Daily Dose of Doom

Venting and verbal nosepicking.. Wanna see?

As you might have heard before, we've got a problem with foxes.
They scream basically all night, or sing. depends if you ask the foxes or us I guess. Anyway, we've got a new audio-pain going. Basically what we've got is one of those guys (I'm thinking he's late 30's, probably longish hair, but works in a bank all day).. that needs to compensate for an empty 8-10 hours a day in a souless job. so when the weekend comes up he grabs his guitar -nylon strings, since he's not a REAL rocker - and lets loose..
The sounds comming out of our garden today puzzled me a bit to start with, at first I thought they might have a problem with maiming and killing in broad daylight, but nooo. After rendering the vocals off from the thumping of the guitarr we figured out that it most possibly is human.. Unless, ofcourse, the aliens are comming and we should all go out and buy evian bottles.
Again, we cant see him, he's in one of the gardens at the back and theres plenty of brick walls to keep our prying eyes (or gun sights) from reaching him, but sadly we the sound isolation is CRAP! I'm currently entertaining the idea of going round the neighbourhood asking for those cardboard egg holders you get when you buy egg, and that you also use for sound proofing any studenty studio when you were young. And then presenting him with a small box to stand in when he wants to take his agressions/feelings/life out.
Anyway, apart from that. Life is grand. Got a pretty darned good deal with a new company. More of this later (i'll just link to the finished products when we're done) and me and Love are doing tentative happy dances around the house (two back, two forward, try not to tripp over the table, its not ours) So things are pretty darned good :D
what else? oh yeah:
And now over to the weather:
London is currently going thru its "i'm moist, i'm wet, i'll make you all curl up and scream for mercy" fase. Seriously, going out is like beeing slapped with a luke warm kitchen towel straight over the face and then having to live with the same of hair that acts like i've been in the tumble dryiner. I look like I could easily do a number with the Jackson Five right now. I'd be M Jackson but after all the sceary bleaching.
And ofcourse we're going back to sweden over the 10-15 of June. Yey.. family time. Friends time! stress out about who's seeing who and when and where and what should i bring and did you forget that person and what time are we comming over, how many ppl did you promise we'd visit and do we reeeeeally have to stay with my family????
Will give more detailed account of things a bit further down the road. Probably mugg shots as well :)
I'm gonna get Love to pick a movie and cuddle down now. We've been working good today, and we even treated ourselves to some Subway (gnnnn.. grenery in a bun.. löv Subway) So today has been good!
As you can tell, no stress at all. :)

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