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Friday, May 08, 2009 by , under , ,

I need sleep. I'm doing my best not to drool on the keyboard and trying to talk hubby into pushing a pillow underneath my forhead (which is currently resting against the desk.. good thing I took those typing courses.. means I dont have to look at the screen while hacking away at the keys.. )
We've had somewhat of a windfall when it comes to work. Which is fun. And a lot of work! Its lovely though that things are starting to come in by itself. Makes the hunt a bit more fun when you actually get to bring home the baccon every now and then. It is also a little more than a month (one month two days) before we go back to Sweden. My b-day and having a go at the family for five days.
Will be good though. I'm missing everyone. Little brothers and everything.
The fun part wil be to plan the "visitation schedual".. oh boy.
4 days of trying to see everyone and also get my b-day sorted. This will make D-day look like a sloppy date at the hot-dog stand.

anyway. I'm going to get started on some tea and toast (I'm living in london... you have to have tea and toast.. I draw the line at marmite though)

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