Daily Dose of Doom

Venting and verbal nosepicking.. Wanna see?

High expectations, and the fall of the same. Woke up this morning, after some quite insistent nudging and growling by Love. He conciders a lye-in to be well ended by 10 am. Me.. I was hugging my pillow claiming no knowledge of the time, or a pulse for that matter and only crawling out of bed by 12.. I do not hand over my sleep-ins easily.

At that point the sun, that had been pestering me all morning, in cooperation with Love decided to do a runner. Again proving Love right (not a nice thing to do, since he is not easy to live with when he's been right) in claiming that we would not be able to take our walk about. Trudged out after a breakfast (toast and tee.. hmm) and yes. It did decide to rain. And just as we were crying uncle, trotting back home after spending an hour in what is usually said to be typical London weather, but is not, the sun came back out again.

Now I ask you... is this fair????

Anyway, the above picture is of our bay window.. Me might live in a glorified and overpriced shoebox, but its got damned nice windows. See, if you just keep looking for that silver lining it will we there. It usually placed around ass-a-kickus-rombus-grandus clouds, but hey..

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