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Friday, May 15, 2009 by , under , , , ,

Joy to the world.. we've gotten our scanner and it works.. It woooorks... :D Been playing around with all the fun extra stuff they send with, and there's-applenty... hmm. itchy fingers. Also noticed something really nice with google image search. Now you can specifie what size you want the pictures you are searching to have and what colour combination.. I'm telling you those guys at google.. amazing girls and boys with incredible forsight! Makes my life a lot easier anyway when fiddeling around with our vector art stuffies. :)

anyway will put get back to playing with my new toy, pathetic to be this happy about a scanner on a friday night without even having booze as a good excuse (anyone thats ever had a good drink with me knows i turn very loving when i'm drunk, its a family trait. So, to not mess my street-cred or bitchy rep up I tend not to drink.... its logic really ) anyway. gonna get a nother cup of tee brewing. Very english. Very stiff upper lip.

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