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Cray-fish evening in Sweden 1

Sunday, August 23, 2009 by , under , ,

Some rather bad pictures of the family (half of it.. Loves half anyway :) )
There was a cray-fish evening "kräft fest", where swedes (i'm not included in this group, to much work with shelling them and I refuse to suck on the belly of what is a glorified water spider that eats waterlogged cropses.. no-sir-eee.. not me.. ) go compleatly nuts about red boiled cray fish (dont know if i'm spelling that right)

As traditions states it is always held at the Nilssons house. They've got the huge grassy slopes perfect for games (throwing balls at eachother, wrestling and football.. the european kind, where you dont use your hands) Oh and quizzes, usually put together by Irre, the queen of tricky questions :)

This time we attended over Skype..
Above is the typical way of showing enderment in the family. That's Jonas and Tommy, Loves cousins, doing a bout of grappling and trying to headbutt eachother.
All in the name of love (not my Loves, he gets to headbutt them in person soon)
Getting to watch everyone, included the newest addition to the family (below) Emily. She was borne while we decided to stake our claims on London. Cute as a button :)

And this is Tilde (tongue girl, she caught on quickly about the computer not beeing the usual tv show and that the person - me - would do anything she did.. I'm pretty sure we've just ruined her for life. No childrens channel will ever be as good again.. I'm pretty sure sessamy street does not do interaction just yet.)

Apparently there was sun.. there were cray fish (Malin even waved one at the camera) and there was family. And we were here.
Gotta go back soon.
Specially since I'm most probably gonna be an "aunty" by monday. My brother (or rather my favourite sister in law - i've only got the one so far -) is getting things started on monday... hmm..
And the very weird part, my baby brother's going to be a dad.. or rather a "Dad"..
ha, thats a couple more of those "free-grown-up-points" cashed in :D
Okej, gotta get back to work.
ugh... More info tomorrow, with possible news of my new aunty-hood.
Wonder if its a boy or girl..

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Lady P on 24 August 2009 at 00:49

congrats there auntie soon to be !! i love being one - my niece is such a stitch and loads of silly fun, i wouldn't give up the pleasure at all! in fact, at my present age and having never been married or born children, i am hoping my life companion already has some grown younguns so i can experience being a "grandma" without ever having to have had stretch marks!


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