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Friday, May 29, 2009 by , under , , ,

We were very good today. up at 8, got out of the house and trotted over to Holland Park. The sun was shining (and still is) its friday and life is good. Coffe, Ciabatas and water while trying to filter out the baby-buggy-terrorist with their screaming anklebiters and kneethumpers. One of best places in the city. Since its just behind Hyde Park and Kensington Park not a lot of tourists find their way here (took us almost 7 months before we found it) and that means a lot of seating, good priced coffe and you do not have to get overly friendly with any one.

To bad the Latte did not last very long...

On a more disturbing note, since my grandmother is visiting with my parents (she is not the disturbing part!), she's now being introduced to the world of Internet and e-mail. meaning they pretty much are clamoring for photos and stuff to show her. Anywaysies, thinking I'd get them a good photo of me in full sunlight I took this photo---------------->>
Is it just me or am I a redhead?....
Its quite a bit of shock to realize after 30 years, durring which time I've covered what I thought to be BLOND hair with artificial inteligence (AKA covering hair colour), that I'm a red head. Its a bit of a freak-out moment actually. I think I need to have a talk to my mother about parenting and any secrets she might have been keeping from me for the last almost 31 years.. *mumbles*
It would though explain the green eyes and the skin that turns a fetching postbox red as soon as any sun settles on it, while my brothers are blue-eyed scandinavian bronzed carbon copies of my dad.. hmmmm...

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