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Friday and all is well in London. Well quite well anyway. Considering we had a burst pipe on the south bank earlier this week, that made the morning rush turn into something from a bad cameo of Water world. We were fully expecting to see suits going to work on wake boards. The Victorian waterworks seem to be hellbent on being pushed of into retirement. We had a good start to the day, spending time with our bank manager, and then deciding to be grown ups me and Love went to Marks and Sparks. Very grown up! (I hate shopping.. only love and cold hard cash can make me shop) Picked up supplies on the way home, with a subby each for dinner and well.. now its Friday. Not that it matters now a days, we've got work going all through the weekend. Hmm.. At least its fun work :)

So now we're sitting with some PHP, CC light and the radio is pushing Lady Gaga. Now there's a very weird woman. And considering my family, I'm usually the last to throw anything with high density in easily crackable housing.. but still. Saw her interview with Johnathan Ross and I was cringing so hard I threw my back out. Love actually left the room to avoid the pain. She's suppose to be writing her own lyrics, which are fun (common, who has not been sniggering at "bluffing with my muffin"??? own up) and she seems unable to form a simple sentence. Or to comprehend simple questions. But I'm pegging my money (not that there's a lot.. ) on her doing a Jessica s doodle... Faking brain damage to lull the establishment into paying her more. Oh god I hope I'm right. The opposite would be to horrid to imagine.

Anyway, so hope all is well and that life is sweet. I'm gonna entice Love into a cup of tee and lets face it.. that's rocknroll.

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