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Thursday, May 21, 2009 by , under

Since I'm quiting smoking I'm all in for trying all that stuff "you can buy now that your not wasting money on the stinky-sticks". so I went bravely all the way to the corner shop and saw these bags of face-packs. Now.. lets face it (no pun intended). Anyone that's ever been in my company for more then 5 minutes know i'm not the best bet for patience and waiting. I put the stuff on, and ended up stuck with it for uppabout one hour. Don't get me wrong, I now can sport a face as smoot as a newly powdered babys bum cheek, but the fucking wait was horrible. and itchy... and ofcourse I could freak Love out by looking like an extra for" the return of the mumy". To add insult to insury I couldent get a kiss to save my life (from boredome) while I was pacing the appartment (2 steps left, 2 steps back, small appartment) while flaking and letting off a fine white dust.

Anyway, the pain is now forgotten, and concidering the reward (still silky smoooth) I'll probably do it again next week. I've also been to hte Library... I lööööv the library. I'm going to get a couple of more hours of work done and then get back to my stack. I've got an impressive one really *points*

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