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Monday, May 04, 2009 by , under , , , ,

So I'm doing it again. I'm braking up with my most favourite passtime. Smoking. Meaning I'm barely able to form comprehencive sentances, i've got the fues of a menopausal elefanth and will probably stand trial for manslaughter of the next idiot that walk pass me with a lit ciggie.
Thats what I hate most about stopping smoking, I tend to sniff ppl as they walk by, specially if their smoking (and even if they arnt, hey, you never know, they might have walked pass a smoker on their way there.. LOGIC!)
anyway, so here we are again.
I really wish I could be the kind that is able to just smoke part time. Hmm..
but alas, no. I start again, and before you know it I'm back to a pack a day. All or noghting - cracking nuckles - and thats just the way it is. Oh well. The pain has to stop at some point right?
or atleast untill i start smoking again. Now thats a happy thought!

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