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Religion caught on a walk (0)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 by , under , , , ,

Been out walking today, from Russell Square (small park right by Camden) up to Regents park - coffee brake while watching a 90 year old man doing a topless number while enjoying his own beverage.. wrinkly skin does nothing for my enjoyment though. - me and Love took a hasty retriet over the hedges surrounding "the honest sausage" (seriously.. that is the name of the cafe. Our personal favourite. Minimum of kids, and a bit hidden away) to treck back over the wilderness. Meaning atleast a km of grass! The joy!

On the way home we also caught religion.. I did not find God, but I did find Buddah. Hiding in a flowerpot sitting on a windowlege outside Paddington Station. A bit unexpected but hey, who am I to argue about wanting to live in London?

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