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Today has been a day of rest for most part, with a sprinkle of agression (more about that later), we're going to get back into the grove of work again tomorrow, as well as having a run around the Notting Hill Festival. Always a good day to catch the elusive shaking feathered baredback bird on film (or pixel memory anyway) :)

The house has actually been prepared for the mayhem by someone putting up a playwood gate, with wired on handle, for barakading out the unwashed masses from our steps and front court of the house, so I'm thinking thats setting the tone of what kind of pain in the lump this will be.

Anyway, today on our way to wormwood scrubs (minor.. , theres the bigger version a bit futher down) we walk into a side street where a small kid was running tward us with 3 bigger kids behind. Me, with my natural instinct of loathing - seriously, who ever coined "the innocents of children" did NOT have any idea of the nature of the little beasts - soon proved itself right when the smaller one was grabben by the biggest and twirled around to the other antagonizer.

Since they were stupid enough to do this right infront of our noses I stepped in to the back of the big bully while shoving him away and pulling the kid out while giving a nice little growl in to his ear. My reaction to bullying is usually quite severe, I tend to want to see teeth on the pavement and possibly someone begging. But since these were kids (the bullies around 13-15, the kid around 12 I think.. hard to tell though) it was all I could to to keep my inner bitch on a leash when nimbwitts nr 2 retaliated with "shut up man!"

One.. I'm clearly not a man.. Secondly, thats just plain rude.

Ended up with steping into him asking him "or what?". Seriously. I've never been so close to hitting a kid befor..
I've been brought up with parents that, except for one slap to the back of my brothers head after calling me a very ugly very word at dinner after som severe teasing, never hit us.
They just never needed too. We knew who the boss was (mum.. and like any alpha female, she never needed to bare her teeth to get us to do what we were told) .

But at this moment I'm doing everything I can not to thump this obnoxiouse kid in the face while going "thats ma'm to you". And I'm the first to admit, I do have the fuse of a rabid she-bear, but I never thought my temper would flare up like that against a kid.

Anyway.. the kid has enough self preservation to look down and step out of my way, keeping his mouth shut while the little one is getting his legs under him and hitting the road.
Like any true animal the little bullies dont mind ganging up on smaller and easier prey but as soon as they get stuck up against someone bigger (and yes.. very much meaner) they always coward out. It almost hurt me that he did actually... with me turning around to walk away with my fists clenching and unclenching and trying to get my temper down.
It took me the better part of 2 hours.

I really dont like kids...
truly I dont...

Anyway, tomorrow begins the festivities... and as sure as the sky is far above, the fighting, rioting (quite severe ones last year) and other fun will be the order of the day. I truly hate any kind of agression (unless I'm passing it out.. as any big sister - I belive myself to be the only one fit to give judgement on any whalloping ) and since drinking usually does not bring out the best in ppl I tend to have a hard time keeping out of trouble.

Love believes me to have a superman (or wonderwoman) complex. With cape and everything... since I do not let things go unpassed or rectified. And ofcourse this has landed me in uncounted fights in bars where men have decided to slap their girlfriend around or gang up on someone drunk and dumb enough to show weakness. (I'm not saying I don't get beaten up for it, only that I can't let it rest)

So tomorrow, except for a couple of hours out in the daylight we are gonna be at home, enjoying the braying of fights and drunkards comming thru the window and me sitting safely at home trying to ignore it.

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Lady P on 30 August 2009 at 08:49

well superwoman, i was right there with you in that street and damn proud of you! so many people could care less anymore when an injustice is being enacted right in front of them - rather too blase if you ask me. don't want to be involved, couldn't be bothered. i have had a couple of moments when i have stood up and got mouthy for what i thought was the right thing to do and to take down an aggressor a notch or two. so far, no fights, but i like your growling thing - i like to growl too.
my friend came to visit me on her way home from alaska yesterday - we had less than 24 hours together, and had not seen each other in years it was great. we talked and she shared her astrology with me, giving me a reading. i am sad to have her go - we keep in touch and we have had some deep sharing moments together in our past. now i am the one in need. madzia - send out a good host of wishes for me dearie, i need to make some changes and get on my right life path and i am having a hard time finding it - and there's the mum thing hanging over my head. glad to have self proclaimed child growler and fighter for the innocent to talk to and have on my side. stay off the streets and hunker down and resist the urge to throw things from the window - projectiles can come in both directions


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