time of getting our days into normal day pace again.

The latest problem was our neighbours either conducting a satanic ritual or simply inviting their 20 most tonedef friends over for a marathon kareoke session. Probably the later. But it was still painfull.
After spending 2 hours with the pillow stuck over my head trying to kill the noise we decided to simply run away from the problem. So we went for a morning walk at 5 am. taking the buss to trafalgar square and walking home cross town thru Hyde and Kensington Park.

Just follow the pink line.. :P

Oh and we found this on the way:
a blue beaked (billed?) duck..
Anyone seen these before?

Was a first for me..

Also had to slalom our way around geese, and their amazing piles of.. well.. uhm... Shit to be honest. You'd think that a bird would not be able to put to much out but hell..

Anyway, very sweet birds, except for the size and ofcourse the out put.. There's quite a lot of very friendly childrens stories about these guys in Sweden. Nils Holgersson beeing one of the more famouse ones (the kid rides around on a goose and sees the world)

And with that in mind I was quite happy to go " awwww cuuuuute"

untill I saw this..
Look at the fangs on that sucker!!!!

Did i sleep through some extremely important biology class (or Discovery channel episode)
are they now carnivores?
Should we be worried???

Anyway, putting an end to the talk of birds...
See.. theres one..
end of a bird.. :

My sense of humor just goes out the window (or rather down into the basement, curling up into the feotal possition and hides) when I havent sleept enough.

Anyway, thats a ducks bottom.

And I'm off to Tescos with Love to get us some brekkie.

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Lady P on 2 August 2009 at 15:57

oh my gosh!
trying to post a comment on here has been hellacious!
okay - so - love the title of the post and i have an idea for you and mr love pants
why not have a war of noise with the neighbors
haul out your best and loudest sex sounds and let the baddest neighbor win!


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