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moon baying and garden sniffing (2)

Friday, August 07, 2009 by , under , ,

Been sitting at the window, a piece of the security net (moscito net) has been peeled back and I've been trying to catch the moon (fiddeling with the camera and exposure time and ISO counts.. its fun.. what can I say.. I'm a nerd) and sniffing the garden air thats been wafting up from below.

I've got a bit of the sniffles so the honking goose sounds have been echoing over the closed of space between the two rows of houses that close the gardens off to the outside world. Me and the foxes taking turns when it comes to bugging the neighbours.

On monday my most wonderfull mom in law is comming to England, we're taking a mini brake and going to Brighton (sea-side resort).
Its the first vacation in 2 years and I've been counting the hours and days like a child preparing for santa clause to squeeze down the chimney. Can't wait.

The best part is that Irre is perfectly in sync with our ideas of a good time so we're looking forward to schlopping along at a good pace with frequent stops for coffee while doing just about nothing.

Oh and ofcourse hotel breakfasts. God I love a good hotell breakfast. That and the fact that all the laundry is done by someone else.
In my book, thats luxury..

Even though Love does most of the laundry in our house, I still dont mind it beeing done by hotell fairys that you cant see..
that and having your bed made up everytime you come back to the room.


Gonna dipp my toes in sea water, put my bumm down on sand and basically just sniff something else then stolen garden scents...

Now I'm gonna get back to my window, with the security net fastend tight against the monsters (irrational fear of moths... don't know why. thats why it's called irrational) and enjoy another couple of pages of the book I'm on.

Can warmly recommend Christofer Moore by the way. Very funny man.

Gotta fill up puppy-mugg with PG-tips, a dash of milk and a sugar (very very english.. ) and off we go..

sniff sniff.

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Lady P on 7 August 2009 at 17:54

oh that is a really good shot of the full moon in Aquarius. we think alike - i love to take photos os such things, and remember what phase the moon is in. so excited for you for your break with Love and Mumsy - have a wonderful time doing absolutely nothing and add liberal doses of desserts and coffee as well, will you?


Lady P on 8 August 2009 at 12:19

oh my - that website for the brighton pier is FUN - make sure you go on that ghost ride for me and i am a big wuss and love the merry-go-round with all the fancy horses - must have photo of some of those babies!
let the fun begin!


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