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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 by , under , , , , ,

The lovely Cookie is coming to town.. In .. oh.. *checks her clock* in about 3402 hours. Since she decided to bugger off to the other side of the globe to learn Japanese, and of course having her bellybutton looked at at length (the difference in height being quite big, she's is perfect model hight with a love for high heels, the nice Japanese have probably already put up shrines to its honor) I cant bloody wait. Its going to be almost a year to the day since last time she was here. Since I now live on top of Portobello Rd she'll probably loose the last tentative control she managed to hold over her shopping reflexes last time. Will double up on packing tejp and calming chamomile tee before her visit :)

Me and Love went for a Starbucks breakfast. I'm having a very real addiction to their chicken and pastrami paninis... ooooooooooh god their good.. and then back to do some more work. As you might have guessed we did not get a DHL delivery today. No-siree... Will supposedly come tomorrow, but unless they are here before 1 pm they'll be buggered. We need to go over to the bank and get some papers sorted. I'm quite amazed that this country works at all at times. Over here it is Standard that for any delivery (post, DHL deliveries or any other type of house-bound services like plumbers, electricians etc ) you have to book a whole F**** ing day off since you never know when they'll show. And they make sure you can never nail them to an hour since they do want their morning cuppa and their lunch cuppa and any cuppa in between to be undisturbed by stress of having to see clients/customers. Its amazing. So when you order anything you will be told (if your lucky!) what day it will arrive. And then only between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm.. and if they can't make it: Oh now, they don't call.. they don't even send a fecking smoke signal over the roof tops. They figure that you'll find out by the end of the day when you still do not have your longed for scanner in your hands that you might just have to wait another day. Morons.

So DHL: I'm rescinding my apologies from yesterday. Its null, void, and your back on my hate list. Enjoy your stay. I'll get some cuddly toy trucks and stick needles into the tires.

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